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Truth Suppression

It is becoming very difficult to be a Christian in today’s society because of the way the world suppresses the truth in many areas. Authentic Christians are caught in the crosshairs largely because God and the Bible are caught in the crosshairs. We are coming to a time when I can see churches which believe and follow the absolute truth of Scripture will become smaller and smaller. It would not surprise me frankly, if many of the Christians within these churches resort to meeting in people’s homes, not for the purpose of starting what they hope will be a huge church, but because truth will become so difficult to find in too many churches. Those churches will be interested in pleasing the crowd and in so doing, will become part of the group that suppresses truth.

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Darkened Thinking Leads Only to Complete Lack of Truth

The subject of “walk-ins” is interesting because it actually lets people off the hook. People are no longer responsible for anything if a “walk-in” has exchanged places with the spirit that was originally housed in their bodies. This is garbage. Even when a person is possessed by demons, the person still has a self-awareness. They are still there. They did not leave their body and move to another place. They were overpowered by demonic activity and those “strong men” now reside in that person with their spirit. Only God can deliver them from that.

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Erotic Zoos: Bestiality in a Politically Correct Form…

One particular farmer noticed that his otherwise friendly sheep had begun to grow weary of him and other humans. This led him to hook up a security camera to see if he could find out what was creating the disturbance. His efforts revealed that “multiple men [were] sneaking in during the night to sexually abuse his beloved livestock.”

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Getting Angry About the Name “Jesus”

Have you ever noticed how incensed people can become over the Name “Jesus”? In fact, the word “God” in general terms brings out the anger in most atheists – at least the ones that I’ve run across. You may recall the leader of an atheist group who was completely opposed to the idea of a cross made of leftover steel beams lowered into the ground at the WTC memorial site. He was seriously offended. His blood probably began to boil a bit, I’m sure.

Now we have atheist groups misquoting Thomas Jefferson to make a point, or grabbing up the spaces that are normally held by nativity scenes during this time of year. I’m sure – so that they are not hypocritical – these atheists do not celebrate Christmas at all, right?

If they do, they would argue that Christians are merely celebrating the leftover vestiges of some pagan festival so Christians are being hypocritical as well. No we’re not. When I celebrate Christmas, I celebrate the birth of my Lord and my God (as Thomas stated in John 20:28). As an aside, please note that Jesus did not prohibit Thomas from referring to Him in such a way, nor did he chastise Thomas for referring to Him as “God.”

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