Q’s Posts and the Seeming Interminable Wait

February 7, 2018 at 11:40 AM 10 comments

Warning: Political Commentary Ahead

The way things are going, I’m going to have to start another blog solely dedicated to the political spectrum. There is just too much unfolding and even though politics in general is an interest of mine, I realize that many Christians are not really interested. Therefore, because of my personal interest in writing about political events and subjects, it may be wiser to keep politics separate from my religious blog. I’ll keep you all posted and you can also let me know your thoughts on this.

I’ve mentioned “Q” before in a previous article I wrote not too long ago. He is believed to be either an individual or group of like-minded individuals who all have Q clearance, which is either at the top or nearing the top of security clearance in the federal government. It’s also possible that this “Q” is a jokester who is stringing people along. However, if that’s the case, then he is still somehow “in the know” because too many of his predictions have come to pass for him to not truly be in the inner circle of people closest to the President.

Q has been posting off an on since this my last article. Some of the more important posts were made on February 5th, this past Monday. Let’s start there because there are several doozies. The first one to the right looks strange at first and if you did not what the meaning of what appears to be coded information was, it wouldn’t necessarily strike you as anything important at all.

However, based on previous posts by Q, we know that “VJ” is likely referring to Valerie Jarrett. “AS” is likely referring to Adam Schiff, though in other contexts it can also refer to Antonin Scalia, Supreme Court Justice who was found unexpectedly dead, with no autopsy performed and he was quickly cremated. No one knows how he actually died.

In this case though, since the reference to AS is current (Feb 5), it must be referring to Adam Schiff. If you’re not sure who he is, he’s a California representative who is also on the Intel Committee. He is the guy that the MSM goes to a great deal because of his opposition to President Trump. He doesn’t want anything brought out into the open regarding FISA and has said as much.

But back to the post, what does it possibly mean? It appears to say that Jarrett had a call with Schiff that lasted 42 minutes, 13 seconds. The next line says “2 listeners – no IDEN,” which we can assume means two other people were listening to that phone call and will not be identified. Regarding the next two lines, it could mean that there was one reroute of the phone call to 9 other people and then another reroute to two random people. There is no real consensus on what that means.

However, the next two lines – Article 3 Section 3 – clearly refer to the section of the Constitution that details just exactly what treason is and how it is corroborated. Within that definition, it is noted that if a person does not admit to treason in a court of law, there must be two witnesses who heard that person discuss something that would be defined as treasonous. So it appears that Q is telling us that during that 42 minute phone call, two other individuals were put on the line to listen to the conversation so that they could be called as witnesses later.

If this is true, then Q is telling us that the AS and the VJ are involved in some treasonous plot to overthrow Trump in some way. We know from the original memo released from the Intel Committee that the fake Russian Dossier was cooked up as a means to keep Donald J. Trump from being elected. We also know that the dossier was paid for by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Clinton Foundation. Apparently, the FBI also paid for it as well. There is the matter of collusion to use falsified information to obtain a FISA warrant that allowed the FBI to wiretap Trump Tower. This FISA warrant was renewed three times using this same false information; information that FBI Director James Comey stated was “unverified and salacious.”

Sen. Grassley also released a memo that was redacted heavily. It later came out with less redaction and makes more sense. The Democrat memo is also coming out, but I understand that Adam Schiff deliberately placed sensitive material in the memo, which President Trump may need to redact. However, if he does, he’ll be accused by Schiff and others of hiding things. None of this will matter in the long run (hopefully), because as more truth comes out, it will become exceedingly difficult for both Democrats and MSM to rebut. They may simply choose to ignore.

So all of this is happening and we’re still waiting for IG Horowitz’ 8-page memo on his investigation into the FBI and DOJ and how they handled this whole mess. Alongside of this, Q releases his posts. We saw the one above but let’s move on because they get even more interesting.

In this post to the right, notice Q posts quite a bit and then comes back a few moments later to address it again. He asks “Why did the #Memo drop a Friday and before the SB?” Not sure, except to say that the stock markets are closed over the weekend so there wouldn’t be time for the stock to react to the news. Moreover, everyone who was interested would be gearing up for the Superbowl show on Sunday. Beyond this, the normal news shows would not be playing over the weekend. In effect, the memo would get some attention, people could freely discuss it, and the media wouldn’t be there to distract. One possibility.

