WHAT is Coming Will Be Terrible – WHEN It’s Coming is Unknown

June 11, 2014 at 12:17 PM 5 comments

Even though people knew it was going to explode, some refused to leave.

Even though people knew it was going to explode, some refused to leave.

I wrote a couple of articles yesterday about buying silver and gold and societal ills that are worsening. There was another article that I did not write that was a great read and anyone who honestly wants to know where we are headed as a nation (and world) economically should read that article. It contains words and advice from Jim Rickards and the article is called “Intelligence Insider Warns of Catastrophic Collapse: ‘The Tempo of Events is Faster Than Expected‘.”

Among the many things Mr. Rickards points out is the fact that he firmly believes the economy has gone past the point of no return. There is no fixing it because it can’t be fixed. All that’s left is to watch it fail. This might explain why the globalists (via President Obama and others) have become even bolder in what is being said to the world as I noted in another article regarding Mr. Obama’s speech to those gathered in Brussels.

He indicates in the article that all that’s necessary is a catalyst and though he does not know what that catalyst may be, he believes that it will occur within the next 24 months. In two years – if Jim Rickards is correct – something will happen that will trigger the financial avalanche that experts (as well as pundits) have been warning about for quite some time.

As Rickards says, it’s anyone’s guess as to what the particular catalyst will be.

Technically, my answer is it doesn’t matter because it will be something. It could be a failure to deliver physical gold. It could be an MF Global financial failure. It could be a natural disaster. It could be a lot of things. The thing investors need to understand is the catalyst doesn’t matter. It’s coming because the instability is already there.”

As many know, the US dollar stopped being backed by gold in 1971 when President Richard Nixon inked a deal with the Saudis to back the dollar with oil. This basically set in the motion a severe devaluation of the dollar because of the absence of gold valuation that had been connected to it. “In an effort to prop up the value of the dollar Nixon negotiated a deal with Saudi Arabia that in exchange for arms and protection they would denominate all future oil sales in U.S. dollars. Subsequently, the other OPEC countries agreed to similar deals thus ensuring a global demand for U.S. dollars and allowing the U.S. to export some of its inflation. Since these dollars did not circulate within the country they were not part of the normal money supply, economists felt another term was necessary to describe the dollars received by petroleum exporting countries (OPEC) in exchange for oil, so the term petrodollar was coined by Georgetown University economics professor, Ibrahim Oweiss.”

Since then, the US dollar has been confirmed as the world’s reserve currency, something that numerous countries are currently trying to overcome. In fact, Russia is actually working to separate itself from any dependency on the dollar.

“The Russians are actually making a move against the petrodollar. It appears that they are quite serious about their de-dollarization strategy. The largest natural gas producer on the planet, Gazprom, has signed agreements with some of their biggest customers to switch payments for natural gas from U.S. dollars to euros. And Gazprom would have never done this without the full approval of the Russian government, because the Russian government holds a majority stake in Gazprom.”

You likely haven’t heard about this in the mainstream news because it’s simply not being reported. The same article reports that Russia is moving away from dollars with other agreements it has with other countries as well. This will simply add to the increasing devaluation of the US dollar. That is the goal. It’s how the globalists have found a way to destroy America’s economy. As the value of the dollar free falls, it will eventually hit bottom. I honestly cannot imagine what that experience will mean for America, but at the very least, it will be a repeat of the original Great Depression and then some.

But as Rickards notes, there is going to be a catalyst that will create the financial and economic avalanche. Could what I’ve just referred to with Russia be that catalyst? It is certainly possible.

The snow that has settled peacefully on the side of a mountain looks serene and beautiful. Unknown to most of us though is the fact that if it continues to snow, with snow being added to what is already on the ground, an avalanche will occur. No one knows which snowflake will trigger it, but an economic avalanche will take place and then what was beautiful becomes deadly in a matter of seconds, with no warning at all.

There are any numbers of things that might wind up being the catalyst for the coming economic failures that will bring America to its knees financially. I cannot help but wonder if it’s going to be the Gog/Magog War spoken of in Ezekiel 38-39? The amount of destruction, death, and mayhem that will occur during that event is literally mind-boggling! It hasn’t taken place in history yet.

The Bible tells us that the troops who have joined together to attack Israel will – in confusion and fear – simply turn on themselves leaving hundreds of thousands of dead and wounded throughout that particular area of the Mountains of Israel. A tremendously large earthquake will also take place that will shake the very foundations of the earth. Beyond this, fire and brimstone will rain down from heaven against those who have attempted to attack the apple of God’s eye (Israel). There is even an indication that the city from where Gog (a title for this leader) comes will be destroyed by a very large bomb, possibly a nuclear warhead.

This type of destruction will impact the entire world. The effects of it will be felt globally. If this isn’t the catalyst that ushers in a complete economic crash, we need to rest assured that something will do it.

As I’ve said previously and as Rickards states as well, knowing that some major event – whatever it is – will likely occur in the next 24 months should give us enough warning to prepare as best we can. “The answer is simple, according to Rickards. The historical assets of last resort will be your only safe haven. From a financial and wealth perspective that boils down to owning gold. From the standpoint of preparing for disaster and weathering the storm, the solution is physical assets that are solely in your possession with no counter-party risk and include long-term food storage, emergency supplies and productive trade skills.”

You can also do nothing. That’s like playing near the ocean as you watch a hurricane ride into shore. It’s not only asinine, it represents a complete disrespect for the power that is resident within the hurricane.

If you treat these warnings as though they’re just “conspiracies and who cares about those?” you’ll very likely regret it. I hope you choose wisely.

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  • 1. Nelson in Texas  |  June 16, 2014 at 5:26 PM

    I believe it is Christ coming for his Church that will br the catalyst that sets all this in motion

    • 2. modres  |  June 16, 2014 at 8:13 PM

      That is a very strong possibility, Nelson 🙂

  • […] fact that they want to move away from having the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency? It’s happening now and many are simply oblivious to that […]

  • 4. david r  |  June 11, 2014 at 2:56 PM

    Seems it will be sooner rather than later

    • 5. modres  |  June 11, 2014 at 3:21 PM

      I agree completely. Rickard believes it’ll be within the next 24 months.

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