Q: A BIG Week and Startling Information!

January 23, 2018 at 8:24 AM 4 comments

Warning: Political Commentary Ahead

While I realize not all Christians are interested in politics, I received some great comments regarding yesterday’s post concerning the individual known as Q and what he has been revealing to us. In fact, the people that read the article doubled in number from previous days. It seems clear that most want to know what’s happening if for no other reason than to know how to pray in a more informed way. To that end, we will continue to post information regarding Q’s posts and those who are not at all interested can simply bypass those specific articles. Each article like this will come with a “warning” line at the top of the article so that those folks who couldn’t care less will be alerted right away and will not need to waste their time with further reading.

It is extremely important that people take this information and use it in prayer. As we’ll see, there is an excellent chance that the life of President Trump or a family member of his is in danger of assassination. I do not say this lightly. This was also the case under President Obama because of how he was hated. However, as I did then, I prayed for his safety, even though I did not agree with his ideology or what he was trying to do to America. Of course then, it was all “conspiracy theories” run amok. But because of Q, we now know (if what Q is telling us is truth), that there was a very specific agenda to what appeared to be Obama’s incendiary approach to the United States. If what Q has said is true, the plan was to destroy America in 16 years, which is quite a feat if you stop to consider it. Hillary was to take the baton and continue the efforts and by the end of her second term, America would’ve been a third world country. I have very little difficulty believing this would have happened especially with the amount of specifics provided by Q.

Before we get into Q’s most recent posts, we need to go back and finish highlighting his posts from 01/21/18. If we run long, we’ll start another article to catch up. In our previous article, we highlighted and discussed the one huge section where Q outlined the way America was to be destroyed in 16 years. With this new image, we see the three final posts from Q also on the 19th of January.

Notice top line which begins with @Jack then follows sets of initials. Here’s what folks have come up with on these. @Jack refers to Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter. We’ve already learned exactly how Twitter actively censors conservative viewpoints on Twitter from Project Veritas and their undercover camera work. The other initials stand for: Mark Zuckerberg (MZ; Facebook), Eric Schmidt (ES; past CEO of Google), Jeff Bezos (JM; Amazon, Washington-Post), Elon Musk (EM; Tesla, SpaceX), Steve Huffman (SM: Reddit), MainStream Media (MSM; all left-wing media voices).

The three questions posed after these sets of initials are being asked of these people: Do you know that we know? Do you know that we see all? Do you know that we hear all? Q is pointing out to these guys that what they say in private, what they post secretly to one another is heard and seen loud and clear by President Trump and his loyal Intel people. There is nothing that is said in the darkness that is not heard in the light. These people are coming under fire (with lawsuits) for the way they have singled out conservatives on their social network platforms. Conservatives are routinely shadow-banned, suspended or expelled permanently simply because they speak of God, America, or Trump in a positive way. Beyond this, Twitter is involved in illegal shenanigans with pornography and blackmail allegedly against many who use Twitter.

In one previous post, Q cryptically stated, “Goodbye @Jack,” meaning Jack Dorsey was being forced out. He soon stepped down from his board role at Disney and he will likely also soon be out at Twitter.

The last two short posts reiterate the “shot heard round the world” which refers to The Storm that is coming against the deep state and its operatives. The final short post is simply a link that proves the communist ties of Valerie Jarrett and her family. Jarrett is also Iranian. These are people who were at the highest levels of our government.

In another post also from 01/19/18, Q asks a series of questions. This post is designed to mobilize people/patriots into realizing that we, the people, have the power. At this point, with this level of information, to do nothing is ridiculous. What I mean by that is that if you can do nothing else, you can pray. That is a must.

