Politically Correct Infanticide

April 2, 2013 at 1:59 PM

In what has got to be the most ridiculous as well as anti-human rhetoric heard yet, a lobbyist for Planned Parenthood is quoted as saying that a post-abortive baby who survives the procedure should not automatically be given medical aid.  This was stated before a Florida legislature that was considering to force medical practitioners to provide medical care to in these types of situations.

When asked what she meant by her comments, the woman – “Alisa LaPolt Snow, the lobbyist representing the Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates, testified that her organization believes the decision to kill an infant who survives a failed abortion should be left up to the woman seeking an abortion and her abortion doctor,”[1] (emphasis in original).

Essentially, what LaPolt Snow was advocating is a post-birth abortion.  So, in the case where a child who is being aborted (deliberately murdered), yet survives the process, Planned Parenthood wants everyone to know that whether the baby is given life-saving medical procedures, is between the woman and the doctor.

Obviously, for a child to survive and live after an attempted abortion, that child would have to be well along in development.  We are not talking about a child that is a few weeks or a month along.  We are talking about a child that is very close to natural birth in order for it to be able to survive outside the womb like this.

Even though this would be the case – with a baby surviving an attempted abortion – Planned Parenthood will still refuse to discuss the child as a human being at this point.  Planned Parenthood says that the child can still be killed, if that’s what the mother wants to happen.

This is not really abortion, per se.  It is full on eugenics.  It is the determined effort to eliminate people from society through infanticide; murder of newly born human beings that is condoned by the state under the guise of “women’s rights.”

Yet, in spite of the ramifications of this atrocity, Planned Parenthood released a statement that confirms their support for the lobbyist who made the statements.  Their statement reads as follows:

Last week, a panel of Florida state legislators demanded speculation about a vague set of extremely unlikely and highly unusual medical circumstances.  Medical guidelines and ethics already compel physicians facing life-threatening circumstances to respond, and Planned Parenthood physicians provide high-quality medical care and adhere to the most rigorous professional standards, including providing emergency care. In the extremely unlikely event that the scenario presented by the panel of legislators should happen, of course Planned Parenthood would provide appropriate care to both the woman and the infant.”[2]

The tragedy in the above statement has to do with the amount of lies inherent within it.  They call this situation a “highly unusual medical” situation.  Planned Parenthood wants us to believe this would never happen, but according to an undercover video from 2009, it has happened.  Even if it happens once, the law-makers wanted to pass a law that would force medical personnel to do what they could to save a life.

But also notice that the statement really says nothing.  It does not state unequivocally that Planned Parenthood doctors would do everything they could to save the child’s life.  The statement simply states that they would “provide appropriate care…” which means nothing and can be taken several ways.

The sad truth is that babies born alive – surviving an abortion attempt – happens too often.[3]  Yet, this seems to be a norm within the underbelly of abortions that occur every day in America.  Women are told to simply “void” their child (through childbirth) into a toilet and examples of this “appropriate care” by Planned Parenthood can be clearly seen by abortionist James Pendergraft IV, who went on trial in 2011 for injuries sustained during an abortion to a pre-born baby.  He ultimately was found liable and ordered to pay $36,737,660.16 to the plaintiff.[4]

Infanticide is quickly becoming a new normal in late-term abortion clinics, where children are born alive.  Even though they cannot survive by themselves, they are either left unattended to die or caused to die by cutting the spinal cord at the neck.

The saddest part of this whole thing is that too many women have repeat abortions.  Moreover, they do it because it’s easier than having and raising a child.

Planned Parenthood is in the business of abortions to make money.  If there was no money in it, they wouldn’t be doing it.  Though Planned Parenthood likes to tout the alleged fact that they provide quality healthcare, the truth is that their mainstay is in killing unborn children because there is a huge profit in it.  Much of their money comes from federal dollars, which means that every person who pays taxes, helps to pay for the murder of unborn children and in a growing number of cases, the murder of post-abortive babies through infanticide.

Just recently, the Obama administration once again provided more money to Planned Parenthood to the tune of a $2.3 million dollar grant.[5]  That should keep them going for a while!  The money goes toward Planned Parenthood’s “Teens Rise!” program, designed to help students understand the difference between “continuous abstinence” and “celibate abstinence.”

Of course, the information would not be complete without a connection to other portions of the web site that “provides a link to the ‘ABC’s’ page where graphic descriptions of sexual acts and condom and other contraceptive uses are posted.”[6]

Then again, those who align themselves with Planned Parenthood seem to go out of their way to denigrate the value of a preborn child, referring to them as a “thing,” or misdirection of the conversation by once again, placing the blame on men, who, according to one commentator at MSNBC, says that all religions were created by men, so it’s obvious (to her) that men simply want to control women.[7]

This is an oft-repeated claim within politically correct circles.  It is the Left’s effort to highlight men as “aggressors” who want to keep women (in this case) victimized through a form of slavery.  The “slavery” here is the repression of “healthcare” rights for women by trying to reverse the decision that made abortion legal.  So, conservative men are painted as the true “oppressors” of women and their rights.  This plays well in the media and of course, men who are on the Left can play along by echoing this sentiment on their own shows.

Few consider how asinine this line of reasoning it is, but it works and works well because it taps into the emotions of women especially.  If someone can become righteously upset over the idea that men want to keep women “barefoot and pregnant,” that is seen as reason enough to believe that the lie being promulgated by the politically correct Left, is truth, in spite of the fact that it is not truth.

The same female commentator who speaks of men wanting to be in charge of women wonders “why isn’t religion as concerned about water and economic justice and all these things as it is and as they mentioned sexual morality.”[8]

This, of course, is a not-so-subtle way of implying that religion is only concerned about repressing women, therefore, we see its hypocrisy.  It isn’t true, but again, that does not matter.  The question asked seems to have an air of truth about it, therefore, to many people, it is true.

Political correctness works through society, endeavoring to replace absolute truth with a paltry substitute.  It continues because there are too many individuals who do not seem to grasp the fact that truth is not determined by how a person feels about it.  Truth is truth and there can only be one truth for all people, not a truth for this group and another truth for that group.

Sadly, infanticide is becoming a recognized truth for too many people.  It is the deliberate murder of post-abortive babies.  Christians need to stand against this abomination, even if we never successfully get the practice outlawed.  We need to let the world know where we stand, whether they are ever willing to see any merit in our position or not.

People who call themselves Christian while believing that abortion itself is okay, or that infanticide – though sad – is better off for the child, completely miss the point.  God said “thou shalt not kill,” which as we know means that premeditated murder has no place in a society that claims to be civilized.

Abortion is nothing more than premeditated murder.  It is the deliberate killing of an unborn (or sometimes post-abortive) child and it is wrong.  What I find fascinating is that those who claim to be Christian will normally respond with a reference to some military action or war as being just as reprehensible as abortion.  The two do not equate, except in their minds.  Certainly, God never equated the two.

Regardless of whether or not abortion is ever outlawed or not (and it’s doubtful that it will be), we need to stand with God on this issue.  He has specifically stated that murder is not an option.  This applies to desiring to kill someone out of jealousy or hatred (or for hire).  It also applies to the killing of the unborn child because as far as God is concerned, life begins at conception.

It is not up to us to apply our emotional virtue to a situation God has already ruled on.  He said it and He speaks the truth because He is the truth.  We cannot overrule God and avoid the consequences of that action.  We will reap what we sow and unfortunately, it is very clear that society throughout America is reaping what it has been sowing for decades.  The chickens are coming home to roost and we do not know how much longer God’s patience will extend to us.

I cannot imagine that it will be that much longer.

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