Dow Jones Tumbles 1,000 Points at Opening Bell

August 24, 2015 at 1:59 PM 2 comments

Dow+Jones+Industrial+Average+Falls+Below+11+9n56joWqueRlToday the Dow Jones on Wall Street took a huge tumble, diving 1,000 points in just the first few moments of opening trade. Even though it “corrected” to only being down 485 points, the 1,000 point drop remains as a low point, something not seen since 2008. Ultimately, the Stock Exchange closed over 77 points down.

But gee, the end of the Sabbatical Cycle (September 13, 2015) hasn’t even happened yet. What should we make of this? Why did this occur? Was it a precursor to God’s “wrath” that many believe is going to hit America and other portions of the world by the end of this current Sabbatical Cycle (some say it’ll hit within 10 to 15 days following)?

In reality, the problem is likely due to China and the chaos they’re experiencing on their market. But the larger problem has to do with the Stock Market itself. It’s nothing but a legalized form of gambling that can make or break people (and their businesses) overnight with little to no fanfare. It’s all due to the whims of buyers and sellers.

Get a load of these comments related to the problems in the Chinese stock market.

“China’s stock market volatility has sparked severe losses across global markets and is of “real concern,” Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne says.

“However, he insists the crash will not threaten the European economy. European stock markets faced their biggest fall since 2009 on Monday, as €400 billion was wiped off the value of Europe’s three hundred biggest firms.”

Well that’s good that the crash “will not threaten the European economy.” Aren’t you glad? I’m glad. Aren’t you? Actually, I’m not sure how he can say that unless he’s a true prophet and can see into the future. Anything can happen. The only people who are sure to win here are the elite, the uber powerful, the rich who continue to make more and more money off the backs of the poor and the middle class. Aside from that, no one really wins on the stock market. It’s all an illusion.

But people who have been reading certain books written by certain men who have been selling their fear and wrath dogma will be seen as people who really know what’s going on in all the earth! In spite of the fact that this huge drop of 1,000 points (don’t forget the magic number “77” is also included in today’s market failures), happened well before the end of this Sabbatical Cycle (again, which ends on September 13, 2015), people’s tongues will be wagging.

As I’ve pointed out (as well as others), there really appears to be no rhyme or reason as to why certain dates and stock market issues are highlighted by certain people while other issues and problems are ignored. It simply appears to be whatever works for the moment.

So given this situation, what should the true Christian do? The same thing Jesus would do. Not worry. First of all, He would have had nothing to lose because He would not have been part of the stock market. Secondly, even though our economy is artificially propped up the stock market (along with other things like the Federal Reserve), there really is nothing we can do to stop these institutions from failing. In fact, if we look closely at the history of America, we’ll see that almost out of the gate, powerful men were doing everything they could to overrule and overthrow the U.S. Constitution. This country should not have the Federal Reserve, yet it exists. This country should be opposed to all forms of Marxism (communism and socialism), yet it exists and continues to spread.

Some would have us believe that if somehow we just followed the pattern of the Shemitah (Sabbatical Year cycle), everything in America would be okay. Had we just let the land lie fallow every seventh year, forgave everyone’s debts and released servants during that time as well, all would be well with God and America. The problem is that the Sabbatical Year cycle was given strictly to Israel, long before America as a country was formed. In spite of this, many today want to believe that somehow, our founding fathers entered into some type of covenant with God that put us on the same level as Israel; that we as a country are connected spiritually to Israel and because of that, what Israel suffers through rebellion and an unrepentant attitude, America suffers when the same circumstances persist.

In reality, it would appear that Satan has created a cabal of men so evil, who are so sold out to him (for the sake of ill-gotten gain) that they would do anything in order to continue to get and stay wealthy. It doesn’t matter to them if they invest in both sides of every war. It doesn’t matter if they sold out their own fellow Jews to gain favor with Hitler. It doesn’t matter how they manipulate things so that economies fail. They don’t care if the average person lives or dies (but dying at an early age is preferable to dying as an older person). To that end, it doesn’t matter how many diseases are created by the artificial ingredients deliberately put into our food and drink. In fact, it doesn’t matter how ill people become because there’s a pill for that. So, on one hand, the powerfully wealthy who own food companies whose ingredients make us ill and on the other hand, the drug companies that provide us with prescriptions designed to treat symptoms while continuing to make us sicker is what they do.