When Obama was our president, like many, I was often frustrated at the amount of illegal activity that occurred. DACA was a “law” that Obama signed into effect because Congress could not come up with anything. Obama literally overrode the legislative branch of our government and created what literally became viewed as the law of the land. It’s not. It has no real hold over America because it did not go through the proper channels. It was an executive order (EO) that took flight. Now that Trump wants to cancel it, the 9th Circuit Court said he can’t, so he is going to the Supreme Court and he’ll win there. It is an illegal law and it was the cause of the recent government shutdown. Democrats do not care about our military or American children affected by the shutdown. They were going to bat for people who are illegally in the United States. They say they are “kids,” but many are in their mid-to late 20s or 30s! Beyond this, many have criminal records. People know that the Democrats simply want voters and they don’t care how they get them. Shutting down the government is reasonable even if it holds America and Americans hostage in favor of illegal aliens. This is so absurd yet it is normal left-think.

Notice in the image, Q tells us point-blank “they” want us divided along racial, religious, social, and class lines. “They” want civil war in America. This was a right-wing “conspiracy theory” that seems to be true, according to Q. Q is saying that we have an obligation to fight for what is right and we cannot simply sit back and say, “God is in control.” Certainly, He is, but can you imagine if everyone in Israel took that attitude? That nation would never have gained any ground in the Promised Land. Again, this does not mean we should take up weapons and march in the streets! It means we do what we can to spread the “Intel” that Q is provided, whether on our social networks or to friends. We also must be in prayer.

I am now convinced that God allowed President Obama to rise to power and to do what he could to destroy America. Had Obama not been allowed to do that, we would not be where we are now. If things had simply happened ever so slowly over many decades, we might not even have noticed. However, with the speed with which Obama was able to start dismantling America, too many noticed. Because of that, Christians took to their knees. We prayed for at least the eight years that Obama was in office. It appears that God has heard our prayers and is answering them. We have an opportunity to do what is absolutely right and we cannot shrink from it. Again, if there is nothing else you can do, you can pray. Pray for the safety of President Trump and family. Pray that God will bring all of this to a head so that the perpetrators of all this illegalities will come to the surface and people will go to prison.

Moving on to yesterday’s posts – January 22nd – there are again a few very long posts. The ramifications are sickening. I’ll admit I don’t know what everything means here, but I will try to find out. Notice the first line: “What would happen if texts originating from a FBI agent to several [internals] discussed the assassination (possibility) of the POTUS or member of his family?

Wow. Wow. I’m sure you understand that if this is true, then we have nothing short of TREASON in the FBI! How do Trump and Q know this? Because of the NSA, because of the private Intranet server they discovered and because even though the FBI now says they “accidentally” deleted some 500 text messages between an agent and a lawyer, as Q pointed out before, nothing is ever truly erased or deleted. It may have been deleted off of FBI servers, but the NSA has copies.

Notice the next line: What if the texts suggest foreign allies were involvedI’m dumbfounded. If true, this means that people in the FBI were communicating with foreign governments considered to be our friends and who bandied about the idea of killing the president or member of his family. This is unconscionable. Then Q says to “forget about the Russia set up [1 of 22]. This is only the beginning.” In other words, the 1 of 22 refers to the 22 investigations underway under Jeff Sessions’ Department of Justice (DOJ) and most likely, Seth Rich’s murder is the first investigation.

Q then cryptically states, “Be careful what you wish for,” and I believe he is implying that things are going to get extremely hairy because the people involved in the deep state (DS) are not going down without a fight. Eventually, they will lose, but possibly not easily.

Then Q points to the pragmatism of the situation. He asks “Could messages such as those be publicly disclosed?” Then asks what that would do to the FBI, DOJ, special counsel, and in general? Obviously, if we knew everything that President Trump and Q know, American patriots would storm Capitol Hill and probably string people up like they did to Mussolini and others in the past. This knowledge would so destroy America’s faith in our government that literally only God knows what would happen, but it would not be pretty.

A few lines later, Q implies that the FBI/DOJ has been lawless in the way they’ve operated. It is fascism, anarchy, and totalitarianism all rolled up into one. Many previous cases would have to be looked at because it’s very possible innocent people went to prison or were killed to cover tracks. Q’s admonition to think logically makes sense. Not everything can be publicly disclosed as it would cause widespread civil war.

