Jesus knew that handing out freebies creates dependency in people

March 10, 2014 at 1:17 PM

Welfare has become something that people actually believed they are owed

This is how leftists believe conservatives think...

This is how leftists believe conservatives think…

When my article on determining a good Muslim from a bad Muslim hit Twitter, it wasn’t long before a couple of leftists had to comment. That’s fine as they have freedom of speech as much as the next person. The problem I always find is that leftists can’t stay on track. They only use the main point as a jumping off place and then argue around that point. In other words, they use sound bites as a means of misdirection.

At one point, one leftist sent me a picture of Jesus talking to His disciples with a large crowd of people in the background. I’ve included the image with this article and as you can see, Jesus is saying “We can’t feed all these people. That would only create dependency.” I’m sure our friendly leftist thought he had scored a point or even won the match.

I responded with the following:

He had no response to that and this is where leftists fall down a lot. They try to quote some portion of Scripture or make some veiled reference to Jesus as if they have actually read the Bible. What they too often fail to do is keep things within context. That (and passing out insults freely) is the way they roll and no matter how many times they fail miserably with this tactic, they continue to use it.

It’s like when the left calls conservatives or Republicans racists. It’s simply a matter of pointing out the racist roots of the Party of Democrats and how the KKK is a creation of theirs. The KKK came to be not only to lynch blacks but also to lynch Republicans. They really should learn to embrace their history.

Anyway, regarding the situation with Jesus saying He can’t feed all the people because it will only create dependency, the truth of the matter is that in at least one instance, that’s exactly what it did. We look no further than John 6:1-15.

Jesus had just finished healing someone at the Pool of Siloam and it wasn’t long before His authority was questioned. “How can you heal people on the Sabbath?!” religious leaders wanted to know. Never mind that Jesus had just healed someone of an infirmity that had kept them dependent upon the kindness of others (there was no welfare in those days).

Fresh off that incident, He crossed over the Sea of Galilee and a large crowd began following Him because He had healed the sick (v. 2). Unlike what Jesus says in the image, according to the Bible He asked His disciples what should be done. They mulled things over and realized they didn’t have enough money to buy the needed food that would feed all those people. Finally, they found a boy who had five barley loaves and two fish, but of course, that wouldn’t even scratch the surface.

The Bible says that Jesus took the loaves and the fish, blessed them, and broke them into smaller pieces. The miraculous happened with enough food for everyone and twelve bushels of loaves and fish left over after everyone was satisfied. Jesus made sure nothing was wasted.

This is where it gets interesting. Once the people gathered realized what had happened, they responded. “When the people saw the sign that he had done, they said, ‘This is indeed the Prophet who is to come into the world’!”

Jesus obviously realized what was happening. The next verse tells us, “Perceiving then that they were about to come and take him by force to make him king, Jesus withdrew again to the mountain by himself.” He withdrew from the crowds! He didn’t encourage their thoughts.

Why did they want to make Him a king? Because He had just filled their stomachs! In the space of one miracle, the 5,000+ people gathered there realized that if they made Jesus king over them, they would never go physically hungry again!

Jesus did not come to give people physical food or to relieve them of their infirmities. He came to offer them the “bread of life” (Himself) and to offer them salvation that would heal them forever.

Why then did Jesus take the time to feed and heal people? Because He loved people and understood how ill-health and empty stomachs could deprive them of hope. Those who were physically well and physically filled were in a better position to listen to the truth He spoke.

Yet today, too often, leftists will point to Jesus as the first true “socialist.” No, He’s not a socialist at all. In fact, when He returns, He will return as King and set up an Imperial reign for Himself that will last 1,000 years.

Jesus knew something that most leftists fail to grasp. If you give people things for free, they are likely to start thinking that they deserve it or that they shouldn’t have to work. They begin to hold their hands out demanding that they be given.

There are times when people are out of work or are in true need. During those times, they should be helped. But Paul, the apostle also says that the person who is not willing to work (but can) should not eat, (2 Thessalonians 3:10).

Those on the left see themselves as the party of compassion. Unfortunately, they’re not. Giving people money and freebies so that they become dependent on the government does nothing for them except create generational dependency.

Jesus certainly knew that and saw it happen after simply handing out free food to people on one occasion. Christians must do what we can to help people. But the most important help we can give them is to explain to them the truth of the Gospel that will provide eternal salvation for those who receive it.

Entry filed under: Socialism.

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