So-called “Peaceful” Islam is Anything But…

July 15, 2014 at 8:09 AM 1 comment

Muslims cannot play nicely...

Muslims cannot play nicely…

I spent some time this morning watching videos of Islamic executions, Muslim students being beaten with sticks by their teachers, saw burned bodies of soldiers in the Middle East, and a teacher who was teaching boys what it felt like to be shot in the back of the head while the boys giggled and laughed. Islam teaches violence at every turn. It does this to desensitize Muslims when they act violent.

If you are a child raised in an environment where violence is the normal practice, what will that create in you? It obviously creates a personality that is unaffected by the type of violence that is commonplace in Islam. Boys become soldiers and are taught to kill and behead with impunity. Violence becomes a way of life for them and they are taught that it must be so in order to usher in another caliphate (an Islamic state ruled by a mahdi or caliph) where the Final Mahdi will rise to power and rule the world.

The problem of course is that this type of outlook on life is the reverse of Christianity, which is why there is no real common ground between Islam and Christianity. The way Muhammad lived was not the way Jesus lived. While Muhammad lived a life of violence, debauchery, and murder as an adult, Jesus did no such thing. Jesus lived a life of true love, sacrificing Himself in order that salvation might be made available to all people on earth. Muhammad lived for himself. Jesus lived for others. This is the huge point of separation between these two religious ideologies and the difference it makes is enormous.

This is why we can look at people’s lives and determine if they are in fact living in line with their beliefs. For Muslims, this obviously means living lives that emulate Muhammad’s life, a life of violence, theft, and sexual promiscuity. The more I read and study the Qur’an and the life of Muhammad, the clearer it becomes that he was a man who was completely self-centered. He wanted what he wanted because of his own brand of narcissism. The more I read the Bible and study the life of Jesus, the clearer it becomes that His life represented the epitome of true love and self-sacrifice.

The goal of Islam is world domination and it does not matter that not all Muslims are considered “radicals.” The radicals will win out because as Brigitte Gabriel says, the silent majority is irrelevant. Always has been and always will be. The silent majority never does anything to stop atrocities. This is true not just within Islam, but within society in general.

Islam is paving a path to the final caliphate in which their Final Mahdi will rule the world. Interestingly enough, the very first seal of the Tribulation (Revelation 6), states that a rider on a white horse will appear. This same man will usher in peace in the Middle East. The Bible calls this man the Antichrist. Islam calls him the Christ.

Christianity and Islam are at odds. The former conquers through true love and self-sacrifice while the latter conquers through fear, violence, and death. Which one appears to use true love to accomplish its goals and which one appears to use the devil’s tactics?

Many Muslims believe they have to actually physically fight (jihad) for Allah in order to be seen as worthy. They fight to spread their message of hatred and violence in their attempt to overcome the entire world so that Allah will be pleased. Once they do so, the Final Mahdi will be able to step onto the world’s stage and continue the conquering.

Many Christians believe that the Church of Jesus Christ will be built on love as one person then another, then another hears the message of salvation and receives the Lord of life. One day, Jesus will return. Most Christians do not believe that we Christians need to help Jesus by creating a world in which it is at the level Jesus needs in order to return. Some Christians believe they need to do this, but I don’t believe it is taught in Scripture.

God – the true one and only God – conquers the hearts of men and women through His love for them. He is a gentlemen and has offered Himself as the atonement for our sin in the form of Jesus. Jesus, who lived a life of sinless perfection, went to the cross, died and rose again. He did this for love, love of us.

Muhammad did nothing of the kind. He spent his days living a life of physical jihad, killing those who rejected him and enslaving those who survived his attacks. Held side-by-side, there really is no comparison between the real Jesus and the real Muhammad.

Could this be why CAIR and other groups demand that hate-speech directed toward Muslims be against the law? Hate-speech to them includes telling the truth. This article would be (and is) considered hate-speech by many Muslims.

There is nothing honorable about Muhammad or the religious ideology he started. My heart goes out to Muslims who believe they have the truth. They do not.

Islam is anything but peaceful and we are seeing it time and time again throughout the world. Yet, people continue to defend it. They are blind and I pray they awake before Islamic jihad is directed at them.


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  • 1. Sherry  |  July 25, 2014 at 5:04 PM

    If one must fight by the sword for their god’s honor then that god is quite impotent who cannot defend himself without the creature’s help.


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