Will You Succumb to the Coming Great Deception? Part Four

June 25, 2014 at 10:50 AM 1 comment

antichrist.001Counterfeiting Christ.

Made in exact imitation of something valuable or important with the intention to deceive or defraud.”

This has been the overriding goal of Satan since before his fall, as he has directed his network of fallen angels in the spiritual dimension and human partners here in this physical realm of earth to bring that goal to fruition.

The goal has been made so obvious throughout society that no one will have an excuse. They won’t be able to say they didn’t know. There have been too many foreshadowings, too many signals, too much literally given away in all forms of the media, whether it’s been in the form of music (including music videos), TV shows, movies, or something else.

We have to understand that it is part of Satan’s agenda to give away his agenda while denying it at the same time. A perfect example is seen in IRS Commissioner John Koskinen’s responses to House Oversight Committee. He does everything he can to play the game though he denies playing a game. He gives partial answers. He tries often to redirect. Then he has the audacity to tell reporters, “I didn’t come out of retirement to play games…I came out of retirement to restore the credibility of the IRS.”

This is exactly the way Satan works while claiming to be innocent. He does this so that we will be held accountable. That is due to his hatred of humanity. He certainly does not want us to stand before God with a legitimate excuse of not knowing what Satan was doing. He wants to ensure that we know what’s going on, even if only subconsciously. We then use our free will (such as it is) to either accept or deny the reality behind the messages.

I’ve cataloged many of these things in books I’ve written. There is simply too much in society to capture and catalog it all. Whether we are talking about the viral video “I Pet Goat, II,” the Sochi Winter Olympics pageantry, the plethora of music videos by Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Third Eye Blind (Really? Third Eye Blind as in the fact that the Third Eye is closed off to the spiritual realm?), or too many others to note and discuss, the themes and plans of the enemy are just too blatant to ignore. However, people do ignore them all the time because it goes into an area that most would rather avoid – conspiracy theories.

We’ve been referencing 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12 for this series and that is a great jumping off place, because it explains from Paul’s spiritually guided perspective how Satan is going to put all of his eggs in one basket with the coming “man of lawlessness” during the final seven-year period of humanity’s history prior to the return of Jesus.

Over many generations, Satan has learned what works and what does not work. He has perfected his techniques so that by the time the actual Antichrist is revealed, Satan will have taken the best of his techniques and will use them in the personage of the Antichrist.

Counterfeiting Christ is the goal. If the world comes to believe that the Antichrist is the Christ, Jesus Himself, won’t the world fall in line behind him? This coming man of lawlessness who will seek to impersonate Jesus, will be the best of what the New Age can offer us. He will certainly seem to be like Jesus in the way he accepts and preaches “co-existing” with others. We cannot forget that according to 2 Thessalonians 2, this Antichrist will be revealed with all the lying signs and wonders of Satan himself and to seal the deal, God will include a unique and powerful delusion that He will send so that those who hate the truth will succumb and be taken in by this counterfeit Jesus.

One of the things the enemy of our souls has done is created societal situations that make us want to fight back against the establishment. Look around. Christians spend a good amount of time railing against the government, fighting for rights, and in general, attempting to push back against what we see as a totalitarian overreach into society. Some of these issues are worth the effort, however, we need to be very careful because we can too easily elevate those issues above the Great Commission and then we have walked off the path by having placed a greater importance on social welfare than in seeing a person enter into a relationship with Jesus. Satan also wants the emphasis to be on social welfare to avoid the Great Commission. But Jesus did not get caught up in that when He physically walked the earth.

The Antichrist will be a master (under Satan’s tutelage) at blending the social gospel with bringing people of all faiths together. There are too many today who have already reduced Christianity down to a socialized gospel anyway, so for them, it won’t be a reach at all.

When Antichrist is revealed, accompanied by supernatural signs and wonders, along with a delusion sent by God, people will succumb to the lie. They will see the counterfeit Christ as the real thing. It will be because they do not know the real Jesus.

The more you know Jesus, the more you know the genuine article. That personal knowledge will keep you from accepting the counterfeit.

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