Q: 16 Years to Destroy America…

January 22, 2018 at 8:51 AM 4 comments

Warning: Political commentary ahead

Folks, you have been warned 🙂 If politics is not your thing, as it relates to Scripture, then you’ll want to ignore this blog’s article because it delves deeply into the political arena. We will tie things together at the end as we believe they relate to God’s Word and His plan for humanity.

Some of what we’re going to discuss today will sound very much like things that people with tin foil hats wear; conspiracy theories. However, note that I’ve already stated I do not consider myself a conspiracy theorist, but a conspiracy analyst. If we simply ignore every plausible possibility because someone calls it a conspiracy theory, we will never take the time needed to investigate to learn the truth.

Some things require our attention. Some things cannot be ignored. Some things are worth opening up because of the tremendous ramifications they hold. We ignore them at our own peril.

The title of this particular article is designed to get your attention. It was stated by a person known only as “Q.” He began posting on the Anonymous 4Chan board October of 2017. Since then, his insight has been seriously uncanny. At first, Anonymous (the hacker group) did not take him seriously, which was a good thing. There needed to be proof of his statements. Eventually, it turned out that he had a terrific track record and because of his posts – often coming before the events he spoke of – his one statement “Future proves the past” became one of his calling cards. In essence he was saying that when he makes a statement, wait for it to unroll in the future, which then proves the integrity of his “past” statements. This has been happening routinely and now, few doubt the validity of Q or his posts.

You may not be familiar with Q. I hope that this article will change that thinking. I hope that because of this article you will be at least willing to consider the possibility that Q is a true patriot, putting it out there for us to know what is happening to our country and what would’ve occurred had Hillary Clinton been elected instead of Donald Trump.

It is believed this Q person is very close to President Trump and quite possibly has military background/experience. Some of this posts imply that he has access to the president and in fact, is actually there when certain things happen. One of Q’s recent posts referred to an event in the Oval Office that had just occurred.

Q posts on the anonymous board at least once weekly, sometimes more. I’m going to go over the latest Q posts that are most recent, from 01/21/18. They are explosive. But why am I going into the area of politics instead of sticking with religious content? Simply because uncovering this information proves the Bible is correct.

I’ve written many books and articles on the subject of the New World Order because we know the Bible – when taken in its most plain and ordinary sense (literally) – points to a time when the world will become one. It will then be divided into ten regions over which ten kings will rule for a short period of time. It will be at this point, the Antichrist will rise among their ranks and eliminate three of those kings. He will originally be the 11th and after the three are taken out, he will become the 8th. This is all in Scripture and I’ve gone over this numerous times before. Read Daniel and Revelation all the way through. Throw in Ezekiel for good measure.

In Q’s latest posts, which are among the longest of his posts, he discusses major things. He normally asks many questions, which push people to find the answers. There are some great minds out there who spend a good deal of time researching things to provide us with the answers. Reading Q’s posts for a while, the answers tend to become obvious.

The first picture you see is Q’s first post from 01/21/18. He provides information in several areas. The top of the post down to the line in caps “SHE NEVER THOUGHT SHE WOULD LOSE” is one section. From many of Q’s previous posts, the “she” here is none other than Hillary Clinton (HRC), clearly.

Q asks the question, “Will Sessions drop the hammer?” then “1 of 22.” Q is asking will Sessions start the wheels of justice rolling where HRC is concerned? The “1 of 22” refers to a total of 22 investigations that are currently underway under Sessions. Apparently, HRC is one of those high-profile investigations. This whole top section refers to the weaponization of the FBI and DOJ against the American people and specifically against Trump in an attempt to keep him out of office and if he won, to impeach him afterwards. The plan also included taking out Pence so that HRC would then be installed as president.

I realize this sounds like fiction and it would be difficult to believe if not for Q’s track record for being right. The five lines starting with #MEMO refer to the Memo that ALL Democrats voted to keep private and not release to the American people. This is the four-page summary memo created by Nunes. Q is saying that the Memo shifts the narrative. Here he is referring to the mainstream media (MSM) and their narrative. Because of the Memo, they are doing all they can to downplay it or negate it. Some MSM bureaus are ignoring it completely.

