Yoga and Mindfulness Tools for Children and Adolescents

June 27, 2014 at 1:04 PM

I really wish I could bend like this...without the yoga of course.

I really wish I could bend like this…without the yoga of course.

That’s the name of a conference being put on by PESI® Rehab, a non-profit organization based out of Wisconsin. Under the terms of the conference, the goal is to help teachers guide the process by which students will “improve emotional regulation and increase attention.” Other goals include:

  • improving children’s capacity to focus while supporting their creativity and compassion
  • reduce impulsive behavior and create space for good decision-making
  • learning 5 key elements of sharing yoga and mindfulness with children

The featured guest for the conference is author Jennifer Cohen Harper, author, founder, and director of Little Flower Yoga. The conference is designed to provide insight into how students learn and how best to interact with them and provide them with the tools that will allow them to become lifelong learners. There are six identified objectives for the conference.

  1. Define the relationship between emotions and attention.
  2. Recognize when yoga and mindfulness practices will be helpful.
  3. Implement simple but powerful activities in an engaging way.
  4. Maximize clients’ capacity for focusing attention in a manner that honors their strengths and supports their individual needs.
  5. Show your clients how to manage their emotions, separate reaction from input, and make meaningful and positive choices.
  6. Identify how to increase your own resilience and effectiveness with mindfulness-based self-care strategies.

Most of us have some idea of what yoga entails, though you may be surprised at what you do not know about yoga. However, most of us have no clue what “mindfulness” means or attempts to do. Let’s discuss yoga first.

One of the main goals of yoga is to help initiates open their Third Eye or Pineal Gland, which resides deep within the brain. Drugs can do this. Sodomy can do this. Magick, spells, and incantations can do this. Yoga can also do this, but how?

“Located in the middle of our forehead, about where the pituitary gland is, the third eye is in the centre of our sixth chakra (anja chakra). Many yoga practices focus on opening this eye, so we can ‘see’. To see means to become aware of the vast amounts of information available to us that don’t necessarily come through our other five senses. Those who can use their third eye are sometimes called “seers” or simply… “see-ers”.”

By the way, the eye of Horus is often used as a symbol of the Third Eye. In the viral video “I Pet Goat, II,” the eye of Horus was clearly visible on the forehead of the Christ figure that was floating along in the boat of Anubis. The Christ figure was transfixed or seemed to be in a daze. His feet and lower legs were on fire. The imagery suggests a counterfeit Christ, who comes from hell. The Antichrist maybe? The eye of Horus is recognized as occult symbolism and therefore, connected to Satan.

In yoga the process of opening your Third Eye is more pedestrian than other methods. It involves focusing our mental faculties on certain things. We need to open our hearts. We are also told that the Third Eye is already open but that we are blind to it so the need is that we learn to “see” what is already there. It’s a redefining and re-imaging our thought process so that we are able to utilize what is already resident within us.

Yoga relies on energy. People must learn to control and even direct their energy to do what we want it to do. Even in learning to see through the Third Eye (which is not recommended by the way, since it is part of the occult/New Age practices), there is allegedly a great deal of learning that goes on in controlling what is seen.

Ultimately, being able to see via the Third Eye is one of the goals of yoga. It is connected to the psychic aspect of living, allowing us to see into another dimension. In that way, it is a spiritual portal that brings us in contact with demons and possibly even Satan himself. Is there any better reason why God uses His Word to warn us away from delving into that dangerous realm? We are not to go there and it doesn’t matter which method is used to “open” the Third Eye. Many methods work and they’re all dangerous. They must be avoided like the plague. When we being to use our Third Eye, demons then have access to this physical realm in and through us.

Mindfulness or mindfulness of purpose is also part of the practices of yoga. For a brief introduction to it, I’ve included this video.

Notice the very first image on that video. It’s a small pile of stacked rocks. This pile of rocks helps the practitioner focus during yoga exercises. It is important to be able to focus on something. This small stack of rocks reminds me of my Alma mater, which used to be Philadelphia College of Bible. The name was then changed to Philadelphia Biblical University. Most recently, the name was again changed to Cairn University. Why Cairn? Because it means a pile of rocks set out as a marker. If you go to their About page, you’ll see one example. Now, Cairn wants you to “walk a different path.” Would that be the left hand path? They’ve removed the word “Bible/Biblical” from their title and made the name of the university so innocuous that there is absolutely no way anyone would know that the institution has anything to do with God. I find that shameful.

At any rate, mindfulness essentially means to meditate with purposeDr. John Kabat-Zinn has provided this definition: “paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present! moment, and nonjudgementally (sic).” By itself, this definition seems reasonable, but when used in something that already promotes the use of occult techniques, it is not beneficial at all.

Yet this is what teachers want to do with students. They want them to have these tools at their fingertips to help them relax and focus. You know what the matter with too many kids is today? They never go outside to just play. Computers, smart phones, video games, and too many other forms of technology have replaced good old fashioned playtime where kids would run off energy, become and stay healthy because of it, and utilized their creativity through imagination.

Over decades, foods have become so heavily processed and preservative-laden that health for young people has really taken a nose dive. Do you think this has been an accident? I don’t. I think it’s been directed and now we have generations of young people who are so amped up with no real outlet that they don’t know how to control themselves. What do the schools want to do? Teach them yoga and other occult techniques.

Look, whether you believe it or not, all of this is part of the plan to take over your kids’ minds. It’s working too. If these “tools” (yoga and mindfulness) have not found their way to your kids’ schools yet, they will. What will you do then? Regardless what the government says, your children are still yours. The government has no right to raise them and inflict upon them activities that might endanger their mental health.

If you do nothing as a parent, don’t worry, the government will take control.


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