Beware the Internet troll or liberal who simply attacks

March 13, 2014 at 11:11 AM

Liberals on the Internet are not interested in discussion but vilifying

internet_liberalThe picture at the right highlights a truth that many experience, but are unaware of why it happens. Individuals like the ones described in the image are not out to get into a worthwhile discussion. They are simply there to protest the conservative opinion and the goal is to get the conservative to cower and eventually shut up.

This has happened to me on any numbers of occasions and if you’re conservative, it has happened to you as well. The chief goal is to silence conservative opinion and it is done by getting the conversation off-track.

Recently, in response to my article on how to determine and good Muslim from a bad one (by simply comparing him to Muhammad), a liberal on Twitter made an offhand comment. The comment is reprinted here and I apologize for the swear word he used.

Initially, I was hesitant to engage him in any type of conversation simply because I know how these things normally go. In this case, I went ahead and told him that he had missed the entire point of the article. The point was that just as the world compares Christians with Christ (to determine any hypocrisy on the Christian’s part), so to should the world compare Muslims to Muhammad in determining whether or not Muslims are also hypocritical. As Muhammad lived, so should Muslims if they claim to be true followers of Muhammad. This is also true of Christians and Christ.

We actually went back and forth for some time and it wasn’t long before he pointed out a typo I made. His name is Xain and I had inadvertently misspelled it “Xian,” so hence his response. Check one thing off the list.

I even called him out on that and received no response.

As we continued, the name-calling began. This is simply what the left does though they assert that they do not call people names. That is something that only the right does. To easily disprove their claim, we need only point to Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, Martin Bashir, Bill Maher, and many others on the left who often say some of the most vile things directed toward those on the right. But regarding Xain, here is his first attack on me.

Here, my article is referred to as “bigotry” and “disinformation.” It goes without saying that I am the bigot for writing it.

When I kept pressing the issue as to whether or not he was Muslim, I could never get a direct answer. Here is not only an example of him avoiding responding, but also taking the opportunity to attack me again by calling me a “fanatic.”

Notice also how he calls me “Freddie” (which only my mother and sister were allowed to do) and then signs off. I called him on that too as being insulting, which he denied of course and said that he does that with everyone. In effect, it’s a very childish display, something that school children do on the playground.

The liberal left really cannot go head to head with facts. To avoid this, they employ the tactics used in the top image and shown as examples throughout this article.

I went through another discussion on another topic with someone else from the left. After it was over, I noticed that he was talking with another person (whom I had blocked long ago) and the liberal’s words were essentially that he had “won” the debate by easily poking holes in my comments and beliefs. Actually, he had not done that, but he had to tell himself this is what he had done. His arrogance and ego would not allow him to say otherwise.

The person he spoke with readily agreed and then noted that if people don’t agree with me, I can’t handle it and start calling people names. The truth is that most people who have closely held beliefs will defend them. His claim that I call people names really means that I had labeled him a “leftist.” Of course, that’s completely different from when Martin Bashir wished that someone would relieve themselves in Sarah Palin’s mouth. This kind of sordid and vile comment routinely comes from the left, not the right.

Liberals don’t really care if they “win” or not. To them, they always win, even when they lose. It’s like debating with Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee, who routinely makes absolutely ridiculous statements like the Constitution being 400 years old as she recently did. Even though that is wrong, we will never hear her amend her statement or say that it was wrong. If she says anything, it will be to reinforce what she said, or her aids will come to her rescue and provide a reason why she said what she said, but that she was not wrong in saying it. She’s done this many times in the past as well.

Talking with liberals can drive a person crazy. It helps though when we understand what to expect from them. It’s all in realizing that Internet liberals are more concerned with confusing issues than staying on the issues.

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