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Khazarian Satanic Cabal According to Benjamin Fulford

I’ve been reading blogs by Fulford for some time and with the exception of a few, I’ve taken them with a grain of salt.

Here are highlights of his latest blog and for what it’s worth, who knows whether or not we’ll see any of this take place.

Fulford is a guy who says he’s under the protection of Asian groups. He in fact, says a lot of things. It’s difficult to know if any of the things from his previous blogs have panned out simply because so much of it is said to have gone on (and going on) behind the scenes. He points to certain signs which are intended to prove his discourse.

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What’s REALLY Happening in the World?

Can you imagine what it will be like when the invisible Church has been removed? Since the Holy Spirit works in and through this invisible Church to accomplish God’s will, when that same Church is gone, the Holy Spirit will remove Himself as the gate that has kept the denizens of hell at bay. With the Holy Spirit moved aside, the earth will be overridden with demons and devils such as the earth has never seen!

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Obama, Bush and the True, Sordid State of Our Cabal Controlled Union

Obama knows his time is limited and his only focus is to increase these stolen funds with hopes of doubling the 11 Billion before he has to leave office. His own party has become split and Obama’s Chicago backers are now pulling away realizing that Obama’s time is short. Fortunately, the world leaders have become awakened to the truth about Obama and he will have little chance of actually spending these ill gotten gains.

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