Should You Buy Gold or Silver in Preparation for the Coming Collapse?

June 10, 2014 at 8:23 AM 2 comments

I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but I firmly believe America is on a one-way, unavoidable path to collapse, made completely possible by “progressive” ideologies that have warped the rule of law into something unrecognizable. Of course people are completely free to reject my opinion and we’ll simply see what happens over the next few years. It seems unmistakable to me. Though I fully hope that I’m 100% wrong, I doubt it and I did not arrive at this conclusion easily. It was only after a great deal of research from articles and books written by economists and strategists that I came to this conclusion. I also used the Bible as a guide as well, though the Bible does not pinpoint the times necessarily in all things.

For the longest time, I’ve been hearing that people should buy gold and silver to ensure the security of their lives against this coming collapse. Many people have purchased gold and silver, but in my opinion, I think they’ve done it wrong. Many (far too many) have purchased gold certificates. Either that or they have purchased a large chunk of gold that is stored somewhere where they really can’t reach it. What good will that be if/when the bottom completely falls out of the American economy?

I would never invest in that type of gold or silver. Even if you actually have it in your possession, how would you go about breaking it into smaller “denominations”? Without a very hot furnace, it’s difficult. Isn’t it better to have what they call “junk silver” or gold coins?

junksilverWhat is called “junk silver” today is nothing more than the old coins that were minted using mostly pure silver. You remember them from the “olden” days. These coins have a face value (twenty-five cents, fifty cents, etc.), but they also have a silver “spot” value, which constantly fluctuates. As I write this, the spot price of silver is $19.24/oz while the spot price of gold is $1261.00/oz. Both values were higher yesterday.

When I was in 8th grade, I actually recall the spot price of gold being $35.00/oz. It’s obviously gone up but numerous people who deal with gold and silver will say that even these spot prices are artificially “fixed,” meaning the real value of silver/gold is far greater but the values are being artificially kept low. However, once the American economy collapses (and it will), we will see the true value of silver and gold at that point.

The way it works is very simple. If you buy “junk silver,” you will pay the current spot price. If you bought it today, you would pay the $19.24/oz. What that means is you might pay a few thousand dollars for a baggie filled with silver coins. When the economy collapses, you will have – at the very least – the face value of the coins and very possibly, far more in actual worth. However, this will have to be balanced with the price of goods and services at that time as well.

We all know that groceries are not getting any cheaper. In fact, they continue to rise at our local grocery stores every week. It’s good to stock up on the things that won’t go bad or spoil and it’s probably a good idea to have some of those freeze-dried foods in a can as well. Other things like toilet paper, water, and other necessities are worth stocking up on too.

When the economy collapses, how would you be able to use these “junk” silver coins? As one person explained to me, a silver dime (face value = ten cents) might exchange for one loaf of bread. Folks, we are talking about hyper-inflation here and it’s not beyond the realm of possibility, especially with the Quantitative Easing that is in place now that will end.

Obviously, when the economy collapses, people will also use a bartering system to get what they need and there’s nothing wrong with that. Some individuals already do that now.

What about gold? Are there “junk” gold coins? Yes, there are gold coins, but in no way should they be considered junk. It’s an expression. Should you buy a one-ounce gold coin? Personally, I wouldn’t. You’d pay nearly $1300 or more for it and how would you break it into smaller denominations? You can’t. It’s best to buy what are called 1/10th ounce gold coins. Today’s price gets you a 1/10th ounce Gold American Eagle coin for around $145.00. That’s something you can use as barter because it’s in a small enough denomination.

When it comes to buying gold and silver, it’s difficult to lose. These are precious metals (not man-made) that will not only never lose value, but will only increase in value. Every home should not only have extra food items, water, toilet paper, and such (even a generator), but should also have a few thousand dollars’ worth of silver and gold coins. Do not keep them in a bank! Might as well not have them if you’re going to put them in a bank. Find or make a great hiding place in your home or on your property and hide them there.

Folks, it’s important to think pragmatically for the coming days. If you were going on an extended camping trip, you would make a list of everything you need, then you would make sure you had it. If you were preparing for a hurricane to come through, you would do everything you could to protect your home and belongings. You would also get additional supplies in case the electricity goes out. This is just common sense.

If you’re interested in purchasing gold or silver coins, do not do it over the Internet unless you use a fully reputable company. The best thing to do is find a local dealer but check him/her out thoroughly before you buy.

I was talking to one dealer who told me a good friend of his thought he found a deal on eBay for a silver bar. He bought it, it arrived and he brought it in to show the coin dealer. The coin dealer gold me that as soon as he picked it up he knew it was fake. The weight just wasn’t there. He then scraped off a corner of…you guessed it…paint. It was a metal bar that had been beautifully painted and packaged in a beautiful display case.

In these times, there are plenty of people who are ready to take advantage of you. Do your homework. Do not buy gold certificates. While the paper may represent real gold, good luck obtaining the actual gold when the economy fails. Do not buy over the Internet except from very reputable dealers. Buy locally when/if you can. Buy junk silver or gold coins in small denominations.

If the economy never collapses, then simply pass the silver and gold coins onto relatives or children in your will. They’ll appreciate it. But do make preparations. Don’t forget other necessities you may need – food, water, toilet paper, a generator, gasoline, candles, batteries, etc. Plan for the worst and hope for the best and you’ll never be wrong or taken by surprise.

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