Two People Suspected of Killing Cops in Las Vegas Connected to Bundy Ranch

June 9, 2014 at 3:00 PM

web1_FB_Millers_Costumes_9It’s amazing how quickly the media can learn information when they want to do so. Even if it’s not correct, they’ll still throw it out there and the White House does the same thing, except of course the spokespeople they push out front get upset when the story they are telling doesn’t square with what they expect the media to simply believe. There are numerous examples of this with respect to the Bowe Bergdahl scenario.

Now, the White House is allowing the State Department to paint a picture of all the rest of the troops in Bergdahl’s platoon as being whacked and even intimating that they were setting Bergdahl up for a “swiftboating” incident. Ironic they should do that with John Kerry a “viable” and visible member of this current administration. But whatever they can do to sow seeds of doubt, they’ll do in an effort to win the debate. Since most of the media plays ball with this administration, they are little better than talking head cohorts.

Now what we’re starting to see – due to a recent tragedy in Las Vegas where at least two police officers have been gunned down – is a connection between the Bundy Ranch standoff and two white supremacists. Here’s the opening paragraph from an ABC News story.

The couple who ambushed two Las Vegas cops and killed a civilian in a nearby Walmart store were a husband and wife team who may have been involved in right-wing anti-government groups, police said today.

Interesting that these two were immediately connected with the Bundy Ranch standoff, which was also described as a “right-wing anti-government group.” The Bundy Ranch situation was made up largely of people who are against big government, one of the same reasons that started the original Civil War here in America. Yet, to the left, that was a right-wing anti-government group.

Yes, the couple did go to the Bundy Ranch, but after being interviewed by several individuals at the ranch, were asked to leave. In another article, also by ABC News, it was verified that the couple were there, but told to leave. “Ammon Bundy told The Associated Press that Jerad and Amanda Miller were asked to leave his father’s ranch after being there for a few days this spring. He said that while details were still sketchy, the Millers’ conduct was the problem. He called the couple ‘very radical’ and said they did not ‘align themselves’ with the protest’s main issues.”

As far as the Bundy Ranch standoff, there was always concern from the beginning that they would be infiltrated by undercover agents or simply individuals like Jerad and Amanda Miller, who wanted to use the standoff as an excuse to start their revolution.

In one news story I heard on the radio today, Jared and Amanda Miller were portrayed as white supremacists, when in fact, they may have been solely anti-government. In reading numerous articles and posts that were left on Jared’s social network page, there is nothing that I could find that they hated blacks or were white supremacists. It is very clear that they hated the government and wanted to kill those who were elected officials as well as others who they felt represented government.

The two police officers killed in Las Vegas were both white.

According to police accounts, two police officers –  Igor Soldo and Alyn Beck – were eating lunch at a CiCi’s Pizza. Jerad came in, saw the officers, immediately left to get his wife. They returned to the restaurant, Jared shot Soldo in the back of the head, and as Officer Beck tried to return fire, both husband and wife opened fire on him, killing him. The weapons and ammo were taken from both officers and after draping a “don’t tread on me” Gadsden flag and Nazi banner over Beck. The Gadsden flag has also been associated with aspects of the Tea Party, but so far, there is no proof of any connection to any Tea Party group by the Millers. From CiCi’s the couple went to a nearby Walmart.

At Walmart, the husband and wife fired a shot and told everyone to leave the store because “this was the revolution.” A customer who carried concealed tried to stop them, but thinking it was just the husband who was the problem, the wife, shot the customer in the ribs.

As police arrived, there was a running gun battle that ended when Amanda shot her husband twice and then killed herself in what turned out to be a suicide pact. Part of the reason that Jerad Miller (along with his wife) was asked to leave the Bundy Ranch was after it was determined he’d had felony charges against him and should not even have had a weapon at all.

Jerad Miller, 31, was convicted of felony vehicle theft in Washington state, police said. He also had a criminal record in Indiana.”

The media is always so desperate to paint these types of situations as perpetrated by those on the right.  The trouble is that in most cases, it’s not someone on the right at all, but on the left. In any case, these types of tragedies will not cease even if/when guns are outlawed in society. While some might want to argue that saving just one life by outlawing weapons would be enough, this same argument is not even proffered when it comes to abortion, the murder of unborn children.

The left needs to get its priorities straight. Either they’re for the wholesale slaughter of innocent individuals or they’re not. They cannot support abortion on demand and eradication of the 2nd Amendment. To do so is contradictory, whether or not the left is willing to see or admit it.

The world is becoming more evil. The Bible makes this very clear. Only a fool who is also blind would fail to recognize the trend. With the left encouraging lawless activity by ignoring our borders, ignoring the Constitution, and ignoring the rule of law that stems from that Constitution, we are reaping what we have sown. It’s as simple as that and as long as it continues, that is what will continue to happen in society.

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