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Shrouded in Mystery?

I’ve read many articles that discuss the Shroud in comparison to Scripture. Emphasis is placed on the facial cloth (the Sudarium) and strips of linen. I know for instance, that the folks at Sword of the Lord refute the claim that the Shroud is authentic and part of the reason this is done is based on the testimony of Scripture. However, the article below addresses that as well as the historicity, archaeological evidence and the Word of God.

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From the Shroud to a 3-D Model of Christ!

Of course only God knows for sure whether the Shroud of Turin is not only the real deal, but whether it is the actual face of Christ if it is a relic from the 1st century. For those who do not see the possibility of the Shroud being real, it may have less to do with the facts of the situation, and more to do with an unwillingness to agree with something that more than suggests the possibility that Jesus actually lived on this planet and that the image may have come into being because of the power of the resurrection. If this is so (that the Shroud is of Jesus and the image was created because of the power of the resurrection), then all those who are unwilling to consider it will have another check against them when they stand before the Lord in judgment. In other words, if the Shroud is another testimony of Jesus Christ and this piece of testimony is known yet ignored, then the people who know and ignore it will not be able to say “I didn’t know.” In truth, instead of following the facts to a logical end in the reality of the Shroud, they will have been given another opportunity to address the issue and will have come out against the viability of the Shroud being real.

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Truth Be Told! Podcasts

Truth Be Told! video podcasts, from

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Shroud Is Fake? Scientists Say ‘Yes’…

Sometimes, one wonders whether scientists have common sense at all. This entire focus on trying to replicate something that may well have been created in the 14th Century to begin with, actually proves nothing. The Carbon Dating is what makes or breaks this case surrounding the Shroud of Turin…at least for now.

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