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December 21, 2015 at 8:47 AM

childhoodendSaw a post by L. A. Marzuli (via a friend on a social network) about a miniseries from the SyFy Channel called, “Childhood’s End.” It’s based on a book by Arthur C. Clarke.

Written by Arthur C. Clarke and hailed as a revolutionary work of science fiction since its publishing in 1953, Childhood’s End follows the peaceful alien invasion of Earth by the mysterious “Overlords,” whose arrival begins decades of apparent utopia under indirect alien rule, at the cost of human identity and culture.

What is fascinating about this work from Clarke is that it is still very much apropos in today’s world. In fact, it is probably more appropriate for today’s world than for the world of the 1950s, though if you were to ask someone then, they would probably argue that it fit perfectly into their worldview because of all the upheaval, sickness, and everything else happening then, in spite of the fact that for many, the 1950s signaled a new beginning.

Essentially, what is at work in “Childhood’s End” is what the Bible tells us will occur toward the end of this current age, which leads up to the physical second coming of Jesus as rightful Owner, Lord, and Judge of planet earth.

As it turns out, the main overlord in the mini-series is none other than a guy who looks exactly like Satan himself. He’s out to rule the world, something the Bible tells us repeatedly that he will have opportunity to do. This will be accomplished through his spiritual “son,” Antichrist, whom Paul calls the “man of sin” in 2 Thessalonians 2. The main character – Karellen (portrayed by Charles Dance from “Game of Thrones”) – seeks the services of an earthling (Ricky Stormgren, portrayed by Mike Vogel), who can help the rest of earth’s denizens accept their fate. Because of persuasive words, Stormgren is turned literally to the dark side and is handsomely rewarded for his efforts.

Initially, things move in a positive way so that people become convinced that by allowing these extraterrestrial overlords to control things across the globe, war, sickness, and inequality will be things of the past. It’s a Socialist’s dream come true!

Of course, nothing is ever what it seems, especially when dealing with things in the spiritual realm because we can only see/hear what we are allowed to see/hear. An invisible dimensional wall keeps us from having true knowledge as to the comings, goings, and true motivations of those beings who exist within that spiritual sphere. In other words, we are left to take their word for things and so many are very willing to do just that without even asking a question or doubting their sincerity.

I’ve talked to people who “channel” beings from these other dimensions and I’ve asked them why they simply believe what they are told by these beings. Their answer is almost invariably the same when they state (rather incredulously), “Why would they lie?”

The truth is that they have every reason to lie, especially if we are talking about Satan and his minions. Jesus said that Satan was a murderer from the beginning (cf. John 8:44) and he’s also well versed at lying. It’s what he does. Paul tells us that Satan is a master deceiver (2 Corinthians 11:14). Satan exists to lie and kill, yet too many people believe just the opposite if they believe he exists at all. Too many believe Satan has been getting a bad rap and this persona, created by Christians, has given Satan a bad name. In truth, many believe him to be Lucifer who only wants the best for humanity. They say he is willing to share true knowledge (gnosis) that God is apparently unwilling to share.

I’ve only seen bits and pieces of “Childhood’s End,” but it is interesting how Karellen is portrayed as being deceptive from the start. Only a few like Stormgren are unable to see it. The fact that Karellen will not show himself to humans (and by his own admission, will not because he would not be accepted by earthlings), tells us a great deal. In reality, Satan as noted transforms himself into an angel of light, something beautiful and truthful. In this regard, he seeks to be trusted by all humans. The fact that Satan also used the Serpent in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3) instead of presenting himself as he truly exists, also informs us as to his ulterior motivation then and now.

I’ve never read Clarke’s book, but I’m guessing that it ends with humanity wising up to the truth behind Karellen’s take-over of earth. Humans fight back and win, I’m assuming and they end up growing up, becoming more intelligent and more caring toward one another in the process. That’s my guess.

Of course, biblically, Satan will get his time and opportunity to rule over the entire earth as stated. He will do so for one impressive purpose. That purpose is to keep Jesus from returning physically to this earth. Satan will use this earth, its resources and its people to attempt to accomplish what he will still fail at. In the interim, he will not care one bit how many human beings he kills either directly or indirectly. His purpose is to build the biggest, most powerful army of individuals ever amassed throughout all history and he knows he’ll need it.

Clarke’s book is about these alien beings who have been visiting earth for quite some time but on this final trip, provide a form of Utopia to those on earth in exchange for something. That something is to slowly turn human beings into them – the aliens that have been visiting. This is clearly why these aliens are willing to create a Utopian society on earth because it ultimately benefits them, not humans. A Utopia means no wars, no conflicts, no inequality, and everyone gets the same basic supplies, including food. All needs are taken care of so no one goes without. This truly benefits the aliens as they seek to overcome and overthrow earth by ultimately replacing human beings with alien forces. Soon, earth will be theirs.

The book is multi-faceted and a bit convoluted (from what I’ve read), but in the end, it involves the Overlords attempting to flee their own evolutionary stagnation. It’s interesting how Clarke chose to use icons and images that cast a closely biblical picture, yet in the end, has nothing to do with the Bible, except the potential of giving the “devil” a bad rap.

In the end, Clarke’s “Childhood’s End” is simply another version of aliens coming to planet earth to take over the planet and lifeforms in order to keep their own lives from ending. It does this while using imagery that will be familiar to most as based on the Bible. However, that is where the comparison ends because the movie (like the book) portrays the age-old struggle between one species attempting to overcome another for survival.

I know that people are making a huge deal out of this miniseries, but the book has been around since 1953. In reality, this is a sci-fi miniseries based on Clarke’s book and from what I have seen and read, there is nothing connected to the Bible except the imagery that makes Karellen appear to be like the devil in the way he looks. In the end, take away the aliens that look like Satan and what is left is a sci-fi tale that’s been told in many different times and in many different ways. Aliens come to earth because they want to take over earth for their own malevolent purposes. This has nothing to do with Satan’s purposes as revealed in Scripture. He has been slowly and consistently gaining more control of earth and its people because of his own purposes which culminate in attempting to keep Jesus from touching down physically on this planet when His time comes for His Second Coming.

Then again, who would watch the miniseries if the aliens looked nothing like Satan? Moreover, who would start to worry about things if the main alien dude was not reminiscent of the guy with the red skin and horns? If not for the Satan-like character in this miniseries, people would be easily able to shrug the whole thing off as entertainment based in science fiction. However, with the main character resembling what everyone thinks Satan looks like, we can grow concerned that the message of “Childhood’s End” is coming true.

Actually, the message of the Bible is coming true and Arthur C. Clarke’s “Childhood’s End” has nothing to do with Scripture. Not one thing.

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