This cabal of evil men has been allowed by God to exist in order that Satan will have every opportunity to do his worst and his worst is to be “like the Most High” in order to overthrow God. That’s his worst and to that end, God allows Satan every possibility and only stops Satan when it impinges on God’s specific will in any matter.

So we see this reality worked out daily. This nation hates that nation. This other one hates that one over there. Every nation hates Israel. All nations are trying to better or enrich themselves by gaining momentum and power over others. But behind all of them are extremely wealthy individuals who work together for their own common good. They are the elite, the globally powerful individuals seek only their own interests. To us, it appears as though so much is up for grabs and simply happenstance. The truth of the matter is that this world will not get to its preordained “one world government” unless Satan had a group of extremely powerful men in place guiding the world toward its prophesied end.

The Dow Jones took a huge hit today, ahead of the September 13, 2015 Sabbatical Year cycle end date. Either this event will be ignored by the people who are constantly talking about the Shemitah or it will somehow be worked into the scenario. What these individuals fail to see is that God is in full control and this world, according to many portions of Scripture, will end up becoming “one” in religious, social, economic, and political purpose.

America will not get a reprieve. This nation will be included in that one world government that’s coming. I don’t see anything in Scripture that says otherwise and I’m unwilling to acquiesce to a man who believes God “revealed” truth to him, yet instead of standing behind it, writes several books in fictionalized format detailing it. If this is God’s truth, it should never have been published as fiction. I don’t recall any prophet doing that in the Old Testament and you don’t get to point to Nathan who came to David after the Bathsheba affair and the murder of her husband, Uriah. Nathan was using a story to illustrate a truth and in effect, revealed that truth to David. He wanted David to admit that what the one man did to the other man (in the story) was unconscionable and wrong. Had Nathan gone to King David and simply accused him, David might have tried to lie about it.

We have books today written either by well-meaning people who don’t know any better or by charlatans who do, that God will save America if we somehow get this nation to turn around. Let’s drop it and realize once and for all, that God is in the business of saving souls, not nations. The only one exception to this is the nation of Israel, a nation that was created by God, from people He specifically gathered together in His Name for the purpose of being a light to the world. This was accomplished in spite of Israel, through the birth, life, and death of Jesus Christ.

The Dow Jones sunk today. It rallied. It will likely sink again…and rally. One day, there will be a major shift throughout the globe when all nations will begin to shift toward a new global currency. In the meantime, the globalists are playing and causing tremendous fear in people. God states throughout His Word that we should not fear. In fact, the Bible says this about 120 times, not the 365 times that some are indicating. Nonetheless, God does not want us to fear. The globalists want us to fear.

Whom do you trust?

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  • 1. Sherry  |  August 24, 2015 at 3:39 PM

    I think of a couple of globalist elites who are so near to a natural death due to old age and I think, To what benefit will they have for all of their strivings toward a one world government once they are plucked from the land of the living? I wonder, do they even consider that they won’t see the “day” they’ve longed for? How does their great wealth bring them back to life so that they may enjoy this utopian dream of theirs? My, my, my! Pride sure does blind the fool!

    Even if America made a pact with God and considered America to be God’s New Israel it still would not be bound by the Shemitah or any other laws that were between God and Israel. There’s a BIG difference between God making a pact with Israel and America making a pact with God. Who is the Initiator of the pact? Who is the One to judge if the pact is broken? -the Initiator.


    • 2. imodres  |  August 24, 2015 at 3:56 PM

      Many of the elite believe even after death they will be able to reach back into this life and offer help and assistance to other elite still living. Beyond this, they also believe they will reign with Lucifer physically once all things come together.

      Of course, we know this is a lie from the enemy. It’s interesting to see though, that some murals in Washington DC depict this type of belief with FOUNDER George Washington (a deist) leading the way.

      Regarding your comments about whether or not America’s founders made a commitment to God or not, I agree fully 😉

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