America as a Nation Cannot Take Much More…

July 8, 2014 at 9:21 AM 2 comments

With everything that has come to pass over the past few decades especially, one can only wonder how much more this nation of ours can absorb before it simply caves in on itself? It is certainly difficult to believe that those on the left don’t understand what’s going on either. They can’t be that stupid, but maybe they can.

Since the original 9/11, we have seen and experienced one “hit” after another here in America. Too many of them have turned out to be man-made scandals intended to reduce our rights. Fast and Furious turned out to be an intentional gun-running effort done under America’s nose in order to use the blowback to reduce or eradicate the 2nd Amendment. We’re still waiting for anything to happen to anyone who directed that operation.

Benghazi was another situation that we’re fairly certain had absolutely nothing to do with a 15-minute anti-Muhammad video and everything to do with another gun-running operation. This one designed to get weapons of mass destruction into the hands of the Syrian rebels fighting against President Assad and his forces. We’re still waiting for someone to take the fall there as well.

Of course, we have the IRS scandal, which may turn out to be an act of revenge against the GOP who voted to reduce the budget of the IRS, if the NY Post has anything to say (or redirect) about it. In other words, according to the NY Post, the reality may be as simple (and vindictive) as the IRS trying to get back at the GOP because they reduced the budget, therefore the IRS played hardball against those who are aligned with the GOP. Nice try NY Post, but it’s really just a paltry attempt to change the subject. The real problem isn’t as simple as what the NY Post would have us believe.

But if these scandals bother you and the fact that nothing aside from talking (and in some cases, ranting) has taken place, don’t be alarmed. If you look in the Congressional record, situations like this have occurred since before the time of Woodrow Wilson. Scandals with accompanying big talk and bigger committees looking into things. After all the talk, the huffing and puffing, and the posturing, rarely was anyone brought up on any charges of any kind. Things just petered out so it’s not a modern-day phenomenon. It’s apparently simply the way Congress works.

But aside from the obvious scandals that have come to the fore in recent times, it seems like the way the Obama administration deals with one crisis is by creating (or allowing) another one. This gets the focus off the most recent chaotic event as concern turns to the newest problem.

Such is the case with the border crisis. As I noted yesterday, it would appear that the federal government had planned this illegal invasion of illegal aliens for quite some time, at least as far back as January 29, 2014 when they posted an advertisement seeking “Escort Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children.” Why would the government do this over six months ago if they were not aware that something like what we’re experiencing today was going to happen?

In spite of everything else that’s happening and has happened in America in recent times – without even mentioning the growing unemployment, the lack of water in California (America’s Salad Bowl), the constant price increases at the supermarket, the fact that unemployment has ended for hundreds of thousands if not millions of people – and now the federal government essentially opens wide the borders and allows people in who did not come with parents and have terrible diseases that are being spread among Border Agents.

While the government tries to tell us that the majority of these illegal aliens are children, that’s also simply not the case. There are plenty of adult gang members, criminals, and possibly even terrorists making their way across America’s unsecured borders. This is absolutely unconscionable, yet it is not only happening, but continues to happen because there are too many people in America who do not care about the rule of law. That’s extreme, something only a “right-winger” would be concerned about apparently.

Look, we all know that there are two real issues at stake and neither of them have anything to do with compassion. The federal government wants to turn red states blue and they are encouraging the influx of illegal aliens because they know that they will overburden America’s system, economically, socially, and medically. That’s what they want to happen and there are plenty of leftists who – based on emotional virtue – go along with that because they think it’s the correct path. It’s not because that path is opposed by the Constitution.

I appreciate what Brigitte Gabriel said at a town hall meeting not too long ago. She essentially said that the silent majority has always been irrelevant. In other words, it’s always been the few who have gained the power because the majority sits and does nothing. You can listen to her comments here.

America cannot take much more. Our so-called leaders know that. They apparently want America to collapse otherwise they would do something to correct the problem. In lieu of doing that, they are guilty of aiding and abetting. America’s future is in their hands, not ours.

The coming collapse will happen and I just hope you’re prepared, at least emotionally for it.

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  • 1. Sherry  |  July 8, 2014 at 10:25 AM

    Well, we’ve become a stench in God’s nostrils and no one, including many Christians, takes it to heart. I can’t help but wonder if God would favor us-the Church in America-once again if we would just remove the harlotry of christo-paganism from our midst. America is in the midst of God’s judgement already but He still favors His true Church within her borders yet so much more favor, such as answered prayers concerning abortion, to name but one, could be ours if we would but stop tempting God by worshiping Him with christianized pagan rituals and traditions of men. Just my opinion from the observations I’ve made in my studies concerning Israel and God’s judgement during her impure syncretic worship of Him.

    Then again, how much more can God take of America and her lust for immorality? Its not done in secret anymore but declared loudly and outrightly among the people for all to see. No one fears God anymore… 😦


    • 2. modres  |  July 8, 2014 at 12:27 PM

      I often wonder if the people who attend church could wake up and see things as they are, what might they do? I’m amazed at how many of them appear clueless as the world hurtles toward the Tribulation period of God’s judgment.

      You’re right, Sherry. No one fears God. They all want the “experience” of knowing Him, but how many of us are willing to empty ourselves in obedience for that purpose? There is a reason God says to “come out of her” with reference to His people and the Babylon system.


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