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Christ, Our Fellowship, Part 4

Can you imagine how God must have inspired Noah and his sons and given them the ability to build such a ship? Wow, it had never been done before! Around 450 in length and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! Oh wait, sorry. The reality is that this was an undertaking of humongous proportions and Noah had never trained to be a builder of boats. But because Noah had faith in God (believed Him), God rewarded Noah with a new label: righteous. But it didn’t stop there either. Because Noah believed God, he naturally wanted to obey God as well. If your “faith” does not prompt you to obedience in God, brothers and sisters, it is not faith. It is probably just some feeling that accomplishes nothing. True faith has substance that is seen in obedience to God’s plans and purposes (not yours!).

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Christ, Our Fellowship, Part 3

I would like to remind that entering into fellowship with God is something that is only available to authentic Christians, those who have, by faith, received salvation. This salvation changes our legal standing before God from unrighteous to righteous and provides a way for us to enter into that fellowship. Scripture provides many references to the fact that God does not hear the prayers of those considered (labeled) unrighteous (unless of course, it is the prayer for salvation). Whether or not we fellowship with God is up to us, though God will do what He can to draw us to Him. I’m hoping that you will see why fellowship is only available to authentic Christians (and how we enter into it), as you continue to read this series.

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Christ, Our Fellowship, Part 2

We should not have fellowship with God in order to get what we want from Him. We do not fellowship with God in order to see Him as the Genie in the Sky who wishes to lavish material gifts on us. We fellowship with Him because we want to partner with Him. He will then work in and through us to bring others to Him for salvation. In the process, He will refashion our character so that it becomes more like His. It is to the degree by which we partner with Him in this life that we are rewarded with greater responsibilities in the next. You don’t care about fellowship with God (on His terms) now? Don’t expect much beyond salvation in the next life.

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Christ, Our Fellowship, Part 1

While our legal standing has nothing at all to do with our feelings (though the more we realize the truth of our legal standing before God in Christ, the greater the chance that our feelings will react to that truth in a very positive way that makes us feel wonderful!), relationships do involve our feelings, but they should be kept in check when it appears as though they are trying to guide or direct that relationship. Feelings should always be a reaction to truth and in that way, feelings can react to our legal standing and our fellowship with God. They should be allowed to do that, but they should never direct the way we think. Feelings/emotions should always react to truth. They should never create the way we think or believe.

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Christ, Our Righteousness, Part 20

I don’t believe we understand exactly how terrifying it will be to stand before God in judgment. I’m sure I don’t truly get it. Because we live in the age of grace, God actually protects us from His fury at the abject lawlessness, demonically-inspired hatred toward God and others, and general spiritual poverty that is so prevalent not only in society in general, but within too many of those who call themselves Christian. Yes, we have salvation. Wonderful! But we need more of Jesus that only comes through fellowship with Him.

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Christ, Our Righteousness, Part 19

Remember, this time of judgment is not regarding our salvation, which is safe and secure. That cannot be removed from us. We’re talking about our actions, words, and intentions, for which we are accountable. How would God be able to provide us with any rewards if He doesn’t judge those things? I guess what I can hope for when the time comes for me to stand before Him is that there will be a marked difference in my life as I grow toward Him. I’m hoping that as time progresses toward the end of my life, I will be a good student, a good soldier for Jesus, one who boasts in the Lord and willingly submits to Him in all things. I’m hoping my times of sin will be fewer and further between and my actual intentions for the actions and words that flow from me will stem from a heart that is more molded in His image and character. We can only hope this will be the case for all of us, but certainly, much of that is up to us and our desires for God in the first place.

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Christ, Our Righteousness, Part 18

I also find it fascinating that it would seem easier for a person caught up in rampant sin to come to realize just how wrong he is and repent of it (like the Prodigal Son). In that case, God’s forgiveness cleanses that person from his sinfulness when they come to their senses and see the need to repent. The writer of Hebrews seems to be saying though, that a falling away due to severe doctrinal error is so deceptive, so sneaky, and so seducing that many fail to realize what is happening. Over a period of time, they more fully embrace doctrinal error and move further away from the Truth (Jesus is the Truth, John 14:6). In doing so, they become encased in their intellectual error, that it is very difficult (if not impossible) to come out of that error because they see their error as being based on biblical truth, as opposed to clearly denoted as right or wrong (like adultery, theft, murder, lying, etc.).

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