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Atheist Pastors? Yes, They Exist…

A friend of mine, who does a good bit of research on the ‘Net regarding a variety of issues, sent me a link to a group known as “The Clergy Project” (Thanks, Marie!). A fairly innocuous name for a group that “is a confidential online community for active and former clergy who do not hold supernatural beliefs.” [1; emphasis added] Not surprisingly, “The Clergy Project” provides words of welcome from atheists like Richard Dawkins and many others.

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Ex-Christians: Are They Really EX?

So the ex-Christians who firmly believe that they WERE Christians, but are no LONGER Christians are kidding themselves. They were NEVER authentic Christians and they need to be willing to admit it, instead of continuing this illogical game of ‘God existed when I WAS a Christian, but now He not only does NOT exist, but never did’ dishonesty. That is not only completely illogical, but the fact that ex-Christians actually have the temerity to think people are stupid enough to buy it simply because they say it is as ridiculous as their position.

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