Q then says they haven’t started the drops yet with respect to human trafficking and sacrifices. If you’ve not read any of this, I’ll spare you the details, but from my research, the entire subject is absolutely so sickening that it is difficult to talk about. Children have been and are kidnapped and sacrificed. These are satanic rituals in which elites believe they become more powerful the moment the child (or adult) is killed and even leading up to that death, the amount of pain the victim goes through guarantees the elite greater power. It is difficult to think about.

Notice Q says, “Those [good] who know cannot sleep. Those [good] who know cannot find peace. Those [good] who know will not rest until those responsible are held accountableNobody can imagine the pure evil and corruption out there. Those you trust are the most guilty of sin. Who are we taught to trust? If you are religious, PRAY. 60% must remain private [at least] for humanity. These people should be hanging. Q”

Folks, my heart is heavy. I cannot fathom how God is able to deal with this because He sees everything! Nothing is hidden. Imagine creating a world or worlds and creating animals, flora, trees, mountains, and people to rule over it. Imagine watching those people fall into sin. Imagine watching the world grow so corrupt and evil that there is only one solution – the Great Flood (Genesis 9-11).

It breaks my heart when I hear of someone abusing a child or animal. I cry whenever one of our beloved pets dies. I watched a documentary the other day on Africa and the filmmakers were following a mother elephant and her young, which was still nursing. The mother could not find enough food to produce milk. The baby couldn’t eat. We watched it die. As it did, the mother gently rested one of her feet on the baby elephants hindquarters. It eventually stopped breathing. The mother walked sorrowfully away. That hurt because it is humanity’s fault that the earth is in such decay! We are the cause! We rebelled against God and because of that the entire Creation groans for release!

How can God watch what people do to animals and to other people? I can hardly bear it. He feels. He loves. He hates. He emotes. He does all these things, which is why we are capable of doing them. Yet, there are people in this world so given over to evil that they have no sense of shame, no sense of guilt, and no feelings of remorse when they commit their terrible deeds. They delight in their evil ways because it enriches them and makes them feel powerful. They believe they are above the law.

Father, help us to unmask the darkness and walk thoroughly in your light! Folks, God is bringing this to light so that we might pray that the perpetrators would be brought to justice. Surely not all of them will be, but many who have been working for their own self-aggrandizement in concert with Satan will need to be outed and punished. If not, then all hope is lost and we will simply spin out of control into the ever-darkening abyss.

We’re going to eventually try to figure out how all this works into God’s plan regarding what He reveals in His Word. We certainly know as I pointed out previously that the world will eventually become one with a final leader ruling the globe. His name is Antichrist. But I also find it interesting that when he rises to the top, he assassinates three of the ten kings and the others commit themselves to him. Do those three kings refuse to submit? Maybe they don’t like his ideas. Maybe they see him for what he is, who knows? More on this later.

Please do as Q says. Pray, pray, and pray some more. Pray for President’s safety and his family. Pray that through him, God will bring an end to this corruption and evil. Pray for your own safety this week. Q has stated in another post that it is going to be a BIG week. Things are likely going to happen. Watch your back. Be alert but do not be alarmed.

We’ll be back with more next time!

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  • 3. Johnny Ash  |  January 29, 2018 at 1:03 PM

    1947 (Psalm 47)+62 Pentecosts/Weeks = 2009 (Psalm 109–The Antchrist). Psalm 109 ties to Psalm 113 (2013 with the Antichrist) and again in Psalm 116 (with the Antichrist). Psalm 117 is the rapture Chapter in 5777/2018 and Psalm 118 is the Second Coming Chapter for 5778/2018. Psalm 119 is 2019 and the Millennium.


    • 4. modres  |  January 29, 2018 at 1:12 PM

      Thx. I’ll look into it.



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