GABA, GABA, Doo, Part 7

June 25, 2016 at 6:26 AM 2 comments

What may be ailing you?

What may be ailing you?

GABA and Glutamate (along with other neurotransmitters), are always in this “dance” to ensure that they are in balance. That is their goal. When they are in balance, you are in balance. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to throw things out of balance.

Many factors are needed for a continued balance to occur between neurotransmitters. What we eat and drink can and will upset that balance, leaving us feeling as though we are too intense, hyper, aggravated, and other things, not even to mention (as we’ve done already in previous articles in this series), the type of illnesses and diseases that occur because of it.

As we previously noted, GABA works to calm things down in our system and in the best case scenario, we should always be at a fairly consistent state of calm, unless the fight or flight mode kicks in or when more energy is needed for your survival. Are you in balance? Probably not. I know that I have spent many years out of balance, and of course, now I understand why. Better late than never.

All sorts of things not only in what we eat and drink can upset this balance, but there are things in the environment that also cause this delicate balance to go askew.

Environmental toxins like pesticides, herbicides, air pollution, heavy metals, and chemicals found in your common every day household cleaning products, cosmetics, perfumes and colognes, air fresheners, personal care products, dish soap, laundry soap and fabric softeners, all deplete and disrupt normal production and function of all neurotransmitters. Therefore, another critical component for maintaining sufficient levels of GABA is reduce your exposure to these toxins by living an environmentally friendly lifestyle and eating organic. (Emphasis in original)

My wife and I recently began applying this to the cleaning chemicals we use in our home; soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, and other cleaners. Heavy metals as well are an important factor and one that science has come to recognize as being problematic for people’s systems.

We noted previously that mercury in the system actually causes an increase in Glutamate. Other heavy metals do the same thing, like, for instance the aluminum found in most vaccines.

Aluminum…is a known neurotoxin, and scientific evidence shows that it can play a significant role in neurological diseases, including dementia, autism, and Parkinson’s disease.

Isn’t it interesting how aluminum can cause some of the neurological diseases listed in the quote above and yet it is found in normal household products that most use daily like, “antiperspirants, food, aluminum-based household products,” as well as vaccines. So, how long have you been using antiperspirants, which very likely have aluminum in it? Go look at the ingredients and you’ll likely see aluminium chloride in it. The FDA allows a certain amount saying that these small amounts cannot really do damage. But take all the chemicals you use together and that can add up to far more than what the FDA deems allowable, but they base their decisions on one product at a time, not all of them grouped together.

I stopped using antiperspirants years ago and simply use deodorants, with the fewer chemicals in it, the better. Even there, you have to be careful because of some ingredients. Read labels. Sweating is a normal function of the human system. We all sweat and forcing our bodies to stop sweating is not good. Using a deodorant instead of an antiperspirant will mask the potentially bad odor of our sweating, but you don’t want to not sweat.

But aluminum is also found in certain vaccines. I find it fascinating that “they” (the powers that be), essentially stopped putting mercury in vaccines and switched to aluminum instead. Why is this heavy metal used?

Aluminum is used as a vaccine *adjuvant—a substance that when mixed with an antigen from a virus or bacteria, elicits a greater inflammatory immune response and theoretically a higher response of protective antibodies. (* serving to aid or contribute)

But check this out.

The toxicity of aluminum may even exceed the toxicity of mercury in the human body. (Emphasis added)

Really? Yes, really. So we went from the frying pan into the fire by switching from mercury to aluminum. While aluminum is not used in “live” vaccines, it is used in “dead” ones. What does aluminum do in the vaccine?

In order to make these killed, subunit, or toxoid vaccines work, an adjuvant must be used to sufficiently stir or aggravate the immune system into action. By so doing, vaccines ‘violate the natural programming of the baby’s immune system’.

Babies are programmed to be anti-inflammatory (largely due to mother’s milk), so the introduction of this type of vaccine forces the infant’s immune system to go into overtime to fight off the foreign component that it does not recognize. Can you see how this might create problems for children who genetically might be predisposed to have autism or something else if the right situation occurs? Of course, doctors have no way of knowing whether or not a child is genetically predisposed toward autism or something else. They just inject and hope for the best.

