White Liberals Are the Worst Racists

April 3, 2013 at 2:15 PM 2 comments

For anyone who has not been paying attention, Dr. Ben Carson has come under severe fire from the Left for his conservative views.  Carson, as many know, gave a speech at the National Prayer breakfast (which was attended by the Obamas) and he was roundly panned as someone who was disrespectful in Obama’s presence because of the things he said and/or implied.  Of course, it goes without saying that the same people who criticized Carson for disrespecting Obama would have allowed it if/when directed toward Bush.

What is truly amazing is that Carson – like Allen West, Sen. Ted Cruz, and other conservative blacks or persons of color – is himself black and yet, when those on the Left (both white and black), disagree with Carson, they have no problem calling him out.  They seem to enjoy verbally castigating him because he is not only conservative, but black as well.  Apparently, there is an unwritten law that frowns upon minorities having conservative values.  It’s called political correctness.

As was heard on a recent episode of the Mark Levin radio show, Levin pointed out that it seems as though these liberal racists (many of them white) do what they do because Carson has dared to come off the “plantation” and speak his mind about the problems in America that have nothing to do with the policies of conservatism, but of political correctness. [1]  Carson notes that it is political correctness that is destroying this country because those within the politically correct camp are doing everything they possibly can to shut down discourse of which they disagree.  They want no one else to be heard.  It is their opinion or shut up.

Carson refers to these people as white racist detractors whose verbal assault on him he describes as “vicious.” [2]

It amazes me to realize that if anyone who happens to be a person of color steps up to offer their conservative perspective, the whole thing is simply labeled another attempt of the GOP to cover their own alleged racism by using a person of color for their own ends.  This, in and of itself, is a racist sentiment, but since the Democrats and the Left pride themselves on allegedly being free of racism, it obviously stands that their comments cannot be racist, but true.  It is clear that too many people in America are not aware of the accurate history of the Democrat Party in the United States.

The Daily Kos states, “The NY Times’ flattering profile of the very professionally accomplished Dr. Ben Carson is part of a concerted effort to make a compelling news story out of the Republican Party’s search for a viable black presidential candidate.

“The Republican Party’s quest is more of a comedic tragedy than a drama. It is a rerun of bad serialized television. Carson today; Herman Cain yesterday; Allen West before then; Colin Powell years ago. The story always ends the same way, with the masters of the Tea Party GOP going onto the next one in search of a black political messiah who can successfully package and sell a set of policies that are hostile to people of color, and which no black or brown folks with any self-respect or common sense, would support.” [3]

Of course, the Daily Kos has no problem in the same article referring to Carson as the GOP’s newest “Mandingo,” which in and of itself, seems racist.  They would simply argue though, that they are merely pointing out the “truth” of the Republican party.  Aside from this, where do they get the idea that the GOP is behind Carson’s rise?  He’s been writing books for a number of years as well as being invited numerous places as keynote speaker.  The fact that he is on this show or that one does not prove that the GOP is behind it.  It simply proves that Carson is another conservative the Left loves to hate.  Could that be why he’s in demand?

But with one swell swoop, the Daily Kos states that no person of color would have anything to do with conservative values that founded this country.  That’s an assumption on their part that is wholly without merit, but like most within the politically correct arena, they will say it anyway, regardless of its truthfulness.

Many blacks and other persons of color obviously think for themselves and have chosen conservatism over political correctness.  These folks see what the real racists like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters, and all the rest are doing to continue the racist lies that have helped instigate racism in society.

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, founder of BOND Action (Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny) states in a recent newsletter, “Tension is mounting daily among the races.  Black leaders push the lie that white Americans are the cause of black problems, not the lack of fathers in black homes.  Growing violence toward whites – coming from young black men – is eroding our cities.  Almost no one will speak out – not the President, Attorney General, mayors, police chiefs, or parents.  White Americans are bewildered.  Most want peace among the races.  But they have no idea how to accomplish it…Most black Americans today are suffering not from racism but the lack of moral character.  White Americans have a moral obligation to be honest with them – not appease them!” [4]

In one of his books, SCAM, Peterson highlights the troubling problem of “how the black leadership exploits black America.”  Peterson takes the time to underscore several important points that are consistently missed by both black leaders and white liberals.  He repudiates the likes of Jesse Jackson, notes that Farrakhan is America’s answer to Hitler, and points out that Al Sharpton seems to be the “riot king” of America.

Rev. Peterson – a black man himself – has set out to educate blacks and whites, as well as to do what he can to mend fences between races.  He wants white people to know that we should not fear and our “cowardice” actually does more to hurt the black person than help them.

The threat of being labeled ‘racist’ causes whites to cower to the wishes of blacks and hold their tongues when they see things amiss in the black community.  The fact is that the civil rights ‘leaders’ and elite liberal Democrats are much at fault for the poor condition of the black community, not so-called white racists.  But, having largely given in to their lies, white culture is suffering, not only because blacks are free to be immoral without complaint but also because many whites now lack character as a result of giving in to this fear for so long.

