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Fellowship with God Stems from Forgiveness

Folks, the level of love we extend to others is seen only in how much we are able to forgive them. It’s not “being nice” to people. It is how much we forgive. This is what Jesus is saying in the above passage. We all have our share of grudges and resentments that we harbor toward others, don’t we? We actually think we have the “right” to hold a grudge. After all we think, it’s just a little grudge and if I can show them my disappointment, then maybe that will help them understand that they’ve hurt me. If they understand that they’ve hurt me, then maybe it’ll open the door to them coming to me to ask for forgiveness one day. When that happens, then we can have honest communication.

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Christ, Our Righteousness, Part 16

Wouldn’t it be nice to learn what the Prodigal Son learned without having to go through the things he went through? We’re all different. Some people can increasingly submit to God bit by bit, giving Him more of them so that He, in turn, can fill them with more of Him. Others have to do it the “hard” way. The hard way is when God has to take measures to use outside forces to sand off the hard edges so that we will submit to Him. In either case, the results are often the same. But God has a strong hand in this process too as we learn from Psalm 32:3-4.

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Christ, Our Righteousness, Part 13

Out of the two sons, who ended up being better off? Clearly, it was the young son who initially walked away, squandered his inheritance (that he had no right to take at that point since his father was still alive!), almost starved himself to death, and in the end, became truthfully humbled. It was this humility that brought him back to his father, not to “regain” salvation that some say he lost, but to enter into fellowship with his father, fellowship that should have existed from the getgo. Would it have been better off had he never gone through any of that? Of course, but please note that it seems like he had to go through it in order to cast off the things that kept him enslaved to SELF. He needed to be divested of a good amount of arrogance and pride before he would be ready to begin fellowship with his father. In the end, he truly became his father’s son! Do you think he ever broke off fellowship with his father again? While it’s possible, I can’t imagine it because he always had that lesson to draw on. He may have even exercised a great deal of compassion toward his older brother, we just don’t know.

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Another Day to Serve the Lord

As you move through the day, His discernment will allow you to see things that you might have otherwise missed. There’s a person who is hurting that you can help. You remember that you need to pray for someone. You gain more wisdom from His Word today than you thought possible. It was easier to memorize Scripture. Your entire outlook for the day is seen from His perspective, not yours.

As authentic Christians, we are blessed with the only God who has chosen to live within us in order recreate us into the image of His Son. The Lord reigns and the more time we spend with Him, the more we begin to realize that He does reign and more than anything, we want to serve Him. I hope and pray that this is your life today. The Lord is with you, if you are His. May He open your eyes to that truth as you seek to serve Him this day.

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