World Has Officially Now Gone Crazy – Blame Everything on “White Privilege”

June 9, 2014 at 1:37 PM

The more I see what’s happening in this world, the less sanity there appears to be. I’m used to reading articles and books by individuals who have fully embraced Critical Race Theory and all its subtleties. Part of this unproven “theory” says that much of the problems in the world can be traced back to something called “white privilege.” White Privilege is an oppressive system that stems from white people and is directed toward all minorities, but mainly blacks. Under the uniqueness of so-called white privilege, most whites are not even truly aware that they are racist. At the same time, this same system teaches that it is impossible for blacks to be racist and I’ve had a few tell me that directly, stemming from the teachings of Dr. Derrick Bell (as well as others).

Important to keeping the concept of white privilege alive is the idea that whites are oppressors. They live to put down/keep down others, especially blacks. Whites oppress blacks by their very presence in many cases and it is because of whites that blacks have never really gotten a truly fair shake in society. Again, this is all hypothesis promulgated by black racists and because of the fact that progressives have the microphone, this is the message that is allowed, encouraged, and shouted from the rooftops.

Certainly, there is racism in America. There are whites who hate blacks and blacks who hate whites. But the black community – or at least many of its leaders – deny that they can truly be racist since they do not have the power to be oppressive as they claim all whites are oppressive. That’s a lie, but the lie is accepted based on emotional virtue.

People like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton or Oprah Winfrey without doubt have the power to be racist because they themselves have power. No one questions them and those who do are seen as being racist. These race-baiters definitely have the power to be racist because they are in the position of being able to oppress whites, whether they agree with that or not.

But these individuals are simply creating new definitions for old terms, terms that everyone previously accepted. Now, to be racist, you must be in the position to oppress another race. Barring that, the most that you can do is discriminate against them, but you cannot be racist. This is merely splitting hairs when considering the fact that racism (a term created by Trotsky, a Marxist) boils down to simply hatred toward another race of people. Can blacks hate whites? Of course. Can Asians hate Hispanics? Of course. It’s not some huge mystery filled with racial nuances that keeps racists from being known as racists based primarily on the level of power they wield in society. It’s based on dislike or even hatred – one race to another. Anyone is capable.

But now, even feminists are getting involved in the process with black women claiming that white women cannot be raped. They can be violated but not raped. Here’s an example of what I mean.

The “WW” refers to “white women” and RLatafah makes the blatant statement that it is impossible for a white woman to be raped because white people – in general – are in positions of power.

Here’s another example of RLatafah complaining about white women’s “white privilege.”

Here is RLatafah’s definition of rape as it pertains to white women.

Ostensibly then, when a man takes a white woman, rapes her, the white woman is not really being raped because white women are part of the white privilege system that oppresses all others. Therefore, a white women – who has power by virtue of the fact that she is white – cannot be raped because that white woman is not oppressed.

This kind of stupidity is what the progressive left is creating in blacks. What will this lead to for society? Obviously, if left unchecked, it will lead to a greater degree of animosity toward whites by blacks and other minorities, but especially blacks. I can’t see that if this becomes part of the mainstream of society, it will not end well at all. It would seem though that too many blacks – whose ancestors were slaves – believe like too many progressives who argue that white supremacy is so built into the system within America that there is no way to permanently correct it. It cannot happen.

I will say that even if reparations are paid to black people (and it will likely happen), that won’t solve the problem either. It will simply create more animosity, anger, and loathing.

So what will help the situation? Several things. First, people need to stop holding past offences against people who were not alive to create those offences in the first place. The blacks living today were not slaves. The whites living today did not own slaves.

Here is a 24-second clip in which actor Morgan Freeman simply dismisses the claim that CNN’s Don Lemmon implies in his question to Morgan about wealth redistribution.

Freeman ends the debate by pointing to Lemmon and himself (Freeman) as examples of what people can achieve in this country. Toure needs this lesson as well as do many others who simply cannot see their way clear to believe that they can achieve what they put their minds to achieving. Instead, they would rather falsely believe that the system works against them when it clearly does not, at least not today. If anything, the system bends over backwards to treat every claim of racism by blacks as real, whether there is any basis in fact or not.

But today’s blacks are being told they cannot be racist because they don’t have power over their “oppressors.” They are being taught that white women can’t be raped because they are in the group that holds power. Who is telling them these things? It’s not just other blacks doing the talking. There are plenty of powerful whites that are laying this out for them and it appears that they are doing so for one reason only: to create more dissension, to pit blacks against whites, to create societal animosity, and to bring about race wars.

The type of rhetoric being used to brainwash blacks (and whites) today is going to create tremendous fallout for society. There is no coming back from that type of hatred. It’s coming and it will be terrible when it arrives.

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