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Strength to Strength or Emotion to Emotion?

You may feel great one moment, then eat something that doesn’t settle with you and all of a sudden, you’re feeling yucky. Is God speaking to you or is it just your food? This happens to me because of my food allergies/sensitivities. If I used those feelings to determine God’s will while praying about something, I would literally end up being “tossed to and fro” not only by every wind of doctrine, but by every feeling that I feel.

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You CAN and SHOULD be as Healthy as Possible

In spite of how healthy people may strive to be in this life, we will all die, won’t we (barring those alive when the Rapture occurs)? Nonetheless, Christians above all people should be physically healthy. No, I’m not saying that God will heal everything that ails you. No, I’m not saying that God will provide great health if you will but simply believe it. I’m saying that something else entirely and by the way, before I get too deeply into this, I’m talking about our overall general health here. I’m not referring to folks who have genetic issues that result in terrible illnesses nor am I talking about people who may develop problems due to some type of car accident or something else, as in the case of Joni, who was a tremendous swimmer and athlete, but one day, dove into the water and broke her neck because she hit bottom, not realizing how shallow it was right there.

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Christian: Our Need to Renew Our MINDS

The problem with many Christians today (and therefore, Christendom), is that too many of us simply fail to use our God-given brains. We have become complete strangers as far as reason is concerned, as if God wants us to put our critical thinking skills on the shelf and go through life blindly using what we think is faith to determine truth. Even if things don’t make sense, we tell each other to continue on the path that will eventually lead us to understanding. Faith doesn’t determine truth. Faith accepts truth in spite of how it may seem at first. The only way to know truth is to study His Word. This is an act of worship.

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Bible Warns of Apostasy and Persecution, Part 3

I believe Paul speaks of an apostasy from “the truth” here. If we see society now, we see that truth has become quite relative. There is nothing absolute about anything now. Much of what people consider to be “truth” is simply the latest fad or fashion defined solely by how people feel about something. Many to most decisions made today are based largely on emotional virtue, which is nothing more than political correctness or Cultural Marxism. Determining truth based on these things really creates a moving palette of “truth” that changes based on new “information” or “evidence.” Those who refuse to accept this new “truth” are often ostracized and denigrated, pushed to the outer fringes of society and often referred to as “haters.” Whatever will work to silence them is what is done.

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Christ, Our Fellowship, Part 5

Our ideas surrounding our deeds and simply the way we view life as a Christian can actually deceive us. This is one of the best reasons in the world why our eyes cannot focus on what we are doing. As I mentioned previously, God has plans and purposes that He is bringing to fruition. There are certain things that He has designed me to fulfill and certain things He has designed you to fulfill. You have specific gifts, talents, and character traits that make you perfectly designed for specific things God has in mind for you and the same applies to me. I believe Jesus fleshed this out nicely in the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30) and yes, I recognize that there is disagreement over what that parable means.

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Christ, Our Fellowship, Part 4

Can you imagine how God must have inspired Noah and his sons and given them the ability to build such a ship? Wow, it had never been done before! Around 450 in length and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! Oh wait, sorry. The reality is that this was an undertaking of humongous proportions and Noah had never trained to be a builder of boats. But because Noah had faith in God (believed Him), God rewarded Noah with a new label: righteous. But it didn’t stop there either. Because Noah believed God, he naturally wanted to obey God as well. If your “faith” does not prompt you to obedience in God, brothers and sisters, it is not faith. It is probably just some feeling that accomplishes nothing. True faith has substance that is seen in obedience to God’s plans and purposes (not yours!).

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Christ, Our Righteousness, Part 2

That is the first part of the equation of once saved, always saved (OSAS). We have to ask the question, what are we saved from and how does that happen? Notice Jesus says that anyone who does not believe in the Son is already condemned? That literally means, God’s condemnation remains or continues to rest on that person. Jesus is saying that is the automatic position of every person. There is no such thing as universalism, whereby all people will eventually be saved. Jesus is very clear here in stating that in order to eliminate or come out from under that condemnation that exists on each and every person, that person must have something: belief in the Son’s Name.

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