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The Searing Storm of Socialism

I find it fascinating that this country, after having been a democracy since its inception, is now on a fast-track to Socialism!  The absurdity of this is that there are people who actually believe that Socialism works!  This in spite of the fact that it has never worked anywhere in the world before.

Frankly, I think this is all a stunt to simply take what people earn and give to others.  It’s another form of Robin Hood, with Obama being Robin and he’s certainly taking what he can, in order to give to the “hood.”  In a short time, he has literally taken over many of the banking institutions, GM, as well as others, and now wants to create healthcare for everyone.  As more than one senator has asked, where is the money coming from to put this plan into action?  Obviously, it is coming from those of us who pay our taxes year in and year out.

What I also find interesting is that ever since Obama took office, not ONE peep has been heard from two of the most loudmouthed individuals representing the African American community.  That’s right, I speak of none other than Jackson and Sharpton.  Where have these guys been hiding?  Is it possible that the White House door has been open for them all the time?  If so, how has the press not found out about it?  Oh, that’s right, Obama doesn’t feel he needs to share that knowledge with the public, even though it is the public that owns the White House.  I realize Bush did this, but he wasn’t right either.

It is exceedingly interesting how fast and far left this country is moving.  However, when all is said and done, it is occurring only because God is directing things.  As a Christian, I am commissioned by God to pray for the leaders of this country and the world.  I have no fear that Obama will actually ruin anything.  What he accomplishes while in office will be what God ultimately wants accomplished and the reality is that as we move toward the final stage of the End Times, God’s designed ends will come to fruition.  Care to know what they are?  Read Daniel, Ezekiel and Revelation, or you can read “Footsteps of Messiah,” or “Return of the Antichrist,” by Patrick Heron.

June 20, 2009 at 10:51 AM 6 comments

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