Muslim college student: Yep, he had a Molotov cocktail, but nope, he wasn’t a threat

March 12, 2014 at 1:37 PM

Muslim plays with fire and gets burned over 90 percent of his body


Akhshabi (inset) was killed by a Molotov cocktail, like the one shown here.

The state-run media reported on a Muslim student attending a college in the state of Georgia died after suffering serious burns from a Molotov cocktail. Even though he apparently had Molotov cocktails in his apartment, it was determined that he was “no threat.” No one has taken the time to explain why he had Molotov cocktails in his apartment or why he was doing something with them when the explosion occurred.

What everyone seems to know though, is that without a doubt, graduate student Saamer Akhshabi, was in no way a threat to anyone apparently. His major was in the area of computers as he was studying at the College of Computing. One can only wonder what this major might have had to do with experimenting with explosives. Again, no one seemed to think anything of it. Nothing to see here, folks. Let’s move along.

To read write-ups by individuals who wrote articles for various news sources, either online or in print, it would be easy to arrive to the conclusion that Akhshabi was a brilliant student, who was very well liked. One article notes, “‘Saamer’s initial prognosis was very bad, but he fought for more than a month,’ Zvi Galil, dean of the college of computing, said in a story on the Institute’s website. ‘Our faculty and students visited him regularly, often staying for hours at a time. This was an excellent, promising student, and all of us in the college deeply mourn him’.”

Let’s back up for a moment. If I lived in that apartment complex near Akhshabi when the explosion occurred, my first question after things settled down and he was taken to the hospital would be, “Why was he experimenting with flammable substances in an environment where others could have easily been hurt or killed?”

In fact, the article states, “investigators found a suspected Molotov cocktail and several plastic bottles filled with gasoline and kerosene.” Is this not reason to be concerned? Please note that besides the Molotov cocktail that exploded, ultimately killing Akhshabi, there were “several” more plastic bottles filled with gasoline and kerosene. Why? Why did this student need these things in a confined space like an apartment?

Yet, Robert Connolly – interim chief of police at Georgia Tech – believes with certainty that Akhshabi presented no danger to the public. He was absolutely no threat. I see.

We are then to believe that had a Caucasian student been found in the same situation, the news would have reported it the very same way? The problem with this situation is one question: who finds a man with burns over 90 percent of his body from a Molotov cocktail (an illegal incendiary device, by the way) and never once even considers the fact that Akhshabi might have been planning something?

Of course, no one wants thinking people to consider this fact, as if not mentioning will keep average people from wondering. But what are Molotov cocktails used for in the real world?

Molotov cocktails are often referred to as the petrol bomb or the poor man’s bomb. Take a bottle (any bottle), fill it with flammable liquid, place a rag into the neck of the bottle so that it reaches the liquid, but some length of the rag hangs out over the outside of the bottle. Then, light the rag that is hanging outside the bottle, and throw. Once the bottle hits the ground, it normally explodes into a burst of flames. Unfortunately for Akhshabi, it can also explode in your hand before you get a chance to throw it, which causes one to wonder why he lit it inside his apartment? Is there a reason other than using it as a bomb why anyone would have a Molotov cocktail? I can’t think of one.

Out of all the stories I read on the ‘Net or in the paper, no one even tried to explain the situation. No one except Robert Spencer in his Jihad Watch column.

“He was no threat, but no one bothered to explain why he had Molotov cocktails in his apartment. And that makes sense. The only people who would want an explanation are greasy Islamophobes, and they have no rights that anyone is bound to respect. And now that Akhshabi is dead, we will never know if he had a jihad attack in mind for Atlanta or anywhere else. The incident will be forgotten — until a jihadist comes along who is a bit less inept with explosive materials.”

That’s exactly what will happen and when it does, the police and political leaders will quickly take the podium to tell us that we should not jump to conclusions about Islam. We’re only allowed to jump to conclusions when a crazed madman in Aurora, Colorado walks into a theater through an exit and shoots up a bunch of people. Then, it’s fine to find a guy with the exact same name (who happens to be part of the Tea Party) and broadcast it on national news. If the perpetrator is a white, non-Muslim, the news does what they can to paint him a right-winger, an extremist, or “tea bagger.”

If the perpetrator is a Muslim, everything must be done to protect Islam from getting a bad name. This kind of insanity needs to stop, but as long as the emotional virtue-laden left has the microphone, it will continue.

We left messages for two people – police chief Robert Connolly and journalist Alexis Stevens – but as this went live, we’d heard back from neither. If we do, we will update this article accordingly.

Political correctness is alive and well in America and it refuses to even allow people to ask obvious questions.

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