Problems with Today’s Vaccinations?

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This particular subject has been debated repeatedly and still is today, much like “climate change.” It’s a controversial subject for many and those who oppose vaccinations often offer real life situations in which it is believed that children who were previously normal, changed drastically following certain vaccines.

It is interesting that the Pharmaceutical companies are exempt from being sued over issues related to vaccines because they say it cannot be proven beyond doubt that vaccines are the cause of any illness in children at all. The fact that any company cannot be sued because of the possibility of one or more of their products creating issues for consumers should cause a red flag. In fact, if these pharmaceutical companies could be sued, who knows what might be uncovered? Yet, they have powerful lobbyists who have proven effective for them in the halls of Congress. Essentially, consumer health means little to nothing to Big Pharma. It’s all about the dollars.

When I was growing up, there were a handful of vaccines given to children; 7 total. These were all administered by the age of six. However, segue to today and if your child is born now, he/she will receive a grand total of 36 by the time they’re six years of age! I find that extremely questionable and problematic as do many others. [1]

Please understand that I am not opposed to all vaccines, but I do believe greater care should be extended to the study of those vaccines before they are given the green light. It seems we have a vaccine for everything these days. In some states like California, it’s become mandatory. Let that sink in for a moment.

In the 1980’s, science found a way to put three vaccines into one shot; the MMR vaccine, which was designed to immunize children from Mumps, Measles, and Rubella all at the same time. Not long after this that parents began to see some very weird changes in their children, who had been completely normal and developing fine.

According to, pediatricians began in 1974 immunizing children at two months instead of three months as they did in the 1950’s. Starting in 2013, immunizations began prenatally (1), with one more at birth, and five at two months of age. This practice should be seriously questioned in my opinion (as well as the opinion of people with more qualifications than me).

Why have we seen such an increase in the amount of vaccinations and why have they started introducing those vaccinations to children even before they are born? Can the real issue be due to the concern for health or is the major emphasis on money?

Do doctors receive kickbacks for giving all injections to their child patients? Some argue yes, while others deny it altogether. What’s the truth here? Each reader will have to do their own research and determine the truth. It’ll take a great deal of reading, sorting and sifting to discover that truth.

A website highlights how much doctors receive from Pharmaceutical companies when they take each patient through the entire process of vaccinations. [2] According to them doctors receive at least $400 for administering the full battery of vaccinations over time. Other sources say it’s closer to $800 per patient. The linked article below was written in 2016, so if doctors are receiving some form of remuneration for full immunizations over time, it’s likely that it has gone up from the $400.

Here’s an example of a website that posts the question as to whether or not doctors receive kickbacks and a doctor responds that she does NOT. In fact, she makes a blanket statement that (all) doctors do not receive kickbacks because she says it’s illegal. [3] Then again, she is not a pediatrician either.

In yet another article, the author makes a connection with vaccines and doctors who do receive kickbacks. [4] This particular article has numerous links to other articles from what many would consider reputable sources regarding vaccinations.

I’m amazed that you can’t go to any grocery store or pharmacy in my area without seeing a sign that boasts “Zero Co-Pay” for flu shots. They are pushing it, even using fear to cause consumers to want to get immunized from the flu. According to the article below (#4 footnote), numerous flu vaccines have proven completely ineffective (NBC reports). Yet, people are still pushed to get that flu shot. Why?

But whether or not you are one who believes that vaccines are harmful or not, what do we do with all those children whose parents say that before they got certain vaccines, they were fine and shortly after being immunized with the MMR, for instance, their personalities changed drastically? What was the cause? Was it simply a coincidence that the child began to take a downward turn shortly after receiving the latest vaccination? But consider the number of these alleged coincidences.

There are a growing numbers of physicians questioning all the vaccines today. [5] Of course, these physicians are largely ignored or panned by the Pharmaceutical industry. In the #5 link below is a list of over 150 doctors and scientists that question the veracity of vaccinations. Are they all wrong?

Here’s a heart-wrenching video you should watch. In it, the mom who happens to be a pharmacist (and is married to a doctor), tells the heart-wrenching story of how her three children changed drastically and she attributes these changes to vaccines. In fact, her son’s pediatrician eventually came around to agree that he never should have had the MMR vaccination. Since he had, he lost his hearing for a while and has gotten so bad that he lives during the week in a special home. He will often run through the hallways opening and slamming doors in anger.

