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Prayer and Praise

I believe we should spend a great deal of time praising God after we have presented our requests to Him. I’m actually suggesting that if you are not doing this, you should start. Praising Him even when we do not know what the exact answer will be to our prayers, is a sign of affectionate trust in His ability to provide.

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Praise Him, Our God and Lord!

Because God is in control over all things, our reaction to life and its difficulties and trials should be one of praise. This is more true now than it has ever been. If nothing else, we must remind ourselves to direct praise to Him for who He is and for what He is accomplishing whether we feel like it or not.

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Christ, Our Fellowship, Part 11

A sacrifice of praise occurs when we do not feel like praising Him, but we do so anyway. Do you think Job felt like praising God after learning that he had lost everything, including his 10 children? Think again. Job praised God because he knew it was the right thing to do, not because he felt like it. Job’s act of praise (worship) brought him into fellowship with God because Job was essentially admitting that God’s ways were best in spite of his own immediate loss and the way things looked from a human perspective. Job had no idea what had transpired between Satan and God. He could not understand that Satan wanted to destroy him but God knew that would never happen. In spite of his lack of understanding and how devastated he must have been, Job praised God. Can we do any less, especially considering the fact that we are told repeatedly in the Bible (something Job did not have) that we should offer praise to God continually?

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Prayer and Praise, Part 3

Notice in the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus opens with “Our Father,” and then does not state any reference to Him again except for the use of the word “your.” He didn’t feel the need to insert the Father’s name or reference at the beginning or end of each statement. In fact, we know that God sees the depth of our own thoughts even though we may not actually know how to pray, (cf. Job 31:4; Jeremiah 23:24; Romans 8:26). God knows us! We need to drop the pretense, adopt reverence, and approach Him with awe and praise, understanding who He is, at least as He has chosen to reveal Himself to us in His Word.

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Prayer and Praise, Part 1

It is almost becoming the new mantra among Christians today. You’ve heard it and so have I. That mantra – Prayer is a powerful tool! – is supposed to get us on our knees, to help us focus on the God of the universe. Prayer is supposed to put us in the mindset to ask of God and expect Him to respond to our requests in the way we want Him to respond. In some ways, it almost borders on the “name it, claim it” type of theology (poor as it is), that teaches people just that. We should focus on something that we want (or ostensibly believe God wants for us) and by continuing to pray about that situation, event, or item, we then “claim it” in Jesus’ Name. This, we are told, will bring that about because of the “laws of the universe” or some such theology that is so loosely built on the biblical pattern that it can actually be done without even referencing the Bible at all, except for a verse here or that one there.

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