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Is God Good All the Time or Just When He Does Something Good for You?

Job didn’t take the time to ask God to change the circumstances (though God did that, to some extent later on). Job’s first impulse was to thank God for what had occurred simply because he understood that God’s ways are better because He simply knows all things. We do not. We actually fail miserably at praising the Lord for all the things that He allows to come into our lives. We need to be cheerfully dependent upon God and His mercy. We need to practice praising Him so that it becomes a habit that brings glory to Him. Instead, it seems that we’re only willing to say He’s “good” when He does something that pleases us.

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Prayer and Praise, Part 5

But I also wonder if sometimes, Christians who experience these healings (or medical “cures”) sometimes come to a point of starting to believe that God provided the healing because of their faith in the matter and not because He simply chose to heal according to His will and purposes? I see some whose cancers are in remission and who are living a full life because of it and I wonder if they are often tempted to think that their “faith” made them whole, or “allowed” God to “heal” them?

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