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March 7, 2019 at 12:16 PM Leave a comment

Wanted to give all of our readers and listeners a heads up regarding a change that’s coming down the pipes from Apple. We received notification yesterday that Apple will no longer be supporting individual iPhone/Android apps from individual broadcasters through Sermon Audio.

In the past, we paid close to $300 each to have an iPhone and Android app available for listeners to make it easier for them. All a person had to do was go to the app store and download our specific Sermon Audio App for Study-Grow-Know. Each time they open it, they would be directly connected with our page at Sermon Audio and could read blogs, listen to new audios, etc.

From Sermon Audio regarding Apple’s new decision:

Apple recently has changed its policy for App Development on the iOS platform. Unfortunately, the changes will directly affect all broadcasters that currently have an app built by SermonAudio. The requirement makes it impossible for our broadcasters to use our developer account and would require each church to purchase and setup their own developer account in order to have an app on the iOS system. Apple has already begun to reject new apps and is currently working through the entire list of our current apps and is systematically removing them from the App Store. Any apps already downloaded by the user will not be affected but your app will no longer be able to be updated and it will no longer appear in the Apple App Store.

I’m not sure why Apple has made this move but since Tim Cook is a serious Leftist, it likely has to do with control and money. If I have an app developed for my page on Sermon Audio, I’d have to have my own developer account, create the app and then submit it. I don’t have the time or know-how, nor do I want to spend more money on creating two new apps.

In the meantime, my page on Sermon Audio can still be accessed but it has to be accessed through the Sermon Audio app itself. This can be downloaded via the Apple store. Once downloaded, listeners would have to search for Study-Grow-Know and bookmark it. More information can be accessed here at this links: SermonAudio iPhone + iPad Edition v4.4.4! and SermonAudio Android Devices Edition v2.9.5! or you can simply go their page here and choose the format you wish, which includes Roku, Apple TV, FireTV, Chromecast, etc.

Even though we have specific apps available via Apple Store and Android Store, we are going to cancel both and ask our readers to download the general, Sermon Audio app for their particular device. This will save us $20 per month in fees.

If you are one of those folks who listens to our broadcasts and reads our blog via your portable device or TV, you may wish to switch over to the new system sooner than later because our specific app will not be available for use much longer. I apologize for any inconvenience, but it’s really beyond our control or Sermon Audio’s as well.

Thanks very much and have a blessed day in the Lord!

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