Politics as Usual or Are Things Changing?

January 17, 2018 at 11:47 AM

Political Content Ahead

I don’t consider myself a conspiracy theorist. In fact, if anything, I’m a conspiracy analyst. I simply like to research and see what can be found. If there is little to nothing there, then it makes it difficult to believe something is actually true. At the same time, I don’t like writing about politics. It’s a tiresome endeavor, mainly because so many politicians are just bad actors and they tend to twist truth as often as possible. Yet, there appears to be so much “conspiracy” issues in politics, it’s sometimes difficult to ignore or avoid.

When we shift our gaze to the political arena, it is at times, exceedingly difficult to know what is truth and what is fiction. There are so many voices, so many opinions, so many “experts” weighing in on things that it makes it tough for the average person to know which way is up. Too many politicians clearly seem to not care about America or Americans. It appears they are often in politics for what they can gain for themselves.

Ask yourself how someone like Nancy Pelosi can have a net worth of several million dollars while her congressional salary is under $200k/year. How does that happen?

Nancy Pelosi is not the only one in Congress with some ‘splaining to do either. Many of these people have turned their “public servant” job into a help-themselves-get-rich profession. How? There is so much mud in politics and it is slung often.

Yet, it would seem that with the installment of Donald J. Trump as the 45th president of the United States, things have actually become very clear. We know what Trump wants to accomplish and he’s doing it. He is actually bringing his campaign promises to fruition.

Trump is not part of the Washington DC swamp. He is not beholden to anyone and is not an insider. He cannot be bought and he owes no allegiance to any business or nation. In reality, he is already a self-made multi-millionaire. Has he had his ups and downs financially over the years? Yes, he has, and so have many others (William Randolph Hearst and many others).

Trump is hated because he is truly an outsider and because he cannot be bought, the Left hates him even more. The only thing the Left has is attempted blackmail or character assassination to bring him down.

The Left have tried to say he colluded with Russia. That hasn’t work and it is now falling apart big time. Mueller has done more to unmask the Left than anyone on the right. If you read through this linked “threadroll” (a series of Twitter tweets by the same person published on a separate blog), you’ll see why: Deep State Sues for Peace through the MSM

By the way, “MSM” refers to “mainstream media.” This same media has tried to puff a piece about a porn star and Trump, implying that he paid her off for her silence. This is untrue. Trump has said it is untrue. The porn star has said it is untrue and she even willingly signed a letter saying it was untrue and that she received no money from Trump at all.

Now, the same MSM is trying to paint Trump as a racist because of a swear word he supposedly used in reference to Haiti. Trump said he did not use that word. Dick Durbin, who is on record as having lied even when Obama was president, is the one who accused Trump. Now, wisely, Trump said he will record all meetings. It’s a shame though, isn’t it?

The Left have come out with their “triple dog dare ya” where DACA the dream act is concerned. They want President Trump to prove he’s not racist by supporting DACA, which would provide hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens already in the USA, a path to citizenship. In fact, the Democrats are actually willing to shut down the government over this issue, which tells us that they care not one iota for authentic Americans and their hardships. They are more concerned about handouts to illegal aliens. Shouldn’t America’s homeless and Veterans come first?

Beyond this, are the regular, continued attacks on President Trump, everything from he’s overweight, to he’s mentally unfit for the job of president, to well, you fill in the blank. This is the fake media doing their best to downplay everything President Trump has accomplished. Unlike many – and I’ve said this before – I don’t believe God raised up Trump as a modern-day Cyrus. However, as I’ve also said before, God determines who runs nations and clearly, He has a purpose for Trump being president of the United States at this time.

Yet, when Hillary ran for president, in spite of her clearly obvious and severe health issues (uncontrolled coughing fits, her very weird facial tics and reactions to over-stimulation, needing help to get into a van, etc.), no one was allowed to discuss those things. In fact, I recall Dr. Drew losing his TV show because he simply voiced concern for Mrs. Clinton. No one could question her health. There were many topics that could also not be broached where Mr. Obama was concerned as well. But this is not the case with Donald J. Trump, our 45th President of the United States. It’s fine to denigrate him every chance there is and if no chance is available, make one up. Everything is on the table without any proof whatsoever. It’s all innuendo.

