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Christ, Our Fellowship, Part 8

The Bible teaches that salvation comes from the new birth (John 3) and provides the penitent with a new legal standing before God that cannot change. He/she goes from unrighteous to righteous. But this is the beginning of our new life in Christ. Once we have salvation, we still have to choose fellowship and choosing that often means choosing to be conformed into His image through many sufferings. It is the unfortunate way the system was designed, but that is still humanity’s fault. Had it not been for our willful sin (in Adam and Eve), there would have been no need for salvation in the first place.

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All is Vanity Because All is Utter Futility

One day, all will stand before God. Only those who love God (and who have received the only salvation He offers) will be pass the judgment. Even then, loss will occur (though not loss of salvation; 1 Corinthians 3:12). Those who love self more than God will realize that they wasted their entire earthly lives struggling to gain what they were never able to reach. In the process, they will have lived their life totally dedicated not to loving or fearing God, but loving themselves and fearing never finding fulfillment in the things they chased after.

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Christ, Our Fellowship, Part 7

There could be no debate. Jesus would actually raise someone from the dead! Jesus constantly saw the Father at work and partnered with Him in order to help complete the Father’s will. This is our calling as well. We’ll probably never be used by God to raise someone from the dead. We will probably be used for more of the seemingly mundane things, albeit extremely important things of God. We will do so by “looking” to see what the Father is doing. This is done by keeping our spiritual eyes open through prayer and also by simply keeping our physical eyes open to see what the Lord brings into our lives each day. Going through life in an attitude of prayer brings us and keeps us close to God. It also makes us sensitive to the Spirit’s movement in our lives so that we see needs and realize that we are in a position to meet them.

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Childhood’s End from SyFy Network

I know that people are making a huge deal out of this miniseries, but the book has been around since 1953. In reality, this is a sci-fi miniseries based on Clarke’s book and from what I have seen and read, there is nothing connected to the Bible except the imagery that makes Karellen appear to be like the devil in the way he looks. In the end, take away the aliens that look like Satan and what is left is a sci-fi tale that’s been told in many different times and in many different ways. Aliens come to earth because they want to take over earth for their own malevolent purposes. This has nothing to do with Satan’s purposes as revealed in Scripture. He has been slowly and consistently gaining more control of earth and its people because of his own purposes which culminate in attempting to keep Jesus from touching down physically on this planet when His time comes for His Second Coming.

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Satan Will Use Whatever He Can to Fill Spiritual Holes in People

Satan doesn’t want people to become Christians. That his secondary agenda, with his first being to thwart God at every turn, including doing his best to keep Jesus from returning to this earth physically during the Second Coming, which occurs at the end of the Tribulation period. One of the best ways Satan can keep people from becoming a Christian is to keep them as far away from Jesus as possible. Obviously, if Satan can create ways for people to kill themselves (even accidentally, through illicit drug use), then he’ll go for it. One less individual who will make it into heaven.

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Christ, Our Fellowship, Part 6

The Prodigal Son, who had experienced a complete change in viewpoint where his father was concerned, could now actually begin to enjoy fellowship with his father! He understood that his father had loved him the whole time, wanted the best for him, and was willing to do whatever necessary to try to make that happen for his son. Of course, no matter what the father did, if the son had not come to see his father for who he truly was, then the son would forever see him in a wrong way.

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Christ, Our Fellowship, Part 5

Our ideas surrounding our deeds and simply the way we view life as a Christian can actually deceive us. This is one of the best reasons in the world why our eyes cannot focus on what we are doing. As I mentioned previously, God has plans and purposes that He is bringing to fruition. There are certain things that He has designed me to fulfill and certain things He has designed you to fulfill. You have specific gifts, talents, and character traits that make you perfectly designed for specific things God has in mind for you and the same applies to me. I believe Jesus fleshed this out nicely in the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30) and yes, I recognize that there is disagreement over what that parable means.

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