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Fat, Rich Shepherds

Something is wrong with too many churches in America and it stems from those in leadership positions. For the average person, often, the choice of a church is determined by how much charisma the pastor has and/or how many exciting programs exist for the kids, or how upbeat the music. It may be that only when the specter of real persecution raises its ugly head (which is what God brought to the shepherds of Ezekiel’s day), that people will come to realize the importance of belonging to a church where only the truth is preached weekly without fail. It is the truth of Scripture that produces depth in our relationship with God. If that truth isn’t preached, there is no depth. Too many today have itching ears and want to hear what they want to hear solely because it makes them feel good but provides no true growth (2 Timothy 4:3). It’s pabulum.

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The Trouble with (Too Many of) Today’s Pastors…

This seems to be an insidious problem that has and continues affecting many churches today. Men seem to have fallen for the need to get in touch with our feelings, as if we were designed to be like women and have gone far off track. I’ve always understood that when God created men and women, He did so with the idea of both being complementary to the other. In that sense alone, it is obvious that men and women would not think alike, nor would they react to situations the same way.

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