If the Memo is released, Q is stating that it will highlight collusion at the highest levels of our government. This refers to Obama specifically, but it also goes all the way back to George Bush SR. All of them – George Bush SR, Bill Clinton, Bush Jr, and Obama – are guilty of colluding to defraud the American people. Obama was probably the worst offender and Q explains how later in this same post.

The Memo is extremely important and should be released without delay. They are working on that and may be released on or before Trump’s state of the union address. We shall see.

Notice after the line “THEY NEVER THOUGHT SHE WOULD LOSE”, the post says “[The 16 Year Plan to Destroy America]” and then the very next line says “Hussein [8]”, which refers to Barack Hussein Obama and his 8 years in office. Immediately under this, Q lists a number of things that Obama actually achieved while in office to weaken the United States. From “install rogue_ops” down to “[CLAS_1-99] all has to do with the things Obama actually did while in office. This information is beyond dispute.

Notice among those things, Edward Snowden is listed. It turns out – according to Q – that Snowden is NOT a good guy. He actually works for the CIA (Q refers to them as “Clowns In America”), and working for the NSA was simply a front as Snowden was apparently trying to crack NSA’s servers FOR the CIA to copy as much information as possible for them. Snowden is not a fan of President Trump. Snowden should actually be arrested and tried for TREASON.

Notice that the next line is “HRC [8]” followed by “WWIII [death & weapons real/WAR FAKE & CONTROLLED][population growth control/pocket billions]”

Q is telling us that HAD HRC been successfully elected, she would’ve started WWIII. Another poster previous to Q stated as much and said that it would have been with China and Russia. This would have resulted in several things:

  • population control through many deaths
  • the enrichment of the Clintons and other elites
  • USA would have lost (by design) and our country would’ve lost its sovereign borders

The other lines of information are equally compelling. HRC would’ve finished what Obama started by eliminating rogue_ops – those opposed to Obama and HRC. The economy would have been strangled so that people would be starved and completely dependent upon the government (enslaved). Beyond this, our borders would be completely thrown wide open allowing anyone to walk in with no repercussions.

Several other things were also scheduled to occur under a HRC presidency. The Constitution would have been revised to eliminate the 2nd Amendment and gun confiscation would’ve begun. Had that occurred, there would also likely have been actual civil war in America.

Any new judges installed would only be those loyal to HRC and the New World Order. After all, this is what it all points to here, the elimination of America as it is absorbed into the NWO.

The Electoral College itself would be eliminated making it far easier to elect corrupt people. Using preprogrammed voting machines, this would be even easier. The military would’ve eventually been completely shut down making America defenseless. Obama started this and accomplished much in his 8 years in office. HRC would have finished it off starting with base closings in Germany.

Finally, all MSM (mainstream media bureaus) who don’t agree with HRC would be eliminated. The news would become state-sponsored with no apologies.

The last section of this post from Q starting with PURE EVIL refers to several things. Q is saying that he and the president intercepted the narrative shift that will be played on MSM this week. In other posts, Q has informed us that Operation Mockingbird is still active. This is a known, actual operation where the CIA inserted many operatives as news anchors and reporters. Their job is to subvert America by pushing lies that the people will come to believe as truth. This was admitted by CIA director Colby in the 1980’s. Anderson Cooper of CNN was a CIA asset who now works for CNN. Does he still receive a CIA paycheck?

It is also believed through Q that reporters in the MSM essentially go into a portal to retrieve their talking points. This is one reason why every left-wing news source essentially says the same thing. The talking points come from Gannet/CIA. This week, the MSM will be labeling Nunes and Sessions as controlled by Russia. They will also start discussing that the GOP is simply distorting the facts concerning the Memo in order to remove Mueller. I actually like what Mueller has been doing even though he’s been a bad cop in the past because he’s brought NOTHING to light where Trump is concerned and everything where the Left is concerned.

Q is telling us the government shutdown is primarily due to the Memo that Democrats do not want released. It will destroy the Dem party and shock Americans to the core. DACA does not expire until March so there is absolutely NO reason to have a government shutdown now. However, it is interesting to note that sitting Congresspeople cannot be arrested while Congress is in session. Now that Congress is NOT in session, arrests can be made. We’ll see what happens.

