Taleeb Starke’s “The Un-civil War: Blacks vs. N*ggers,” Pt. 3

April 18, 2013 at 3:00 PM

We ended part 2 with a quote from Booker T. Washington in which he said, “Booker T. Washington (April 5, 1856 – November 14, 1915).  “There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs. There is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well.”

When I read that, I see people like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Sheila Lee-Jackson, Maxine Waters, and a host of others who simply “go to bat” for members of the black race by continuing the lie that there is too much in society that is against them.  Racism runs so deep that it cannot be overcome unless blacks are angry all the time and evidence a deep-seated mistrust of whites especially.  This is what these individuals do and it’s how they earn their living.

They hate.  Unfortunately, they do not hate the laziness, stupidity, asinine, and even deliberate criminal behavior of those within the black subculture.  They excuse it, blaming it on something outside of these folks.  They deliberately ply the black subculture with baubles and trinkets that, as Starkes says, will dry up one day.  It keeps them quiet and somewhat satisfied now, while allowing the fires of hatred to continue burning within them.

It is tragic that people like the previously mentioned Patrice Gibbs adamantly refuse to read Starkes’ book.  Instead, they will arrive at their terribly erroneous conclusions like this one.  “Taleeb Starkes has concluded that the multi-layered animosity he possesses towards the n*gger subculture has led him to the conclusion that this segment of the Black community needs to be identified and ostracized.”[9]

I did not get that sense at all from Starkes’ book.  In fact, it seems clear that the only animosity Starkes’ has is for those within the black community who do everything they can to excuse the behavior of those within the black subculture.  Starkes has tough words for the black subculture, but he seems to want to help them off the floor.  Their progress is stopped by those who stand in their way.  These people keep them on the floor so that they will continue to have a job. People like Sharpton, Jackson, and the rest will lose their jobs, their perks, their notoriety, all of it gone, if they stop enabling the subculture within the black community.

Some people do not want help.  Some people like wallowing in their own self-pity and filth.  It gives them a reason to continue to feel sorry for themselves.  That’s just the way some people are and what they are all about.

In Mark 5, Jesus cast out demons from a demon-possessed man a Gadarenes.  This guy was so strong that he would often break the chains he was bound with and would cut himself on the rocks.  No one could tame him, except Jesus and He released the man from his bondage.

What is interesting though is how the rest of the people in the area reacted to Jesus.  They actually asked Him to leave the area (cf. Mark 5:17).  They were unnerved by Him.  They did not want Jesus’ help.  They were content in their self-absorption and misery apparently.  They certainly did not want Jesus to stay around trying to free them from the things that bound them emotionally or otherwise.  So, Jesus left.

This is the way it is with certain types of people, regardless of their ethnicity.  Some people prefer to do little, be lazy, and excel at nothing.  They want a handout and actually come to the point of believing that they are owed that handout.

The people living today who are part of the black community were not alive when people were owned as slaves in America.  The people living today have more benefits because they are black than at any other time in American history.  They have the NAACP, the Black Caucus, grants, scholarships, many associations of “black” (you fill in the blank), and more.

There is no white organization that protects white people because it is believed that it is not needed since whites are the cause of racism.  Anything a white group tries to do can easily look like a white supremacist group if they’re not careful, but it is fine to have groups where only blacks or Hispanics, or women can join.  These groups are fine, acceptable, and not in the least considered racist or bigoted.

Yet, in spite of all the benefits that exist today for people of color, it’s not enough.  There needs to be more.  Institutionalized racism is still heavily embedded in America’s societal fabric, we are told, and blacks need to continue to push for more.

There will come a day when there will be no more to give and that time may come sooner than later.  When that happens, there will be – as Starkes points out – N*ggergeddon.

It is tragic that one group of people continues to provide every possible excuse to not succeed in spite of the assets that are constantly made available to this group.  That is sinful and there is no excuse for it.  Yet, the excuses continue to come like a conveyor belt that never stops.

Though I’m ending this set of articles, I may revisit this subject.  Let me close with words of Taleeb Starkes.  “If pioneers like Frederick Douglass (who was actually enslaved) didn’t suffer from Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder, then how dare you use slavery as a copout!  Well, at the very least, your existence does provide innumerable and continuous teachable moments for BLACK children on how not to be…and for that…I thank you.” [10]


[9] http://progressiverevolutionaries.blogspot.com/2012/12/the-insanity-of-black-conservatism.html

[10] Starkes, Taleeb (2013-02-27).  The Un-Civil War: BLACKS vs NIGGERS (Kindle Locations 5144-5146). Taleeb Starkes. Kindle Edition.

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