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Government Keeps Giving Us More Reasons to Not Trust Them

Folks, if you are not aware, we cannot place our faith in government unless that government is headed up by Jesus (and that won’t happen until the Millennium). We cannot expect that government to do what is right because it has been doing what’s wrong for so long. At the same time, God is still directing humanity’s affairs to His preconceived conclusions and He does so for His glory. Yes, people will be held responsible for their actions in working against God just as Judas was held accountable for His even though Jesus came to die and willingly gave up His life for you and for me. Judas was the personal instigator who personally made Jesus’ death possible. He is culpable and is paying the eternal price for his sin. However, aren’t you glad that Jesus died?

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Synthetic Bacteria Causing Death

By the way, I’m not saying that something like “Cynthia” is what the Bible is talking about. It may well be that God simply pours out one plague after another supernaturally onto human society and the earth. I’m simply saying that at least some of the things created by science have unexpected effects that are similar to or even parallel the events described in Scripture. Because of that, it is not difficult to understand how these things referenced in the Bible could easily occur. Science may have been unwittingly providing the very things that God will use at the end of this age. It’s not far-fetched and those who have had a difficult time taking Scripture in its plain and obvious sense should see these things as quite possible.

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