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July 2, 2020 at 1:34 PM

This is a quick update on several things for readers of this blog.

I wanted to point out that I have now begun uploading VIDEO teaching lessons to my page over at Sermon Audio, instead of just the previous AUDIO messages. I’m currently involved in presenting Sunday morning lessons on 2 Thessalonians at my church and so I’m recording those on video and uploading them there.

My page at Sermon Audio can be found here:

I’m also placing the videos up on my You Tube Channel, which can be found here:

Unfortunately, because I have less than 100 subscribers at my You Tube page, I’m not yet eligible to have a unique URL to that channel; one that would identify as StudyGrowKnow. So, for now, aside from clicking on the link above to access that channel, anyone can search for my channel on You Tube by doing a search of “Study-Grow-Know-Vlog” which will bring up at least one video sermon and that can be clicked on.

In the near future, my Sermon Audio page will be the main page. Sermons uploaded there will also be linked to my You Tube page and the first few minutes of the video will play and there, then redirect back to my Sermon Audio page.

This is just a quick update. Would appreciate if folks would spread the word and if you are so inclined, to take time to listen to and watch the videos. Thoughtful comments are always appreciated.

Thanks for your time and attention to this, folks!

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