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Problems with Today’s Vaccinations?

It is interesting that the Pharmaceutical companies are exempt from being sued over issues related to vaccines because they say it cannot be proven beyond doubt that vaccines are the cause of any illness in children at all. The fact that any company cannot be sued because of the possibility of one or more of their products creating issues for consumers should cause a red flag. In fact, if these pharmaceutical companies could be sued, who knows what might be uncovered? Yet, they have powerful lobbyists who have proven effective for them in the halls of Congress. Essentially, consumer health means little to nothing to Big Pharma. It’s all about the dollars.

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Government Keeps Giving Us More Reasons to Not Trust Them

Folks, if you are not aware, we cannot place our faith in government unless that government is headed up by Jesus (and that won’t happen until the Millennium). We cannot expect that government to do what is right because it has been doing what’s wrong for so long. At the same time, God is still directing humanity’s affairs to His preconceived conclusions and He does so for His glory. Yes, people will be held responsible for their actions in working against God just as Judas was held accountable for His even though Jesus came to die and willingly gave up His life for you and for me. Judas was the personal instigator who personally made Jesus’ death possible. He is culpable and is paying the eternal price for his sin. However, aren’t you glad that Jesus died?

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GABA, GABA, Doo, Part 7

Aluminum or other heavy metals introduced into our bodies as infants via vaccinations, and throughout our lives in daily chemicals and cleaning agents we use, can and almost always will cause unbalances in our GABA-to-Glutamate ratio. This wreaks havoc on our brains because these two neurotransmitters are two of the most important neurotransmitters we have, but certainly not the only ones.

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