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Using Scripture in the Argument or Debate

In truth, when people become angered by someone who cannot or refuses to see any truth in their opinion, it says a great deal about them as people, not the person they’re trying so hard to convert to their way of thinking. Their insecurities are often the driving force behind why they argue and debate. They have to continually prove to themselves that they are correct because of their own ever-present doubts. I have found this to be the case with people in cults. They chafe under that label and have to prove to people that they are “Christians” too so they are in attack mode most of the time, seriously on the defensive.

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Christ, Our Righteousness, Part 11

Paul says that no unrighteous person will inherit the Kingdom of God. This is what we were before we received salvation from the Master’s hand! We were absolutely and pitiably unrighteous with no ability to help ourselves!! But just like those within the Corinthian church, once we received salvation through Christ, we stopped being seen by God unrighteous and were declared righteous! But guess what? I can still do unrighteous things and so can you!

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Christ, Our Righteousness, Part 10

My salvation is secure. I firmly believe that, based on what I believe the Scriptures teach. My legal standing before God is predicated only on my faith in Jesus and His work on my behalf. I cannot earn salvation and my exercised faith in Him is what opens the door to Him and His salvation (and potential fellowship; Revelation 3:20). Once I exercise faith in Him and that finished work, God grants me salvation. The first step in that salvation process is for God to change my legal standing before Him, permanently. I literally go from being “unrighteous” to “righteous.” This is a determination, a legal declaration by God that can never change, theoretically, in spite of what I do, what I say, or how I act for the rest of my life. I am saved (present-tense, ongoing). Nothing can change that (Romans 8:31).

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Christ, Our Righteousness, Part 1

Consider this the introduction to this difficult subject regarding our salvation. I would implore you to love, love, love people – especially our brothers and sisters in the Lord – more than argue with them. I promise to try to do the same. State your case. Present your beliefs. Leave it there. Don’t harass or harangue people. Think about something. If you run across someone whom you believe is dead wrong about something, do you think God wants you to spend your days trying to prove it to those you meet who stand across the aisle from you or do you think He is simply more interested in you accepting them for who they are, loving them in spite of their obstinacy and error, and simply being there for them as people? I don’t believe to love someone means to set aside error or a rebellious attitude in a person. It doesn’t mean accepting it. It does mean understanding when to shut up, continue to pray, and support them. We need to start seeing people as people who need the Lord. Even Christians (especially) need more of the Lord. Though we have Him via salvation, there is much we have not appropriated. Beating people over the head doesn’t cause that to happen.

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Is Salvation a Sure Thing or Dependent Upon Us? Part 4

I’m not sure the average Christian truly understands how important it is that Christians actively persevere in the faith, on a daily basis. Though I believe that this will occur for all true Christians, too often today, those who profess to be Christians provide themselves with every excuse to act like the world. We have lost a true reverence for God (if we ever had it). We have no real fear of failure. We do not understand the depth to which our sin causes the Holy Spirit to grieve. We are constantly giving ourselves a pass on the things that we do that we know are wrong. Our job is to submit to Him that His will might be lived out in and through us. He doesn’t expect us to do that in our own strength. He will provide the strength. He simply says we must open ourselves to His will all the time. This is what actively recreates the character of Jesus in our hearts and lives, though clearly, God is in charge of that. Nothing can be taken away from Him.

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Is Salvation a Sure Thing or Dependent Upon Us? Part 1

So what about whether or not a Christian can lose his/her salvation? Is it possible? The short answer for me is no, not from where I sit based on my understanding of God’s Holy Word. We could go back and forth discussing passage after passage of Scripture, literally hitting each other over the head with it (and many do), but unless we are willing to look at overriding principles, we will likely not get any closer to knowing the truth about such an important theology.

What many fail to understand is that salvation is entering into an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ, the King of kings, and God of glory. In order for this to happen, there must first be spiritual transaction that occurs in the life of the new believer.

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Can Christians Have Assurance of Salvation?

With respect to assurance of salvation, there are essentially two main groups. First, there is the group (of which I am part) that says salvation is eternal. Once God grants it, He will never take it back. Second, there is the group that does not believe the Bible teaches eternal salvation as such. They believe that salvation can be lost if the Christian does not stay on the proper path.

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Finishing the Race

Based on one of our books (which is of course, based on the teachings of Scripture), we have begun a new audio series housed at called “Finishing the Race.”

Take the time to check it out when you can! Thanks! New audio messages are placed up 3 – 5 times per week.

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Future Sins: Forgiven or Not?

I fully believe that God is extremely quick to apply His forgiveness to our life when we confess our sins to Him. He wants to be and remain in fellowship with us and does not like it when we are out of fellowship with Him.

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