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Netanyahu Urges Christian Zionists to Continue Support

In spite of the way things look, God has everything under control. The people who are constantly accusing and attacking Zionists obviously have VERY little faith in the sovereignty of God. It is THEY who need to get their act together and find out who God truly is, because their opinion of Him is exceedingly small.

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Israel Has Rights Too

Today’s Palestinian people have no clear origin (click on newspaper article image). Scholars have determined that they do not descend from the ancient Philistines, who gave Israel so many problems to and beyond the time of King David.

For decades [Arabs] have lobbed rockets into Israeli space from Jordan. They have dug tunnels from their countries into Israel; tunnels which have been repeatedly used to smuggle in weaponry used against Jews. The world does nothing. It blames the Jews and Israel for its own problems.

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