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Portraits in Fellowship, Part 1

When we fail to forgive, we fall out of fellowship with them and God. In fact, we will remain there until we are willing to forgive. God will not fellowship with us if we are unwilling to forgive people who sin against us. While we cannot forgive them legally or judicially (only God can do that), we can certainly forgive them from the heart and even ask that God will not hold their sin against them.

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Two Most Important Aspects of Fellowship with God

John’s clear point is very obvious. The Christian who claims to have fellowship with God but lives in a way that is contrary to God’s moral law, is not in fellowship with God at all. That person is lying and he is “not practicing the truth.” It is very much like the father and prodigal son of Luke 15. When the son left the father’s presence to enjoy a lifestyle of sin, there was no fellowship with the Father at all. It was only when he returned to the father having decided that his thinking had been wrong that he began to enjoy fellowship with his father. While away spending his money, living riotously, and even feeding pigs, he probably believed he was truly free, but he wasn’t. The most important thing he lacked was fellowship with his own father.

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It Really Is All About Forgiveness, Part 1

God does not simply love people or His Creation. Yes, He certainly does that, but it doesn’t end there nor is the full definition of “love” exhausted by how God feels for humanity. God’s actions – all of them – flow from the fact that He is love, not that He simply loves. He loves because it is the very essence of who God is and true love – God-defined love – is seen in His actions toward humanity.

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Laodicean Church Falls Hard After 30 Years…

It does not take long for any religious establishment to slide off its original, biblical foundation (if it started there), if people are not careful. The same of course, is true of individual Christians. It doesn’t take much to slide away and end up at a point where fellowship with God, even though that person is saved, has come to nothing. You wake up one day and realize (if God has mercy on you) that Jesus – the Author of your salvation – is standing on the outside of your heart, knocking to enter so that you and He can once again enjoy the fellowship that you once did.

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Our New Presence on Facebook

It is amazing what the arena of Christendom has become, hasn’t it? I know many to most of you can relate to this. I have no problem with Bible studies in groups or even going to other Christians to seek their counsel or wisdom on certain passages of Scripture. That’s fine. It’s one of the ways iron sharpens iron. My overall difficulty is how Christianity has been reduced to a set of memes and glib sayings. That’s not going to help anyone grow in fellowship with God in Christ. That type of Christianity has no staying power, no actual empowering by God from within. In many ways, it’s not even milk for the soul. It’s less than that.

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You Cannot Forgive More than God Has Forgiven You

Do you want fellowship with God? If you do, you will need to understand just how much your sin cost God. I have to realize the same thing. Friends, we cannot create that knowledge or feeling within ourselves. If you are serious about wanting fellowship with God, it is something He will show you about yourself. You will then see firsthand your sin compared with His love and forgiveness. It will be different for each Christian, but the results should be the same. We should then begin to truly know what love is all about. We will see that there is no love without forgiveness.

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Fellowship with God Stems from Forgiveness

Folks, the level of love we extend to others is seen only in how much we are able to forgive them. It’s not “being nice” to people. It is how much we forgive. This is what Jesus is saying in the above passage. We all have our share of grudges and resentments that we harbor toward others, don’t we? We actually think we have the “right” to hold a grudge. After all we think, it’s just a little grudge and if I can show them my disappointment, then maybe that will help them understand that they’ve hurt me. If they understand that they’ve hurt me, then maybe it’ll open the door to them coming to me to ask for forgiveness one day. When that happens, then we can have honest communication.

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Level of Corruption Seems to Have Reached Tipping Point

If these allegations against our government are true, the question naturally rises, why would our government do this against its own citizens? The answer always has to do with money. In this case, is it possible that there are certain minerals our government wants to simply take that is on currently private or “leased” land in order to sell those minerals to foreign governments or entities? I believe it is fully possible. Let’s not forget that China is the main buyer of America’s debt and without their purchase of it, America would be in serious condition. Eventually, China will probably stop purchasing it, but for now, it is possible that either China or Russia are going to be given access to the land that is currently used by private ranches and has been for generations? It’s most certainly possible.

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Knowing God in 1 John, Part 8

John emphasizes how important it is for us to avoid sin at all costs. However, when we do slip and fall, there is God’s provision in Christ. It is as we deal with our sin (through repentance and confession) that our fellowship with God matures and there will be longer times of unbroken fellowship because of it, as opposed to mediocrity in the Christian life.

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We Need to Pursue Fellowship with Christ

The Prodigal Son left, lived wildly, sunk very low and then…voila, he ultimately came to his senses (Luke 15:17). In other words, he saw the “light.” He began to realize the truth about his father. That helped him see what an idiot he had been and how wrong about his father he had been. His thinking changed based on truth, therefore correct actions followed.

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