Proof that Israel Has a Heart in Spite of the Lies of the Media

July 16, 2014 at 2:39 PM

In the Middle East, it is normal for Hamas to use civilians as shields even when those civilians are children. But many in the world believe that Israel is the aggressor, the bully, and if not for Israel’s “illegal” presence in the Middle East, none of the acts of war, the atrocities, and terrorism would exist. Common sense tells us that this is not the case since we can clearly see Sunni fighting Shia Muslims in Iraq and elsewhere as they endeavor to form their newest caliphate.

But what many don’t know about Israel is that they take great care to not hurt innocent civilians, though you would never know that from the media, in spite what many people believe. To hear the media tell it, Israel doesn’t care who gets hurt as they respond back to the rockets that have been continually shot into Israel since shortly after they became a nation again in 1948. The video below shows merely a few examples of how Israel goes out of her way to avoid hurting civilians, especially women and children. In fact, on numerous occasions, they have gone to the extent of dropping pamphlets from planes and helicopters to warn everyone that there would be shelling in the area soon. While this made their goal much more difficult with respect to eliminating Hamas and other terrorists aimed at eliminating Israel, it saved many lives.

missilesRecently, Mark Dice – a self-proclaimed Christian – posted the cartoon shown at right on his Twitter account. The problem with this outlook is that it is not even close to the truth. The truth is that Israel has been on the receiving end of shelling since 1948. The world has pressured Israel to return land they gained in the Six-Day War of 1967. Every time Israel has given land back, terrorists simply move in closer to Israel and continue shooting rockets.

This has been the normal situation that Israel has been on the receiving end of for decades. Beyond this, fake photos of atrocities supposedly committed by Israel constantly appear on the ‘Net and just as quickly gain huge numbers of people “liking” the photos. The problem though is that they are faked. Either the information about the photo is faked or the actual atrocities evident in the photo is faked.

arabatrocitiesA case in point is the image to the left. The image was uploaded to Facebook on Sunday, November 18, 2012. The caption attached with the photo states, “The caption in Arabic roughly translates into English as “martyred massacred family in Gaza shortly before…

The problem? One month prior, the same photo had been uploaded to the ‘Net with a completely different caption. “Thanks to Tazpit News Agency’s investigative work, it was found that the photo had been originally published on a news site based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates called Moheet one month earlier on October 19. On the Moheet website, the photo was titled ‘Syria killed 122 Friday…Assad Used Cluster Bombs’.”

Yet, people (including Mark Dice) erroneously believe that the problems are really the fault of Israel’s overzealous approach as well as the fact that many Christians – due to their Zionist beliefs – endorse Israel and her right to exist.

Palestine has never been a country, nation, or state. It has never had its own capital, a unique culture, or language. In fact, not too many decades ago, anyone living in the area of Palestine was simply referred to as Palestinians,whether they were Jewish or Gentile. However, once Yassar Arafat came along, he co-opted the name Palestinians to mean only Arabs living in that area of the world. The world bought it and instantly, Jewish people living in Palestine were seen as interlopers, trespassers, who had no real right to be there.

We’re all familiar with the hate-filled rantings of people like past President Ahmadinejad, whose invective against Israel is renowned. He has called for the obliteration of Israel as a nation and has vowed to not rest until all Jewish people are gone from the Middle East. Many in the Middle East believe that Israel has no right to exist and no right to be there. Many of them also deny the Holocaust and believe that Israel should never have been given any land to become a nation in 1948 because they claim that Israel never was a nation in that area of the world. What can you do with people like that? They are radical hate mongers where Israel is concerned and too many in America have taken up that battle cry.

One day, the world will understand the truth about God, about His chosen nation Israel, and Jesus Himself. We can only hope that prior to that, more will come to see the truth as God sees and explains it in His Word. Once seeing it, may they choose to embrace it.



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