Folks, there are so many examples of this type of thing and while many children DO seem unaffected by immunizations, isn’t one child’s pain and torment enough to force us to look seriously at this whole issue? I think so, but because pharmaceutical companies make so much money on vaccinations as well as other drugs, they’re going to fight to ensure that they not only continue to provide vaccines, but work hard as they did in California to make all vaccines mandatory for children, no exceptions, sanctioned by the state legislature. This type of governmental control is beyond the pale. It is fascism.

These parents should be given their day. They’ve effectively lost their children. The deserve to have answers and if the pharmaceutical companies truly do not know whether their vaccines can possibly cause horrible problems in some children, then they should be required by the law to seriously study the issue and pull those vaccines which seem questionable. I think it would help tremendously if the MMR was broken up into three separate vaccinations at least, since the onset of many forms of autism seem to be connected to that particular vaccine, though Big Pharma denies it.

Here’s another instance (one of many), where children actually died and parents believe that it was the direct result of the vaccinations they received. In fact, apparently federal health officials were investigating. [6] Initially, the three deaths were called SIDS, but really? All three and just after receiving a specific vaccine? Here’s another instance of a healthy young girl dying two days after receiving a vaccination. [7]

Years ago, the heavy metal thimerosal (49% mercury by weight), was used in most vaccines. Why was thimerosal used? Because we were told it is a “preservative” and as such is perfectly safe in vaccines because it is such a small amount. Even so, how could shooting a heavy metal into a person’s body up to 36 times in various vaccines be helpful or safe? Here’s a website that discusses the claims related to thimerosal. [8]

In 1999 over concerns that children were receiving too much mercury in their systems due to the amount of vaccinations received caused pharmaceutical companies to take another look. They began reducing the amount of thimerosal in vaccines. However, it is still high considering the many vaccinations that the government recommends for children. In fact, even though they said they began reducing the amount of thimerosal in vaccines, they began recommending in 2002 that pregnant women and young children should receive flu shots, which also contain thimerosal.

I think it’s interesting that dentists tell us we should replace our metal fillings with non-metal fillings because of the potential leakage of the metals into our organs including our brains. Yet, the CDC and pharmaceuticals tell us that thimerosal in vaccines is minute therefore not a problem. Possibly, in one or two vaccines, it’s not a problem, but when you add up 36 vaccines over time, it can easily become a problem because it goes well beyond the recommended limit. Science hasn’t done the testing to exhaustion yet. Why? Because someone has to pay for all of those studies and clinical trials. You think Big Pharma is going to do that? Think again.

What can be done? Well, if you live in a fascist state like California, you can move or try to lay low but eventually the law will catch up with you if you do and you’ll be forced to vaccinate your child even if it’s against your will or religious beliefs. Pro-vax people claim that those who don’t receive vaccinations are hurting society. No, they’re only “hurting” themselves by not being immunized against things that might do them harm, if the vaccine doesn’t get to them first. If the person who rejects vaccines contracts some illness, it certainly won’t affect those who have had the vaccine, will it? That’s what Big Pharma wants us to believe at any rate. If you think Big Pharma is concerned about our health, I think you should seriously reconsider your position. It seems to be all about the money.

Let’s not forget that hidden within certain vaccines given to women in Africa were compounds that caused infertility and of course the women were not told. [9]

Vaccines need to be seriously investigated and I’m not talking about a “congressional hearing,” which is normally worthless. Those hearings are merely “bread and circuses” for the masses. They accomplish nearly nothing. Let’s have some real, independent research and study on this very important subject.

Like “climate change” or “global warming” we need to know if it’s just a scam to enrich industry at the expense of the populace or if there is any veracity to the whole thing. There appears to be the possibility that at least some children experience traumatic and even deadly reactions to certain vaccines. Either that or there are contaminants that became part of certain vaccinations and went by unnoticed. That is a huge possibility. Where are vaccines produced? In which countries? It shouldn’t matter but it does.

Recently, a certain medication was “recalled” because of quality control issues. They were being produced in Mexican factories and clearly, the quality control was questionable at best, which caused the medication for blood pressure control to not work. This clearly caused problems for patients and some were deadly.

The whole vaccine subject needs to be seriously looked into but because pharmaceuticals have tons of money, they can easily buy politicians and grease things in DC through powerful lobbyists. It’s very possible the truth is being censored because of the millions of dollars made annually.

Consumer health hangs in the balance. Do your own research until you are satisfied. We’ll probably have more on this subject in future articles.











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