Q also tells people to “watch the news.” He then mentions Rothschilds Estate sale and it appears he’s referring to the thousands of acres that were just sold by a Rothschild family living in the United States. As the news stated, this is a once in a lifetime sale and the new owners – a timber company – have promised to take care of the woods. The property – known as Langau in Austria – is nearly as big as Manhattan and sold for $112.35 million.

Note the Stock Market also had a huge drop of nearly 666 points. Q asks if this is a “coincidence”? Previously, he’s stated there are no coincidences. Why would the Rothschilds in the US be forced to sell (Q calls it a “fire sale”) this wonderful hunting estate? Could it be due to President Trump’s executive order back in December allowing the federal government to cease and freeze assets of “enemy combatants” of the United States? If their US assets were frozen/ceased, selling the property might be the only real way to regain liquid. Apparently, the Rothschilds have quietly been selling up to 67% of their fortune in recent months.

Toward the bottom of this post, Q reiterates that soon, people will see 20/20 regarding all that has been hidden. Apparently, they need people who love the truth to become outraged (controlled) over the material that is being presented to Americans and the world. Once a crescendo builds, they will then be able to arrest those who have perpetrated these criminal enterprises.

Note Q’s addendum to the larger post above it. He starts off by reposting the “666” and then says, “Signal to POTUS THEY CONTROL THE MARKET?” Then, “SIGNAL?” “THREAT?” WELCOME TO THE GLOBAL WAR.

He wants us to perceive whether the stock market going down by 666 is due to their control of that market? Certainly, with the Rothschilds selling off a good percentage of their assets, this would clearly affect the stock market. We’re not talking about nickels and dimes here, but millions. The other thing that would affect the market is the fact that this past Friday, one Federal Reserve chair ended her tenure and the next chair began this past Monday. Every time this happens, the market changes because of the unknown. As I write this, the market is almost back to where it was prior to the 666 loss. Is it all a game to the elite?

Another post from Q is in response to an Anonymous question as seen in the image. In the small box on top, an Anonymous individual posted a tweet from Twitter from Think Progress. It shows the time it was posted with the contents saying the White House lied regarding Comey being fired. This Anonymous wants to know “why is msm allowed to lie?

Q responds to that question underneath. It’s long and we won’t go over each line, but the gist is that there is raw intel, which is collected, then it goes through a narrative “feeder” (to change message), then it is distributed throughout the MSM and their talking heads. Q also states without equivocation that there are LEAKS (classified), then payments made as a reward for those leaks, from foreign accounts ostensibly to people here in the United States. Cash is wire transferred using “spook files” (CIA). Hotels are used to set up people to be blackmailed so that they will do the bidding of those who have them blackmailed (just like Godfather III).

The last number of lines speak to the fact that what Q, POTUS and team are trying to do is give the freedom back to the press to report news accurately, but so many are either connected to CIA or simply being blackmailed. Eventually though, the goal is to free the press so that it can truly be free to report the truth. Q also assures us that there are many more good people than bad and the bad ones are dropping like flies daily. This is what all the “resignations” of CEOs is all about and we’ve seen a continuing parade of CEOs and others high up in the government heading out the door. His last line of this post – THIS IS BIGGER THAN ANYONE CAN IMAGINE – is very sad. If true, it means the level of corruption is so deep that it will take a great deal to remove it and of course, it won’t go without a fight.

Let’s deal with one other post for this article. It involves the photo of the backs of three women who were at the State of the Union Address. All three women are sitting in the Black Caucus area with other black leaders. Notice these three women are all on their phones. Notice please that the two photos are from Anonymous and Q is commenting on them. His first comment is on the photo on the right with the time stamp 20:10:09 and he simply says “Center.” He is directing us to look just at the center phone. Q wants us to notice something, which is why he provides all the instruction below. He says to find the “roll,” the actual photo, not a screen grab. Why? Because if you look very closely, part of the text on the woman’s phone is blurred out obviously to cover something. What is it that we cannot see, but obviously Q and others have seen?