As whites allowed themselves to be paralyzed from fear, legitimate black leaders were pushed aside by racial scam artists.  These phony leaders then consolidated power over blacks, and the result has been an ever-increasing level of immorality within the black community.

Compounding the problem, the sins of the parents are passed down through the generations.  As a result of whites not standing up in the past, this same weakness and lack of character is repeated in the new generation.  The idea of being called ‘racist’ is as horrific to them as ever, and whites of the new generation have been silenced because of their parents’ poor example.” [5]

This induced fear (of being called “racist”) is what white liberals and black race-baiters create.  In fact, this is what the politically correct Left does best with their incendiary labeling.  Whether they call someone a hater, a sexist, bigot, or racist, the intent is the same.  It is to shut the person down; to shame them into silence because ultimately, the Left is not interested in discussion or dialogue.  They are interested only in putting forth their opinion and shutting off all who disagree with it.  There is something terribly dangerous about this attitude that is steadily growing within America.

Peterson himself acknowledges this problem.  “Taking a stand for what is right has put me at odds with the civil rights establishment.  I have endured all kinds of name-calling and intimidation tactics.  I have personally been called “n*gger,” “sellout,” Uncle Tom,” and many other names.  But I understand that I am fighting against evil.  These names mean nothing to me.  They are the pitiful words of cowards who do not have right on their side.  By letting them pass, I am able to continue standing up for what is right:  the emancipation of black America and the disbandment of the current black leadership.  It is now time for white Americans to realize that they are part of this same battle.  Enduring these attacks is part of a blessed life.  I know that whenever a person stands up for right he will be subject to such attacks.” [6]

Dr. Ben Carson is now in the spotlight and is the newest target of the racists on the Left.  They will continue to spew their hateful rhetoric at him, insisting that he is only getting his 15-minutes of fame because the GOP is looking for “new minority blood” or “messiah.”  The fact that Carson is a strong supporter of the conservative and biblical values inherent within the foundational framework of this country is something that they cannot focus on because of their politically correct stance.  They have to lay the blame on some systemic racism that is allegedly built into those on the right side of the aisle.  This is in spite of larger-than-life Democrats who wielded their racism like clubs to keep blacks “in their place.”  The Democrats haven’t really changed their spots.  They have simply changed the way they appear to people.  The message has changed, but not the intent, which is to keep blacks and other minorities chained to the government’s entitlement programs.

People like Allen West, Ben Carson, Rev. Peterson and others are dutifully ignored or panned by the politically correct Left.  They cannot allow the opinion of these conservatives to stand without attacking them.  It’s a sad state when people must reduce themselves to the lowered position of instigating hatred toward someone because they hold an opposite opinion.

The idea that Ben Carson (or any other person of color) is not smart enough to arrive to his own conclusions by himself, but must have gotten there as a puppet used by the GOP is not only ridiculous, but self-serving to the politically correct Leftists that cry and scream about people like him, while harboring racism themselves.  Carson is an educated man and understands the true history of this nation (unlike most who stage their diversionary tactics from the left side of the aisle).

In one video response to Carson, Bob Beckel states that Dr. Carson infuriates him because of his position and because he lumps all liberals together.  Beckel is always lumping conservatives together, but apparently, that’s fine.

Beckel points out that he and many other liberals marched with other civil rights activists in the 1960s for equality.  So did conservatives, but the other truth is that the liberals of today are not the same as liberals of the 1960s.  The mindset is completely different between the two groups.  There is no connection between the Leftists of today and the Leftists of five decades ago.  Attitudes have changed way too much since the 1960s.

In their efforts to classify the GOP or conservatives in general as racists, politically correct Leftists make the foolhardy assumption that the truth of their own actions (and words) will not be realized.  Yet, their racism is seen and understood.  Their desire to stifle conversation knows no bounds.  It is very clear that what they are underneath all of their huffing, puffing, and labeling is the very epitome of what they accuse others of being.

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[2] Ibid

[3] http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/03/26/1197163/–Introducing-Ben-Carson-the-Newest-Black-Conservative-Political-Mandingo-for-The-Tea-Party-GOP

[4] BOND September 1, 2012, p. 1

[5] Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, SCAM (2003), pp. 85-86

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  • 1. Charles Huss  |  April 4, 2013 at 3:17 PM

    While reading a biography of Ulysses S. Grant, the author pointed out something I was not aware of. The KKK was founded by southern Democrats to stop two groups of people from voting: Blacks and Republicans.

    • 2. modres  |  April 4, 2013 at 3:22 PM

      Yes, that is 100% correct and it’s something that many on the Left vehemently deny today, Charles. Interesting how they are now seen as the party that supports minorities. In reality, they continue to do whatever it takes to keep blacks and other minorities “in their place” while trying to paint conservatives as racist.

      You would probably like another book called “Suppressed History: Obliterating Politically Correct Orthodoxies” by B. Forrest Clayton. He actually has three of them out, one follows the other. Very interesting stuff.

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