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What Should Authentic Christians Look Forward to in the Future?

This is all-too important to ignore or treat with disdain. We Christians have tremendous reasons to “look up” and understand that our citizenship is not here on earth, but in heaven. John tells us that as we focus our hearts and minds on the eventual return of our Lord and the culmination of all things by Him and His eternal power, many cares and concerns in this life will fall away.

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What Is a (Authentic) Christian?

If you believe that you are a Christian, take the time to double check. If you have not been given the birth from above, you are not an authentic Christian. If you can look back over the last five, or ten years of your life, with the only difference being that you have somehow gotten WORSE, then you are likely not an authentic Christian. Can I know? Can anyone else know? NO, only YOU and God can know. Do some detective work, asking God to help you KNOW. Find out NOW without delay.

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