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Can Authentic Christians Deny Jesus? Part 4

So what is our commitment with Jesus when we became Christians? It seems like too often, we tend to think of it in terms of what we are allowed to do and what we are not allowed to do. In other words, being a Christian means following a list of do’s and don’ts, right? Have you ever felt that way? It reminds me of the way the Prodigal Son tended to think in Luke 15:11-32. That young man had some pent-up anger toward his father. The son saw himself as being no better than a servant, even though that was certainly not the case. Because of the son’s incorrect thinking, he related to his father in a very unhealthy (because he was wrong) way. That unhealthy attitude created within him anger, which eventually prompted him to walk away from his father…after he insisted that he receive his inheritance first, of course!

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Can Authentic Christians Deny Jesus? Part 2

When we deny Jesus, we do a grave disservice to ourselves, the lost of this world, and God. We obviously dishonor God when we try to hide the fact that we are truly saved. While there might be something to be said for a person who wants to wait just a bit after meeting people to let them know they are Christians by allowing their life to speak for them, that’s one thing due to the level of lukewarm living in too many Christians today. I’m talking about those who in one way or another, don’t even want the world to know that they are Christian. They want to keep it to themselves and not share it, either in word or deed. There are many ways to do this and we highlighted only a few of them last time.

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Can Authentic Christians Deny Jesus? Part 1

The tragic truth is that Christians are quite capable of being moved in fear to deny Jesus. But you are probably thinking of a situation where a Christian stands before “accusers” or just prior to being beheaded or persecuted to death in some other way and like Peter, the fear becomes palpable and overwhelming. Because of this, our flesh (too often governed by the sin nature) creates within that “fight” or “flight” mechanism and to save self, some Christians might give into the temptation to deny Jesus.

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Christ, Our Righteousness, Part 15

The people we like to call “professing” Christians or “carnal” Christians (we’re all carnal) makes us feel better about how we think of those who say they are Christians but appear anything but that to us (as if we are the final arbiters in the matter). We cannot wrap our brains around the fact that some who actually have salvation, may end up wandering away from Jesus and remain so to the end of their lives. It’s not as simple and neat as just saying, “Well, that person was obviously only a ‘professing’ Christian, but didn’t actually know Jesus.” According to the text in 2 Timothy 2, the person did know Jesus yet ended up denying the Lord who saved them for whatever reason. Let’s be honest and admit that if true, that concept really galls us, doesn’t it? Why?

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