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Dow Jones Tumbles 1,000 Points at Opening Bell

America will not get a reprieve. This nation will be included in that one world government that’s coming. I don’t see anything in Scripture that says otherwise and I’m unwilling to acquiesce to a man who believes God “revealed” truth to him, yet instead of standing behind it, writes several books in fictionalized format detailing it. If this is God’s truth, it should never have been published as fiction. I don’t recall any prophet doing that in the Old Testament and you don’t get to point to Nathan who came to David after the Bathsheba affair and the murder of her husband, Uriah. Nathan was using a story to illustrate a truth and in effect, revealed that truth to David. He wanted David to admit that what the one man did to the other man (in the story) was unconscionable and wrong. Had Nathan gone to King David and simply accused him, David might have tried to lie about it.

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