This is what the MSM does continually and people like Jim Acosta lead the charge in doing everything possible to smear Trump and paint him out to be something he is not. Trump is far from perfect. He is a sinner like all of us. I have no idea whether he has a genuine relationship with Jesus. I know he seems religious and certainly has a great love for this country. But that does not a Christian make. As president though, his job is to ensure domestic tranquility and support the rule of law as defined by the Constitution. He appears to be doing that.

I believe there is a great deal of movement going on behind the scenes and I believe some very good things are going to occur. If I were to share some of those things, I’d be called a “conspiracy nut.” As I said though, I’m a conspiracy analyst, which simply allows me to plow through a ton of information to see if truth can be determined. There’s nothing wrong with that and it seems precious few people do it today. Most like their information in very small sound bites spit at them by talking heads. No thank you. I’ll do the research myself, thank you because I am responsible before God for what I think and believe.

What will the next few weeks or months bring? I’m certainly no prophet at all. However, if what I’m learning is true, then it’s likely we will see things that will absolutely shock people. It may well destroy the fake news media that so many on the Left have come to love.

I know what the Bible says about the future too. I know that God’s Word says things will wax worse and worse, though it will appear to godless people that things are actually getting better. If nothing else, President Trump is providing a respite. He is pushing back evil and that very well could be the result of so many Christians praying for so many years.

The whole thing reminds me of Israel (and no, I am not comparing or equating Israel with the United States at all here!). Israel has a dark history due to the fact that many of her leaders were so absolutely godless. Israel, the chosen nation, refused God again and again. Yet, in spite of these rebellious, worthless leaders, there were many within Israel who continued to look to God. I don’t know why God allowed so many evil leaders to rule, but certainly part of the answer to that lies in the fact that the majority of people did evil in God’s eyes by rejecting Him and His ways. This then led God to turn them over to that evil and provide a leader the people deserved. Again, not all in Israel were evil. We know this for a fact, but the majority of Israelites came to a point where they couldn’t care less about God or His ways.

Of course, Israel still has a future destiny that will find absolute fulfillment in the coming Millennial Kingdom over which Jesus Himself will rule. I couldn’t say one way or another if the United States will exist at that point, but we know that there will be “other” nations besides Israel in the future.

So what about the USA? Delight in the fact that because of Trump, evil is being pushed back. This should give Christians hope. Of course, more importantly, it should push Christians to be that much more serious about spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while we have the opportunity. All too often though, when things get good, people celebrate and forget their responsibilities. We rest on our laurels.

We might tend to think it is more difficult to live for Christ under heavy persecution, but Paul seems to negate that idea. In fact, that theme is echoed by Peter, John, James, Jude and others. I think it is far more difficult to live for Christ when everything is coming up rosy, quite frankly.

Christian, it really doesn’t matter what the conditions of our specific society are because the job of each Christian remains the same until He comes. It is found in Matthew 28, the Great Commission. Our job is to tell others about the salvation that comes only through Jesus and no other (John 14:6).

It is great that Donald Trump has the energy and the wherewithal to fight the evil that has become so pervasive throughout society. He is pushing that evil back, cornering it, trapping it and that evil is starting to squeal bigly.

It is also very important to understand that literally, one man changed the course of this country’s direction in late 2016. He was panned by James Clapper, John Brennan and Barack Obama. They warned incoming president Donald Trump to fire the guy because they said he was trouble. Turns out, this guy had already met with Trump (unknown to Clapper and the others), and had warned him that the “deep state” wanted to take Trump down. He outlined how they were attempting to do that. He also told Trump that every phone in Trump Tower was bugged. They were listening and recording. The next day, Trump moved his transition team to a safe place in New Jersey.

Who was this guy? Admiral Mike Rogers, who is now head of the NSA and took over Clapper’s job. If not for Rogers, only God knows where this country would be right now. We would likely have Hillary for president and the corruption, graft, and illegalities would have continued unabated and increased exponentially. Mike Rogers is a true hero for what he did. He saw the evil and stood against it…alone. You can read more about that here: Abuses of the Obama DOJ/FBI

So far, the USA dodged a bullet. But let’s remember as Christians, our job continues, regardless of the conditions of society. Live for Him! Live for His glory. Die to self. Trust God. Introduce others to Jesus.

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