Do You Know About PL87-297 Arms Control and Disarmament Act?

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People are stupid enough to believe that removing guns removes desire to kill.

People are stupid enough to believe that removing guns removes desire to kill.

You should. You definitely should know about this act. It was originally signed into law by JFK in 1961. The purpose of the act is to eradicate the military of the United States of America. This law, like others are listed in the United States Code books, and copies can be purchased at the official U.S. Government Bookstore. The books – like anything done by our government – are not cheap to purchase, so the other option is to buy the digital version, which is what I did. It’s the 2009 version on CD and it only costs $15 compared to well over $100 for the printed books.

Of course, after reading this article, it’s possible you won’t want to know what other gems are in the US code. The PL87-297 Arms Control and Disarmament Act State Department Publication No.7277 explains what the leaders of the United States (the puppet regime) are doing to ultimately destroy the safety of America and those who live here. By now, it really should be no secret, but those on the left still manage to malign the facts and ridicule those of us who accept these facts as facts.

By way of example, it’s similar to what is going on now with the illegal aliens pouring into this country with all of their diseases. While federal agents are threatening to incarcerate anyone treating these illegals if they tell the public about the potential pandemic, the media is pooh-poohing the entire idea that a pandemic could be on its way. Every time there is something that should be of concern to Americans, the media is right there to tell us we’re crazy and are imagining things.

Regarding the PL87-297 Arms Control and Disarmament Act, you can read about that in Volume 9, page 651 of the U.S. Code. Under Title IIIa of document, (or here) we read:

the detection, identification, inspection, monitoring, limita­tion, reduction, control, and elimination of armed forces and armaments, including thermonuclear, nuclear, missile, conven­tional, bacteriological, chemical, and radiological weapons;”

It’s the director of the agency’s (United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency) job to do what I’ve just quoted above. While many portions of this act have actually been repealed, our federal government has been working toward a complete disarmament for years.

In a related document – State Department Publication 7277 – we see the process outlined in an article titled “FREEDOM FROM WAR: The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World.” There, the author focuses on governing principles and the three stages that the federal government undertakes to bring about this disarmament. It’s not a pretty picture, but we also need to keep in mind that numerous things have since been repealed.

At the same time however, we have seen the ramped up efforts of the Obama administration to limit, constrain, and even eliminate the second amendment. Unlike other presidents, Mr. Obama has had no qualms with doing this in spite of the fact that many Americans believe the second amendment should be left alone. But Mr. Obama’s administration has no difficulty in using the EPA (as a for instance) in creating a plethora of new rules that ultimately have worked to close the last lead smelting plant in America. Lead is often uses in making ammunition and with the closure of the last plant, not only does this affect lead ammunition, but also includes the loss of many jobs. Our economy takes another hit.

While the federal government worships the earth (Gaia), jobs mean nothing. It’s okay to put people out of work to save the environment from lead or to save a swallow from “extinction.” This is an unfortunate side effect of belief in evolution. Everything gets turned upside down and while the Bible says that the creation of humanity was the pinnacle of God’s Creation, evolution says that man is simply evolved from lower species and the most important job we as humans have is to save the planet.

I like what Dr. John MacArthur said one year at a Shepherd’s Conference. God made earth for people. We should walk on the grass, use oil, and shoot a deer. The idea that people have to die to save the earth is a satanic doctrine birthed in hell. It completely opposes God’s lawful order, like so many other things the devil created.

Since 1961, our government has agreed with the UN and other nations that disarmament is what is needed because without weapons of mass destruction, wars would become extinct. This is patently absurd if we consider that murder goes all the way back to Cain and that once humanity fell, despots and tyrants existed. It is due to their hubris that they wish to control the masses. Long before the rifle, pistol, or canon, tyrants used some form of weaponry to control others. Cain killed Abel with either a rock, bone, or small shovel. He got the job done.

It is people who are the problem, not weapons. But in today’s society, people who hate guns speak of them as though they had a mind of their own. A gun can only shoot when held by someone who pulls the trigger. This is a mindset. An inanimate object cannot simply go off without some exterior force working against it.

But aside from the PL87-297 act from 1961, we know too well that the Obama administration has called for war on the US military. He has made fighting Al Qaeda impossible. He has reduced the number of meals from three a day to two a day. He has no concern for our veterans. In fact, he’s content to forbid them from even owning weapons once they leave the service. He has been reducing the number of service men and women, constantly cutting military budgets, in spite of how much money he seems to have for his own pet projects.

On top of all of this, he has done everything he can to destroy the second amendment. We must ask why? Why is he doing this? What is to be gained? For American citizens, nothing is to be gained. For the federal government and the shadow government that controls it, everything is to be gained. They need a helpless society who can neither defend itself or last long without their help. A completely dependent society is what is needed by the globalists and it is to that end (under the guise of “peace”) that they are working.

They shall have their “peace” but it will be very short-lived. I truly hope you have begun preparing for such a time when people are nothing but cattle to those in charge. Here’s a great article on basic preparation for a coming time when this world will be completely different. I would also recommend The Death of Money by James Rickards.

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