Mark Dice’s Take on Muslims, the Virgin Birth, and the Return of Jesus

July 16, 2014 at 8:18 AM 2 comments

On September 16, 2012, Mark Dice took a cab ride and the cab driver was Muslim. Dice felt that would be a good time to interview the man and find out what he really believed about Jesus, the Virgin Birth, and even whether or not Jesus is going to return again. The video is below.

If you took the time to listen to the video you’ll notice that Mr. Dice makes a few sweeping generalizations that bear little resemblance to the truth (in my opinion). I’m not saying he doesn’t believe those things to be true. I’m saying simply that they are not necessarily true because of his own experience or his world view.

As the ride progresses, Dice asks the cab driver permission to audio record the conversation so he can share it later on. The driver consents and we’re off and running. One of the things that Dice tackles is of course the Person of Jesus. He seems almost gleeful to learn that Muslims honor Jesus as a great prophet and that they also believe in the Virgin Birth of Jesus. Dice does admit to the man that Muslims do not see Jesus as God or Savior and the Muslim cab driver agrees with this assessment.

As the conversation continues, we also learn that one of the larger sticking points between Christians and Muslims is the Muslim belief that Jesus never died on the cross. The Muslim cab driver explains that they believe that someone else died AS Jesus, but Jesus Himself did not die on the cross. This is based solely on the testimony of Islam’s prophet Muhammad, who lived and died some 600 to 700 years after Jesus lived, died, and resurrected. In essence, the Islamic belief about Jesus not dying on the cross was created by Muhammad well after the fact. It is not mentioned in history prior to Muhammad, but that was his belief.

It appears that Mark Dice – due to his friendships with Muslims in California (he is based in San Diego, CA) – is frustrated with the amount of disinformation that he blames on the media concerning Islam and even the Palestinian situation. I cannot help but wonder which media he is referring to here because there is precious little from the American media that even deigns to speak ill of Islam in any way, shape, or form. Christianity? Not so much.

Another thing Mark Dice touches on is the whole “all Muslims want to kill Christians” mantra that again, he blames on the media and the exaggerated thinking on the part of those who allegedly hate Islam. The problem with this sentiment is that it is not true, at least as being widespread as Dice would have us believe. Most Muslims are peaceful. When I lived in California, I knew many Muslims. Some were so slight in build that if someone told me they would one day kill me and all other “infidels,” I would have laughed uproariously at the thought.

But these people are part of the silent majority and as Brigitte Gabriel (ACT for America!) has stated, history has shown us repeatedly that the silent majority is always irrelevant. In fact, too many Muslims are murdered by other Muslims because they are not radicals and are instead part of the silent majority.

Most Christians understand the rudimentary basics of Islam. Moreover, we also understand what the Bible says about the end times and how things will move to essentially resurrect the Roman Empire. We understand that the Bible teaches there will be a time of a final seven-year period called the Tribulation. It will be a global government ultimately ruled by Antichrist.

The troubling thing about Dice’s taped conversation is that he appears to be working under several erroneous assumptions and winds up agreeing with his Muslim cabbie over several issues that are important for their distinctions between Christianity and Islam. Though Mark Dice claims to be a Christian (from “About the Author” in The Illuminati Facts & Fiction), it seems that his understanding of Islam (and even Christianity) is based on his secularist viewpoint. Why is he surprised for instance that Muslims “honor” Jesus or that they believe in the Virgin Birth? He seems surprised that Muslims believe Jesus will return at the end of time.

What Mark fails to understand is that Jesus is secondary to Muhammad. While Muslims may say they really honor Jesus, they hold Muhammad in much higher esteem. Jesus is subservient to Muhammad. It doesn’t matter how much a person might “revere” or “honor” Jesus. If they reject His deity, they have rejected Jesus.

I guess my larger question is why Mark Dice – a Christian – did not use the opportunity to evangelize the man. At one point, Mark says essentially that he did not want to get into a debate with the man over whether or not Jesus is God, etc., but that he simply wanted the man’s opinion. He also allowed the Muslim cab driver to preach and continue to preach his Muslim beliefs.

Again though, Mr. Dice runs under the erroneous assumption that many of us believe that all Muslims want to kill us and that there is no crossover beliefs between Islam and Christianity.

This type of message that Dice allowed simply goes a long way in promoting Islam and attempting to bridge a gap between Christianity and Islam. The gap is there and it remains because of the fact that Islam is a religion created and promoted by Satan himself. How could it be otherwise? Either Islam IS the way of truth or it is not. It doesn’t matter if adherents believe SOME of the tenets of Christianity. Satan’s lies are often built on some measure of truth.

If Islam is right, Christianity cannot be right. If you look at the comments following the video (on, there are plenty of comments from Muslims who think Mark Dice is such a wonderful human being because he took the time to get into a Muslim’s head. In essence, he allowed a Muslim to continue to think he was correct about his errant beliefs and did nothing to introduce that man to the truth.

I wonder if Mark Dice knows how long that Muslim cab driver will live? I wonder if Mark Dice knows whether or not another Christian will come along and instead of simply giving the man a platform to spread Islam, will instead tell him the truth about Jesus?

Muslims do not hate Jesus. They revere Him, but they do not see Him as God the Son. In that way, they denigrate Him because they essentially call Jesus a liar. The cabbie stated that there is nothing in the Bible where Jesus says “I am God.” He’s not accurate there. While that particular statement does not exist, there are plenty of biblical references where Jesus more than implies He is God. Mark Dice offered no response to this.

I think Jesus would have said something. I think Paul would have responded. I think Peter would have tried to straighten the man out. Mark Dice did nothing and he is apparently proud of the fact that he got the interview on audio. He’s more pleased about the interview than even attempting to witness to the cab driver.

Well, hopefully, God will place another Christian in the Muslim’s cab and he’ll actually hear the gospel. While Mr. Dice seems ecstatic that the cabbie accepts the Virgin Birth of Jesus, the fact that he ultimately rejects the truth about Jesus seems not to have concerned Mark Dice at all. That is tragic.

It is not what Christians are called to be.

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  • 1. Sherry  |  July 23, 2014 at 7:06 PM

    …then again, I know of Christians who are using the common ground of Rick Warren and his P.E.A.C.E. Plan, etc., to evangelize Muslims. Sorry, but there is no time for conversation. You hear the Gospel, embrace it or not, talk is done and on to the next unsaved soul. We cannot waste time loving the unsaved into hell.

    I noticed that Dice likes to interrupt and steer the convo at times.


    • 2. modres  |  July 24, 2014 at 7:03 AM

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Now is the day of salvation!


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