This is at least in part why there are paid medical professionals and researchers who receive quite a bit of money to write white papers on alleged research attempting to disprove any problems with vaccines in general and any connections with autism specifically. Be wary of anyone who says there is no connection because more and more science is proving these hucksters wrong. Of course, don’t ever expect the government or any government agency to admit that there is a connection because that would open them up to tons of lawsuits. They will simply deny. Some states like California have now made it illegal to not have your child vaccinated. Talk about fascism and tyranny.

In my mind – because I tend to be a bit jaded – I fully believe that Big Foods and Big Pharma are trying to kill us. You remember Margaret Sanger and what eventually became known as Planned Parenthood (PP)? PP makes most of its money from abortions and it all started because Sanger wanted to eradicate what she considered the lower forms of humanity – black, yellow, and brown people. Guess who her main source of funding was at the time? Rockefeller. Her organization found it was best to use black clergymen from the black community to help “sell” the idea of abortions to black women. It worked. Now, decades later, black people are the ones who continue to have more abortions than any other ethnicity, all under the guise of a woman’s “health.”

If the abortion industry (that’s what it is), did not make so much money from killing unborn children, do you think they would be a viable industry today? Think again.

Aluminum or other heavy metals introduced into our bodies as infants via vaccinations, and throughout our lives in daily chemicals and cleaning agents we use, can and almost always will cause an unbalance in our GABA-to-Glutamate ratio. This wreaks havoc on our brains because these two neurotransmitters are two of the most important neurotransmitters we have, but certainly not the only ones.

Serotonin, another vital inhibitory neurotransmitter is also needed in order for GABA to work properly. If one is deficient in serotonin, then even if you have sufficient levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid, it may not be able to perform its inhibiting effects adequately. (Emphasis in original)

I honestly do not believe it is an overstatement to say that, at the very least, Big Foods and Big Pharma industries do not care what they do to our health. They are mainly interested in how much money they make off of consumers/patients. That’s what it’s all about for them, not our health and certainly not our safety. That’s in your hands alone.

Consider California where it is now illegal to not have your child vaccinated. How much money will Big Pharma make because of this new law? If environmental toxins wind up killing us, oh well. One less mouth for Mother Earth to feed, right? One less human being to reduce the world’s resources.

In considering all the things that we face daily, there are several rules to consider:

  1. the cheaper the food, the worse it is for you
  2. it’s all about making the owners of Big Food and Big Pharma (and their shareholders) super-rich
  3. aside from certain foods, environmental toxins are to be avoided whenever possible because of the harm they do to our systems

According to many resources out there, many believe the earth’s population must be taken down to 500 million in order to be able to allow the earth to sustain itself. Currently, there are over 7 billion, with 150,000 people dying each day. Many of those are replaced with new births. It would seem that the goal is to kill people through what they eat and drink or at the very least if our food and environmental toxins sicken us to the point of death, the Elite are not worried, but probably happy about that. According to them, this earth already has too many mouths to feed. Once people start getting sick from food-like substances they buy in stores, send them to doctors who will prescribe medications that simply treat symptoms at best. Many of these prescription drugs have the same fillers, preservatives, and chemicals that are found in our foods. Do you really think they want us healthy?

We’ll talk next time a bit more about the MTHFR genetic mutation. If you have it, there are things you need to know.


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  • 1. Terri Lewis  |  June 25, 2016 at 8:57 AM

    What’s crazy to me–now that I have already come to understand most of what you are posting in this series (but new tidbits all the time, so thank you!)–what’s crazy to me is how very many people call themselves Christian yet fail to see the work of Satan and his followers in this world! It’s all disguised as something good for us or for the “greater good.” No, no, no. I suppose there will be some who line up willingly after the next big disaster only to be herded off into a “safety camp”–for their “own good” supposedly–with horrors to ensue in some fashion. We are being killed, slowly but surely, by the poisoned food, water, air, vaccines, etc. It is on purpose, and openly called that if you but look: population control, “necessary” population reduction (I could quote Bill Gates here, but I won’t)–but even for those who refuse to see it that way, the actual fact of the matter–reduced life spans–should be obvious to anyone over the age of thirty. Those under the age of thirty are such a disabled generation. . .This has been (is?) a wonderful series. I hope you will continue to tackle other topics that indicate we are in the End Times and it appears that the end of this age may be drawing to a close faster and faster. So all the more reason to be aware of how we use every minute.


    • 2. modres  |  June 25, 2016 at 9:32 AM

      Thanks for your comments, Terri. Unfortunately, as you imply, it seems like fewer and fewer people will allow themselves to see the truth about what’s going on. Maybe God will open their eyes.


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