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One More Q for the Day

Thomas Jefferson said that the Judicial Branch had the capacity of turning the Constitution into wax (my paraphrase), and we can see why. When you have people appointed and approved to the Supreme Court who are not qualified but owe political favors, it’s easy to see how and why unconstitutional rulings would follow. We have that with Supreme Court Justice Kagen, who prior to her appointment to the Supreme Court never served as a judge in any capacity. Though an attorney, as one individual put it, “her record as a practicing attorney is notoriously thin for someone hoping to fill such a lofty post. From an experience standpoint, she’s probably the least qualified person to be nominated to the Court in my lifetime.”

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Bible Warns of Apostasy and Persecution: Birth Pang 7

If there was no physical Antichrist coming to this world, there would be no need for the world to see a globally unified system of governance as we are seeing. In truth, the coming final world order is at our doorstep because Satan is being given the chance to rule over it as God. He will choose a physical human being to fully empower with his supernatural abilities as leader of this final global empire. While the spiritual ramifications of this coming empire are huge, the fact remains that it will be a physical manifestation of Satan’s promise to be “like the Most High” in human form as the Antichrist.

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