It would appear from one more of Q’s posts that’s related to this that he obviously knows what was written that was blurred out. I’ve enlarged the photo for you and we’ll look at Q’s related post in a moment.

At any rate, the person was busy writing her response to President Trump’s State of the Union Address while he was only a third of the way through it. She later said that Trump’s address came out about an hour prior to him actually speaking so she had time to go through it and craft a response that later appeared in several places so we know her identity.

However, that does not tell us why some of the text was blurred out. This same photo is available on Getty Images and the photographer in question has copies of it for sale there at nearly $600, but it also has the blurred out text. This means either the photographer or Getty Images blurred the text out. Why? What was so secret about it that we cannot see it? It’s difficult to believe that she would have written something that was “top-secret” because she was literally in a public place with video and still cameras everywhere.

Q asks if we can read the message? It is about the State of the Union (SOTU) and he is pointing to one of the Black Caucus members’ phones. He states, “These people are LITERALLY MORONS.” Obviously, they are extremely careless so that a photographer had to blur something out after he took his photo.

Q would be able to access the raw data quite possibly through the White House video cameras or something else so he knows what the blurred out line says. Based on what he knows, he makes his statement in another post. Notice the first line of Q’s post with timestamp 20:25:31, which says, “Trump should be shot!” It would appear that Q is alleging that the line of text blurred out on the phone is “Trump should be shot!” Can you imagine if this was what the actual unedited raw image of that phone’s screen said? If this is so, then either Getty Images or the photographer himself covered over a high crime of treason. There is NO way that any elected official should ever utter these words about any sitting president and remain free from arrest.

Q says, “You are now working against those monitoring. Raw only. No edits. Save offline.” Q is warning that this is what President Trump, patriots, conservatives, and Trump’s security and intelligence teams are up against. They do not want him to succeed. They would rejoice if he was dead. That’s what they want because he is a political outsider. He is not one of them. They are doing their best to paint him as a racist, a bigot, and xenophobe. He wants to do what is right. He wants to bring America back under the rule of law as stipulated by the Constitution, which would in turn, “make America great again.” The “swamp” does not want this. They would rather pit Americans against other Americans by dividing us along the lines of culture, race, religion, and politics. This is the way they enslave the population.

Here’s the reality that we are now facing. Unfortunately, things are not moving as quickly as I would like or as many would like. People are getting up in arms over the fact that no high-profile person has been arrested yet that we know of. With the release of the first memo, the continuing stream of Strzok/Page texts (more just released today), that prove collusion as well as the fact that Comey lied as did others, the swamp is being uncovered. They are certainly going to do all they can to fight back.

So what does this mean for you, me and this country? Well, if Trump and company does not win the battle, we have a great deal to lose. Winning the battle may take awhile. I have to wonder though if they know that someone placed a treasonous call with another person, why are they not both arrested and charged? Why the delay?

I cannot imagine how much filth and corruption has been growing and bubbling over within our capitol. We hear the lies, we see the actions of people who are thoroughly culpable and we can only hope for their soon arrest. I have to continue to remind myself that God is fully in charge. Nothing will occur that He does not want to occur, that are not in accord with His purposes. In the meantime, we can and should be in prayer daily that God would work to uncover this rot and remove it.

Let me know if these particular articles are interesting and worthwhile for you. If there is enough of a call for it, I’ll start another blog that will simply highlight political subjects. I’d rather not separate, but I’d also rather not bore people or present things that folks are not interested in reading.

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      Thank you. 👍🏼


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    I too have been following Q Anon. I would absolutely be interested in a political blog. Thanks so much.


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    Keep up your political commentaries as part of your Christian outreach as a citizen concerned with the future of this formerly God Blessed but now God less Nation, now facing treasonous satanic forces from inside and outside the USA. I will continue to read your eye opening blogs, either in or as a separate blog site.


    • 8. modres  |  February 7, 2018 at 1:23 PM

      Thank you. I appreciate your opinion. 👍🏼


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    I would be interested in a political blog.


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