Breaking News: Russia to declare ‘Force-Majeure’?

March 8, 2014 at 11:58 AM

The game is afoot, but Putin plays for keeps.

The game is afoot, but Putin plays for keeps.

Even though the media may have taken Putin’s recent press conference to mean that he was beginning to back down, it appears that, in reality, things may be continuing to escalate. What happened within the past ten hours or so has caught the attention of the world.

Merriam-Webster defines a force-majeure as “an event or effect that cannot be reasonably anticipated or controlled.” Russia is ready to call it because of an event which took place recently. The following is from an AP report.

“An Associated Press reporter says pro-Russian forces refused to let a foreign military mission enter Crimea on Saturday.

“After the officers had stopped, the armed men fired warning bursts of automatic weapons fire into the air to make other unidentified vehicles halt. No injuries were reported.

“The multinational group of military officers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe was attempting to enter the embattled peninsula from the north. The armed men told them they had no authorization to enter Crimea.

“The OSCE mission will likely return to the Ukrainian city of Kherson where it had spent the night, the AP reporter said.

Russia and Ukraine are locked in a tense standoff over Crimea.”


Also today, Interfax is reporting that “a Crimea lawmaker has indicated that Kiev won’t be able to block referendum where Crimea has indicated overwhelmingly that they wish to become part of Russia.

“Also while escalations such as these threaten to transform the new Cold War into a Hot one, the clock is ticking, and in favor of Russia, because the longer Ukraine remains without western aid, the quicker its foreign reserves will run out, and the faster the country will become a vassal state of Gazpromia. Add the ticking countdown to the March 16 Crimean referendum, which the west and Ukraine have both declared illegitimate yet have no power to stop, and suddenly one can see how Putin once again outsmarted everything the west had to throw at it.”

Instead of seeing a reduction in tension, we are seeing the exact opposite. With everyone digging in, unless a miracle happens, the result can’t be good.

It appears as though at every step, Putin has maneuvered President Obama and NATO. One can only wonder if that will be the case if actual war breaks out as well.

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