“Black voters abandoning” means they are abandoning the Dem party. Black unemployment under Trump is the lowest it’s been in DECADES and many are realizing that truth.

The three lines starting with “Keep them starved” are attributed to HRC from 2013. Apparently, she hates black people (including Obama). She has complete disdain for them.

How did Q and the president obtain all this Intel? Several ways but much of it is thanks to Adm Mike Rogers of the NSA. In other posts, Q informed us that the recent false alarm in Hawaii was deliberately done so that Trump could access NSA servers there. Apparently, the CIA had locked @POTUS out. He had no choice but to issue the false alarm because at that point, the NSA servers in Hawaii did an automatic bulk data transfer (BDT) to the servers in the US (CONUS). This means that everything the CIA tried to keep from Trump is now known.

You’ve read about the missing texts and emails? Q noted that NOTHING is ever truly erased or deleted. Nothing. Trump has them. What America needs to know is that we dodged a huge bullet. The Memo that will be released refers to the corruption and collusion at the highest levels of our government directed toward Trump to keep him from being elected or to impeach him after the fact.

But that part is a SMALL part of the huge problem. Obama and HRC used America to enrich themselves. They sold our secrets to foreign governments. They did whatever they wanted to make themselves fabulously wealthy. What they did equals TREASON. Q has stated that there will be NO deals. Everyone who plays will pay.

We will see just how corrupt these people have been where America is concerned. From my study it has been sickening to the core. This is so unconscionable that it is worse than I could have imagined. The level of depravity where individuals would willingly sell themselves to the bidding of the elite throughout the world to enrich themselves is abysmal and beyond the pale. It is nothing short of treason. There are too many in Congress who are also guilty.

How did Obama and company accomplish this? According to Q in other posts, a very private INTRANET was set up using North Korea, Google, and Amazon to hide the tracks. Once they set up their private Intranet, these people communicated directly all the time. Because of certain patriots in the FBI and the NSA (not to mention Wikileaks), Trump now has those emails that were routinely exchanged between the players. In some instances they used some code but more often than not, they spoke freely. They never thought they would be exposed because they never thought HRC would lose.

I read one set of emails to John Podesta yesterday where they spoke of pre-programming the voting machines (Soros owned) so that regardless of how a person voted, a certain result was guaranteed.

With knowledge of the secret Intranet, the players were discovered. There was apparently a huge pedophilia ring connected with this which is why, if you take the time to search the ‘Net, you find hundreds and hundreds of people being arrested throughout the world. What we hear about in the MSM is just barely scratching the surface. The level of depravity is absolutely disgusting.

This is Satan. This is how he works and what he is trying to accomplish. Next time, we’ll go into this a bit more in detail and see what the Bible has to say about this as well.

Folks, I’ve said before many times that we cannot put country ahead of God. That still stands, however, when we understand just how base and corrupt things have become, we also have an obligation to do what is right whenever and wherever we can. We cannot ignore it. We cannot allow ourselves to be overcome by it. We also must be careful to NOT set aside everything and give ourselves only to that fight. We must walk resolutely exposing the darkness where and when we can.

In all this, it is very much UNDERSTOOD that God is still fully in control. He is absolutely sovereign. Nothing changes that. Nothing.

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Politics as Usual or Are Things Changing? Grumbling and Complaining

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  • 2. Cjuan  |  January 26, 2018 at 7:01 AM

    Interesting article/analysis of Q’s post. I am wondering if you could say when the 16-yr plan began and when it was supposed to have been completed.


    • 3. modres  |  January 26, 2018 at 7:28 AM

      According to Q President Obama was the first 8 years and Hillary was to take baton for second 8 years totaling 16 years in all. If you refer to image in article starting with line that starts HRC [8], which means Hillary Rodman Clinton next 8 years. Immediately after that is the list of things (allegedly) she was supposed to make happen.

      Since Pres Trump won it appears as though a seditious coup was created to get him impeached by March of 2017. The Russia collusion is 100% false. There is nothing there or it would’ve come out LONG ago.

      In fact, with what we are starting to see, tables are being turned on the coup planners.


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