Government Keeps Giving Us More Reasons to Not Trust Them

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With election season here and two candidates having risen to the top, it will be a showdown between Trump and Hillary. Many believe they are both bad choices while some are willing to state that Trump is the lesser of both evils, while others are willing to say the same about Hillary. In reality, I think most thinking people would agree that the choices offered are not great. One can only wonder why anyone who appears to have any substance at all was knocked out of the race early on. I’ll leave you to decide why that occurred.

Frankly, regardless of who makes it into the Oval Office, it seems that things continue to worsen in many respects, doesn’t it? While choosing the lesser of evils as your candidate, you can at least say that hopefully, the push toward a more evil-centric government will be slowed. That could very well be the case.

In spite of this though, there is plenty about our government that causes us to pause and consider, completely aside from who is or becomes president of the United States. Most would agree that the government has gotten way too large and because of that, it seems to have no clue what is actually going on within the many defined (and even undefined) government departments or agencies. The government has become unwieldy and unfortunately, we can certainly expect this to continue. It’s as if the government has taken on a life of its own with we, the people, having created a true monster by allowing it.

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But even back in the 1950’s and 60’s, it now appears that our government was secretive and unwieldy even then. Moreover, it did not seem to realize what it was doing but had the power over society to make unilateral decisions that oftentimes, drastically and negatively affected the lives of millions of Americans. It’s the same now but simply larger.

Case in point is what the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently admitted on their website and then hastily removed and it concerns the polio vaccination. I actually remember receiving that vaccine very well. The reason is because when it was administered to me, it was not in the injection form, but in the tiny vial that you simply drank. I hated shots. Still not a fan of them, but as a kid, the needle appears to be the size of a canon and even though it hurts less than expected, it’s the stress that goes along with it or the burning sensation from the vaccine itself that often causes the patient to burst out in tears.

I think historically, there is a great deal coming to the fore about past decades that tell us a good deal about how vaccinations came into being and whether or not all of them are as beneficial as we have been told. The polio vaccine was ballyhooed by the medical community and therefore the government as soon as it was created as a way of staving off polio for millions. Unfortunately, what the CDC recently admitted to is that included in a proportion of those polio vaccines contained S40 virus, which, as the image states, is found in certain cancers, but not necessarily the known cause of those cancers in humans. Apparently, between 1955 and 1963, 10 to 30 million people received the polio vaccine contaminated with this virus.

The question of course is, how did the virus get into the vaccine or put another way, why was it in the vaccine? Was it an accident? I’d like to believe it was, but that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with really because millions of people were at risk. Many who did die were found to have some form of cancerous cells within their bones even if the cancer had not come to the surface yet.

Of course, it would be easy to say that the government did this on purpose because they want to eradicate millions of people. That is a possibility, but I’m not prepared to go there and in fact, at this juncture, it doesn’t make sense to go there. What we can say is that at the very least, the government agency involved in the oversight of the polio vaccine was extremely lax in that oversight. They should be held accountable but at this point, what difference does it make, right?

The sad truth is that we are moving toward a point in society where the government – and I’m referring to the global government that we can see on the distant horizon – will have way too much power and control over people, far more than it has now. We see shades of this currently in California, where all children must be vaccinated. There are almost no exceptions and in order for a doctor to provide an exception, many hoops have to be jumped through. Of course, the sheer numbers of vaccines mandated today vs. the small number of vaccines mandated when I was growing up is suspect. In 1950 a child would have received 7 vaccines by the age of six-years-old. Today, by the time they are six-years-old, they will have received 36! (Source:

All of those vaccines cannot be good for people, especially if we know that some of them still contain mercury (Merthiolate or thimerosal), or other heavy metals. Heavy metals are not good for our brains and even though doctors or the FDA argue that it is such a small amount of heavy metals in the vaccines, the actual truth is that a little bit here, a little bit there, and still another bit there all adds up. Couple this with the fact that High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is used in hundreds of products and consumed in large quantities by the average consumer and also has mercury or other heavy metals and the prognosis for a healthy society is not looking good at all.

There are too many examples of the government taking the trust given to it by the people and abusing it. Most are familiar with the 1932 Tuskeegee study in which groups of African-American men – many of whom had some form of venereal disease – were “studied” but never received treatment for their disease even after penicillin was invented. The government was sued and reparations were paid out starting in 1974. But why did that happen? What was the government thinking? Why didn’t they even try to help these men?

This type of blind trust on the government has run its course and given us no good thing. It’s not getting any better and there is little reason to believe that the government is more “informed” and more efficient at working together between departments now. How can it when it has become so over-sized?

The past cannot be changed. What has occurred has occurred and the fallout from some of those things still haunts society. It amazes me that there are people – in spite of all the examples we have in history – who believe an even larger government is a better government. This has proven to be false time and time again. The attitude that prevails in society though simply proves that too many people have placed their faith in something that cannot save them. It reminds me of Israel’s woeful cries that demanded a human king so they could be like neighboring nations. It simply proved their lack of faith in God.

Folks, if you are not aware, we cannot place our faith in government unless that government is headed up by Jesus (and that won’t happen until the Millennium). We cannot expect that government to do what is right because it has been doing what’s wrong for so long. At the same time, God is still directing humanity’s affairs to His preconceived conclusions and He does so for His glory. Yes, people will be held responsible for their actions in working against God just as Judas was held accountable for His even though Jesus came to die and willingly gave up His life for you and for me. Judas was the personal instigator who personally made Jesus’ death possible. He is culpable and is paying the eternal price for his sin. However, aren’t you glad that Jesus died?

Christians today are living in the end times. I believe that it is all coming to a head. When? No idea. How? Not sure, at least aside from what Scripture reveals. But Christians also have no excuse for not working to fulfill the Great Commission in spite of what is encircling our lives now. Christians should be ones in which prayer is a constant conversation between ourselves and God. All around us people are dying, have lost faith or have placed their faith in the wrong thing. We are not responsible for how they think or what they believe. Our responsibility is to pray for them, to look for opportunities to share the gospel with them, and to witness to them.

The gospel never depends on man, not even on Paul. It is God’s work in which [He] is pleased to use man. – William Hendriksen, A Commentary on Colossians & Philemon, p. 52


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